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A guest post from Kelli:

Growing up, Kayla and I begged and begged for American Girl Dolls.  We came up with every possible idea from splitting one to counting it as a birthday and Christmas present (we both have January birthdays), but things didn’t work out.  Looking back, we would not have done well with sharing a single doll and we had plenty of dolls to play with otherwise.

When mom and I spent a day in Rochester, we stopped at JoAnn’s where I discovered Simplicity patterns on sale.  I bought a few and figured that I would try making a doll outfit (even though I didn’t have a doll….odd I know).  Within the next week or so, Mom asked if I minded if we ran to New Hampton to pick up a few things.  I told her that was fine with me as long as we were able to stop at the Treasure Chest, one of our favorite thrift stores.  When we were there, I found jean jumpers, sweaters, dresses, and many other wonderful finds that could be turned into doll clothes.

I have since acquired two American Girl dolls and have had a wonderful time making them outfits and accessories, but was finding myself in a bit of a slump with the patterns I had, so you can imagine my excitement when Mom told me that she had received a book order in the mail.

Amongst the books she received was Doll Fashion Studio.  Inside, I discovered a plethora of wonderful doll outfits to dress Kit and Kirsten in for all seasons!

I got started immediately!  I started off by making a spring break outfit (left) and a sunny day sun dress (right).

The sundress on the right initially looked a bit challenging as it has a sweetheart neckline that is trimmed with rickrack.  After reading the directions, I had full confidence that I could complete the outfit.  One thing that I really like about the book is that there are only a few pattern pieces that need to be cut out and then the rest of the cutting directions are given so that they can be cut using a rotary cutter (just be careful to not cut your thumb…it’s not very conducive to sewing).  It’s a great transition from quilting to doll clothes making, especially if you aren’t someone who’s fond of cutting notches.

Another thing that I really liked about the book is that the pattern directions are simply written and easy to understand.  From start to finish, I only spent maybe an hour on each outfit.

I was so excited, that I have even picked out my next project, a purple party birthday dress.

Stay tuned!  Maybe one of these days, I’ll have the dolls do a fashion show and show you all of the wonderful outfits that I have made.

10 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Doll Fashion Studio”

  1. Kelli, thanks so much for the review. I, too, love to quilt, but have been bitten by the doll and clothes bug! I have used some of Joan Hinds books and echo your observation that they are quick, easy and current in method and also style. Would love to see a fashion show soon! Have fun!

  2. Kirsten’s got new clothes! And a new friend! I’m so happy to see Kirsten being enjoyed. Your new outfits are fabulous. Eventually you can try your hand at the historical patterns, they’re not too hard just take them step by step.
    Jolene in Cambridge MA

  3. Oh and maybe someday you will have a little girl to play with those dolls and she will have so much fun changing her clothes. Your doing a great job, they are sew cute!

  4. How lovely! I enjoy making doll clothes too and have the public excuse of being able to send them to my granddaughters. I’d be tempted to buy my own American Girl now, but Samantha, my favorite has been discontinued.

    There are a lot of really nice historical patterns online.

  5. Hi Kellie:

    I just got my first American Girls Doll for Xmas. I am a Doll collector…mainly Barbies. I got Addy and her Xmas Dress from my sister and daughter. I am picking up little things on ebay as she has been retired since the Mattel brought the company. I think I am going to pick up the book. I think it will make a good change from quits and pillows. Thanks the review.

  6. Michaels Has American Girl like dolls, and assecssories! Some of my senior quilt group make dolls clothes, and purchase the dolls and accessories from Michaels for Salvation army Christmas give aways.

  7. So sweet! I went thru my doll addiction about 6 years ago, making clothes and dressing them! Still have my little princess in my sewing room. Have fun!

  8. I think it’s adorable!! I too have been thinking of making doll clothes for the American Girl dolls. You know, you will have the experience and creativity to make baby clothes when your time comes! Bless you, sweetie!

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