Try it on Tuesday: Bitty Buddy

A bit ago The Gypsy Quilter sent a box of goodies for us to try out and feature here on our “Try it on Tuesday” segment.  A bit ago I tested out the Pin Pal and the Cutting Gizmo.  I have been using my Cutting Gizmo like crazy and I can’t tell you how much I love it.  It has quickly climbed the ladder to be one of my favorite notions.

Today, I have another goodie to test out from The Gypsy Quilter.  This is the Bitty Buddy ™ Collapsible Canister.  It’s a cutie.


I have been trying mine out and think it’s pretty handy.  I have been using mine as a garbage can but it would be really great to use it as I clip off bonus triangles or sort my bitty pieces of fabrics.

I know that any of you who like to go to retreats and sewing dates with your girlfriends will find this especially handy because it has a rubber band on it and can be collapsed and held in place like this.

All of the products that I have reviewed from The Gypsy Quilter are all useful and all priced between $8 and $14 making them perfect to give as a door prize or gift for a quilting friend.

The Gypsy Quilter was so kind and sent along two for me to giveaway.  Anyone want one??

Just leave a comment and tell me how many retreats, sewing dates or classes you typically go to in a year.

79 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Bitty Buddy”

  1. I used to go to a lot of classes but not very many now. Now I only go if the class offers a new technique that I want to learn or if it is being taught by an instructor I really admire. I am going to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA at the end of the month. I am taking my third Bonnie Hunter class (Jamestown Landing) and a class on Featherweights. I can’t wait. It is my only vacation this summer but it will be a good one.

  2. I have typically gone on 1-2 retreats a year. They have been sleep at home retreats. I am going on my 1st ‘real’ retreat later this week. I feel like a kid going to camp for the first time! Eeek!! That collapsible canister would be perfect for retreats.. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Used to be many, now only 1 or 2, 2 jobs one being our own so weekends are rarely free. the bitty buddy could come in really handy!

  4. Deborah DeBerry

    I have never had an opportunity to go on a retreat, but just this past week, I have taken my sewing machine to my favorite quilt shop and left it, going back every day to work on quilt projects before school year begins. I could have used the Bitty Buddy for my pieces. I bound my first quilt, and am quilting my first quilt, meanwhile planning my next 10 UFOs. Thanks for the chance to win a great helper!

  5. I go to one or two retreats, Country Threads Camp for 4 days, Lucky 2B Quilting Day Camp a few times a year, and any classes that fit my schedule – in other words, I go as often as I can! ~Jeanne

  6. My friends and I have a once a months sew day, and then a quarterly 3-day sew in – so fun. Then I try to do two retreats a year…depending if I can get off work.

  7. My friends and I have a once a months sew day, and then a quarterly 3-day sew in – so fun. Then I try to do two retreats a year…depending if I can get off work. This would be a great tool to have.

  8. I go to at least 2 retreats a year, and take every class that I can fit it. I never want to stop learning, and I really enjoy quilting with friends. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Paula Portanova

    I sew with friends every Friday and we go to padooka and the Houston quilt show every year. Nothing beats sewing with friends. I have a fishing camp that we go to lots and my husband wants to know when it became a sewing camp ha.

  10. I am going to my first ever retreat/class in August – Collaboration Celebration with Bonnie and Mickey. We are so excited to be going, my DH has been planning out route for weeks

  11. I just got back from a quilt retreat. We do 3 retreats a year and there are 6 of us that get together once a month at different ones homes. This year the 6 of us are taking a road trip, our first. I’m not telling them where we are going, but to plan on being gone Wed. – Fri. and maybe Sat.. Then there are 4 of us that get together maybe 4 times a year. Dearly love my friends.
    Thanks for the give away

  12. I do one retreat a year. Do sewing once a month with neighbor whic is alway fun. At times with our quilt guild. We enjoy seeing others projects and just being together is the best. Love to learn and want to try every thing. Bonnie Hunter is one of my favorite teachers. I enjoy your blogs and the talent you have. Thanks for a chance for the give away.

  13. I go to two or three classes a year and have never been to a quilting retreat. But whenever possible I quilt on either Wednesdays or Thursdays with a friend at her house while our kids play together. I never remember to pack something to throw threads and garbage in. This looks like a great little notion!

  14. I try to do at least four a year. Two retreats that I attend are annual events. Of course, this excludes our quilt guild’s workshops. We have a workshop each month and frequently learn new techniques. I love the Gypsy Quilter. I have the Cutting Gizmo and use it all the time. I also have the seat cushion, which is great for retreats.

