Try It On Tuesday: Czecherboard Quilts

Each Tuesday, I review a quilt product or try something new.  I often host giveaways too….Make sure to stop over each Tuesday to check  it out.

Today I have a great new quilting book to tell you about, Czecherboard Quilts, by Rose Ann Cook.  The great people over at Pickledish sent it to me.

I am a real history buff and love to read about other people’s families.  Throughout the quilt book Rose Ann tells bits and pieces of her Father’s Czech family history and shares photos that inspired quilts.

There are 14 projects in the book.  There are bed runners….

throw quilts…

and even a cute wool mat included too.

I am in love with this throw quilt.  The blocks are simple nine patches but the border features some amazing applique.

If you have a bird lover you’d like to make a quilt for, this one is cute.

This patriotic quilt was Kelli’s favorite.  I really liked it too!!

Our favorite project of all was this quilt…AMAZINGLY simple but I LOVE it!!

It’s made from 1 1/8″ strips!!  Tiny, right??  I think that’s why I love it so much.

The book has some really nice quilt projects, but it’s fun to read the family history too.  I would recommend it.

Would you like a chance to win it.  Just leave a comment telling which of project that I showed you was your favorite.

Before you go…last week’s winner of “Pretty in Patchwork:  Holidays” by John Q. Adams donated by Lark Crafts is….Jolyn Olson who said, “Last Christmas I made fleece mittens for our 11 grandkids, 2 extra guests, couple neice and nephews and 15 dozen (or more) for underprivileged kids in the cities and Alaska. (I’m already stocked up on fleece for this year!)”

WOW Jolyn…way to go!!  After all that hard work you deserve a book that will inspire you to make goodies!

75 thoughts on “Try It On Tuesday: Czecherboard Quilts”

  1. I love the quilt with the applique on each border with the bed runner being a close second. Looks like a great book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I love the quilt with 1 1/8″ strips but I don’t know if I could be that brave to tackle it. But I would sure give the patriotic quilt that Kelli likes a go.

  3. The quilt with the 1 1/8″ strips is amazing! I would love to see the original. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. I do like the Patriotic and it would make a great Quilts of Valor.
    And the first one, bed runner, would be great for a piece of fabric
    that I have and is to pretty to cut into.
    Love to win the book

  5. Wow! I love the last one that is made with 1 1/8′ strips. I have been on a “small” piecing kick lately. That quilt would be one more challenge to try. I love the colors in it. Thanks for the chance to win. Read your blog every day.

  6. The quilt quilt with the 1 1/8 strips is amazing but I really love the cardinals, we don’t have them here in Idaho. Beautiful book, would love to win.

  7. I like the patriotic quilt followed closely by the quilt made with 1 1/8″ strips! I like the strong colors in one and the small pieces in the other. Too hard to choose!

  8. Hi, Jo – I like the wool project, although I have never attempted working with wool. That book is perfect for the Czech area you live in, too. Are Czech Days over or still upcoming in Protivin?

  9. Looks like a great book. I really like the bed runner, but the 9-patch with border applique is very inviting, too. Can’t wait to see what you decide to create.

  10. I love the bed runner quilt. I think bed runners make the beds look so nice. Those tiny 9 patches are so fun to make!! I just love reading quilt books that have a story. I am reading the Elm Creek Quilter Books and I love the history about some of the quilts they are talking about.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I like the 9 patch with the applique border. I think this book would be really interesting as my husband’s paternal grandfather immigrated from Czechoslovakia.

  12. It’s a tie between the wool mat and the quilt using the 1 1/8 in. strips. I love the look of embroidery on wool and the other quilt would be a great way to use up some scraps!


    I love the one with the 1 1/8″ strip construction! It is gorgeous! I also love the historical stories about family that go with it. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  14. Oh, I like so many of them. The best would have to be the one Kelly likes though. These are my favorite kind of quilt book, a little history to go with the quilts makes my day.

  15. I love the bed runner. It is so elegant yet would use scraps of red for it. My grandparents were from Czechoslovakia. I would LOVE to win this book and read some of the family history too.

  16. O how neat to see a book with Czech history. My Great Grandmother migrated from there. She was a quilt maker as was her daughter my grandmother and my mother. My first quilt was made at 13 years old. Not tell my age 57. LOL. I’ve been quilting ever since I have been 13 years old. A lot a quilts behind me.

  17. Oh WOW!! This book looks wonderful!! My favourite was the last quilt…love the simplicity of the wee small blocks…looks so fresh and clean! I too love the history behind things so I think I would really like this book!! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  18. I like the quilt with the 1 1/8″ strips as well. Only I think I would make the strips 1 1/4″ just to keep what little bit of sanity I have left. My mom would love the cardinal quilt.

  19. I think I like the one made with the 1 1/8″ strips — and am grateful it’s not 1″ strips! At least you have a bit of pressing room. Don’t think I’d like to hand quilt it!

