Try it on Tuesday: Bloc-Loc Ruler

When I was teaching a guild meeting in Manchester, Iowa one of the ladies recommended a Bloc-Loc ruler.  I had vaguely heard of them but hadn’t actually seen a ruler or tried one out.  I wrote to the company hoping they might let me try one…well they did and I am so glad they did.

The ruler is AWESOME!!

I took a few pictures as I was working so you could see what I am doing.  I have been busy making these blocks that are giving me an extra bonus triangle that I can play with.


I have a growing stack of these and I’ve started to trim them as I go.  I always press my seams to one side and you’ll need to do that to use the ruler.

The Bloc-Loc ruler is awesome…On the back side there is a little groove or ditch.  That ditch catches on that pressed seam and “locks” the ruler in place.


Here I am trimming one of the blocks.  You can see the “groove” through the ruler and can see that it is catching and holding on my diagonal seam.


With a quick rotation, I’m trimming the other side.


Bloc-Loc has put together a video so you can see and watch how it actually works.

I am so impressed with mine.  The one I have is a little small.  I think I am going to purchase the 6 1/2″ size too.  I feel that it is probably the most versatile one for my use.

I can see that this will soon be a staple in many quilter’s tool box.  If you try it, I bet like me, you’ll be wanting one in more than one size.  If you want more information check out their website or their youtube channel.  They have other videos that I am sure you might enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Bloc-Loc Ruler”

  1. I bought the 6 1/2″ size at the Lancaster AQS quilt show and fell in love with it – so much so that I later decided I needed to order the 12 1/2″ size too, for when I make a monster HST quilt! They are a bit expensive, but as cheap as I am, I’d have to say they are totally worth it – they take all the irritation out of making HSTs. I hate squaring up the blocks, but this tool makes it a breeze!!

  2. I have two sizes in the flying geese and I just bought the 2.5,4.5, and 6.5 half square size this weekend. The flying geese ones recommend cutting just a little larger and trimming. You can also use the no waste method and make your squares slightly bigger and trim for a perfect goose.

  3. I use a Brooklyn rotating “mat”….the ball bearing are wonderful. The lock bloc ruler does not rock on the seam which adds to the accuracy. They seem a little pricey when you first look, but are well worth it, You will use it a lot.

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