  15. I haven’t taken classes in awhile (last summer with Bonnie in Ohio), but have a group of 10 or so sewing/scrapbooking friends that retreat about 3 times a year. In fact, the end of July is the next one and I truly can’t wait. I need a couple of days where I only have to worry about one meal, and can sew for the rest of the time. They would be seriously jealous if I showed up with this adorable purple container.

  16. I’ve never been to a sewing retreat. Right now, though, our Church is working on a sewing project as a ministry, and so far, it’s been the occasional Saturday event. Those Saturdays have been fun times sewing with some friends, sometimes teaching some friends, and sometimes learning from some friends.

  17. I’ve never gone to a retreat. But our guild holds sew-in days, usually 2 or3 a year, which I go to. And I like to get together with friends for sew-in days, as well. It’s been a large number of years since I’ve attended any classes.

  18. Oh I love these little bags! A friend has one she always brings to retreats and I’m always jealous :*) I go to 4-5 retreats a year, and sometimes more. I love the experience of getting away with friends to sew together – that’s living the high life!!!!

  19. I have taken many classes but never have gone on a retreat. someday I will! I like the idea of that collapsing basket. thanks for a chance to win one

  20. Quilting Tangent

    I have never been on retreat, only taking classes on the internet. The bag looks very handy, love the fact it can collapse and a great color too.

  21. I definitely want a chance to win one of those bitty buddies. That looks like a very handy thing to have.
    As far as retreats and classes, I have not attended any. However, every winter my husband and I take our 5th wheel trailer to Alabama for 3-4 months. The park where we stay has lots of quilters, so we sew and sew and sew together almost every day. I really look forward to those winter sewing days with my friends.

  22. Those are sew cute! In the past 12 months, I’ve been to two retreats and I traveled to Houston to attend a Bonnie Hunter class! That was such an awesome opportunity! I’ve done a couple of classes at LQS too, but that’s not too common for me. Looking at another retreat this fall.
    At the last retreat, they taped brown lunch sacks to each table to catch scraps. What a pain! I kept ripping mind and moving it. The Bitty Buddie would be a much nicer replacement!

  23. Since I joined the PMQG, I’ve been doing two retreats and probably 6 sew days – either with the guild or a smaller group. I love both! What a great “gadget” this looks like!

  24. Hi Jo,
    Each year we organize two long weekends of quilting. Just before summer and just before all the holidays kick in at the end of the year. Our group that is usually about 10 have a blast! I have one of these terrific Bitty Buddie containers. I also picked up one for my Mom as well as friends Kerry and DeLinda. The attached piece of elastic to hold in in the collapsed position slips off for each of us as the tension in the container is just too much for it. We use binder clips to keep ours collapsed. Needless to say it hasn’t deterred us from LOVING it! Sandi
    I wouldn’t mind having another…..thanks for the chance to win one.

  25. I teach a weekly Sit and Sew. I would love to go to Hershey, though, or other venues. This little pop up storage is a smart item, and you are right, great for travel. I love Gypsy products, too. I love my large Gripper!

  26. I attend a monthly quilting class with Roxanne Carter. She is a great teacher and has a new and different pattern each month.
    I also try to get together with friends weekly in a local Senior center, Friday Friends. I try to attend at least one out of town retreat a year, not always able to accomplish that. But do enjoy my time spent with friends monthly and weekly.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Really liked your block in the latest Quiltmaker 100 blocks.
    Carol Berge

  27. I usually only get 1 actual quilt retreat per year. I do however consider my once a month open sew day with my quilt guild as a mini retreat. That day gets me refreshed for another month of working on my projects. I could so use a container for my threads and dog ears–especially when working on my Lazy Sunday Mystery. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Ellen Lipscomb

    I have one pop-up basket in black from “StampinUp. I got it from a Demonstrator that was going out of business. I always use it for my sewing and not for scrapbooking. It is real handy.

  29. I’m a rug hooker as well as a quilter – and when I trip the strips of wool from my rugs I’m left with a little pile of snippets – this would be a great way to corral them!

  30. I’m a rug hooker as well as a quilter – and when I trim the strips of wool from my rugs I’m left with a little pile of snippets – this would be a great way to corral them!

  31. How handy would those little canisters be! I’m actually off on my annual retreat in just over two weeks. Three days of shopping, sewing, eating and chatting and not a bit of housework in sight!

  32. I get together with my friends every Saturday. When I keep my 7 year old grandson, he likes to be with us. One of my friends gave my grandson a hand crank machine so he can sew along with us.