  20. I love the bright colors in the little wool mat, and I haven’t done wool anything. Bought a kit, it is still on the shelf. Maybe someday! I also really like the last one, but 1 1/8 inch strips. . .YIKES!

  21. 1 1/8″ strips? I might be just crazy enough to try that. Actually, one of the log cabins I’ve seen and loved called for 7/8″ strips. Either way, I think I’d cheat and make them an inch!

  22. Those are really neat projects! I’d be tempted to try the 1-1/8″ one (that almost looks like an Irish Chain variation)…but the bed runner gives me an idea for a throw. You know the “just hate to cut it up fabric”? The border would really make it look like it was planned to showcase it. Thanks for showing us!

  23. Oh this book has a lovely collection, and i would love to have it… I am keen to read about family histories.
    As far as favorites: i love the on point double 9 patch border on the bed runner, but my overall favorite is the last one, the colorwork is amazing. Thanks for a chance to win!

  24. I have two favorites, the one with the flower border and the cardinals. I love the scalloped edge. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  25. I really like the patriotic quilt. Very eye catching.
    I love to read the history in these types of books as well. I think that it is amazing what the people went through, how they handled the problems and how they woven those problems into their quilts!

  26. maureen prendergast

    I am a history buff who’s been working on my family tree (have gotten back to the early 1700’s in Ireland)
    The 1 1/8″ is gorgeous! I have bins of skinny strings! Also like the bed runner. If I win the book- I’ll be inspired to make both (and maybe the patriotic quilt for my son too!!)

  27. I’ve been on a small quilt kick lately, so my favorite is the blue pinwheel one. Looks like a fun one to make.

  28. My favorite has to be the one with the small pieces; too bad I would have to cut all the strips since it is an odd size. Looks to be worth it, though!

  29. Daisy Christopherson

    Jo, I liked the yellow quilt with the flower border. I really is beautiful. thanks for the chance to win the book. Daisy

  30. I’m in love with the quilt that is using nine patches, but I also love the last one also with the 1 1/2 inch strips. How to choose which one I like the best, guess it would be a tie between them. Just what we need is another project, right? Thanks for the review. The history sounds very interesting and would be a good read.

  31. I would just love to make that bed runner.I have made two so far this summer.The second I just finished tonight and now it has to be quilted.Sooo now I am ready to make the third one this time for ME. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  32. I would dearly love to win that book. My Great Grandfather came over from Czechoslovakia in 1908 when he was 8 years old. He told some wonderful stories and I was very blessed to know him.

    I would love to try the simple nine patch with all the beautiful applique around the border.

  33. Jolyn Olson can be credited with our “start” in business since she is the one who suggested we present our first 4 patterns to the buyers at Knit Kits in Mpls. 30 years ago this month! It’s a small world, isn’t it, Jolyn?
    Country Threads, Garner, IA

  34. Been toying with the idea of a bed runner/ long wall hanging. Like the little stuff. Glad it’s gotten cooler for the State Fair. Stay stitchin’.

  35. I like the bird quilt. Very nice book. I too like to read about the lives and inspiration of the quilter who designed the quilt.

  36. Love the one in wool. Have never tried anything in wool but i that is just so colorful it really catches my eye!!!!! My second fav would be the one with the applique!!!! That looks fun and beautiful! !!!!!!

  37. I really like the pinwheel one. The one with the very small strips is amazing, but I don’t think I’m ready to tackle something like that yet.

  38. I love the 1 1/8 strips also…. Would love to try it… This book would be great for me… The kids gym at a Czech Sokol club and this would be a great project to make for the instructors… fingers crossed… Thanks for sharing…

  39. upnitestx/Christine

    I love the look of the nine-patch with the floral applique but can’t you just see how great that would look as a bed runner? (I can never leave well enough alone!)

  40. Hi Jo,
    I’m so excited to see this review because Rose Ann is the owner of my local quilt store! She is just up the freeway from me. :-) The applique quilt is gorgeous – I’ve seen it in person, but I think my favorite is the very last quilt you showed…my kind of scrappy. Thanks for the review and giveaway opportunity!

  41. I bought this book and I love it! The family stories are interesting, some funny, some sad. Be sure to read the Forward and the Epilogue. I particularly like how she showed how she designed the wool book cover. Something I can do myself. Meadows Path which is the cover quilt, and Patriot are my favorites. Although I love the antique quilt in the back too. All of them are great! I highly recommend this book. It’s the first book that I’ve seen that has any family history from Czechoslovakia too! Great book!

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  43. Looks like a good book. Love the checkerboard construction and the wool mat also. The history part would be icing on the cake!

  44. Looks like lots of neat ideas & a little history mixed in as well. I think the 1 1/8 strip quilt would be a perfect “winter” project. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  45. What a charming book! I would choose to make the 1 1/8 inch strip quilt – it is lovely and it would be a fun challenge!

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