  33. Whoa! too many to count!! I usually go on five quilt retreats in a year — but, I sew weekly with one group, every two weeks with two other groups and monthly with another — and that doesn’t count the two guild meetings. I love my quilting friends — we share life — the good and the not so good.

  34. I love it. And you are right, It would be great to have on retreat. I go to two retreats a year out of state so a folding little goodie like this is perfect for my suitcase.

  35. I love retreats with my quilting girlfriends. We have one long weekend each year in Santa Barbara and in a couple of weeks some of the group are going to the Quilt Festival in Long Beach. I can’t imagine life without these wonderful friends!

  36. My new favorites are the online Craftsy classes. i have purchased several and love the format of watching at your leisure from your home. These look like great new products!

  37. I have many Craftsy classes I have purchased also and love them….I take as many quilting and beading classes as I can–plus I go to a quilting retreat each year and also take classes at the Mn State quilt show each year……I love to make jewelry and take at least one or two classes a month…..I love to take classes–even if I just learn one tiny thing……I tall keeps me out of trouble….

  38. I go to two retreats a year. Two sew and go weekends and numerous classes every month. I also sew with two different groups at my church every other week. We have an open sew date once a month at my LQS. I also attend an open sew every two weeks at the town hall and once a month at my quilt guild. I guess I haul my machine around almost as much as my purse.

  39. This year I will be fortunate enough to attend four retreats. My small quilting group, the Empty Bobbins, tries to get together once a month and I try to take at least one new class per year. I also participate in a donation group sponsored by my guildnthatbmeets twice a month.

  40. Sharon Hughson

    Meeting some internet buddies face to face for the first time and we take off for Hersey, but base is at one of their houses west of Philly. We will sew when we are not at the show. I got usually 1X/yr.

  41. oh yeah, I want one! I probably sew with friends about twice a month, retreats 2 -4 times a year. I love sewing with friends! I usually get so much done. I laugh all the time. good food for the soul! thanks for the chance!

  42. I haven’t been on any ‘official’ retreats yet but 3-4 times a year I get together with three like minded quilting buddies for a weekend sleepover. We have a super time sewing projects, sharing tips and notions as well as chatting and laughing non-stop. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  43. I have not had the opportunity to do much sewing with others or to take very many classes. I hand quilted with a group of ladies several years ago, and that was really fun. I hope that retirement will allow me those types of activities.

  44. oops forgot the rest of the comment the guild I belong to has two retreats a year and is doing a bus trip to Quilt Expo in Wis this fall. Plus a fall retreat and then a retreat at the girl scout camp a couple times a year. Plus one in West Union in the early spring at Moonlight Stitching. Fun for all I been to some of them but not all

  45. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, there is not much to go to. I do have a friend that I get together with about once a month to sew with. Great giveaway!

  46. I host 2 scrapbooking retreats a year, but I have frequent sewing dates with my best friend. We try to get together at least every other Friday night, and a couple of full days a year. Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. I take several classes each year but I’ve never been on a retreat!!
    I meet a group of friends to sewing one morning a month!

  48. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    I have never been on a retreat but the last class I did was in March. I would love to sew with a group. Thank you for sharing.

  49. Betty Jo Chaplin

    My bee gets together once a month for a full day of quilting. I try to get to one or two quilt retreats each year and take a couple of classes at my quilt guild, or other guilds that are in my area, each year. These days sure help get the quilts finished and are loads of fun.

  50. I used to do about three a year. One in Indianna with online friends and a couple trips up to Lake Arrowhead a year. Now, my husband is in another country for two years so my traveling are used up to see him. Retreats will have to wait for a little while.

  51. I would love a chance to win! I’ll be attending quilting and stitching events that this would be great for! Thank you for the opportunity!

  52. I have never been to a quilting retreat. I take two to three quilting classes a year but truly love my Craftsy classes. They are the best

  53. HI! I absolutely love your blog and follow along every day, I hate asking to win something. But I know that I would take it to all of my retreats. I have one coming up the first weekend in August and I know I have room to pack it!! Thank you for the chance to raise my hand and say “Pick Me, pick Me!”
    Congrats on the new house!

  54. I attend 5 to 7 retreats and classes each year. This does not count just getting together with friends to sew. This would come in real handy! Thanks.

  55. I go quilting monthly with friends at our local church. I also try to go on a 2-night retreat once a year. I just got home last night from our retreat, and I’m still recuperating from not enough sleep!

  56. Jenelle Boxberger

    it must be a lot of fun to test out different notions. I go to a monthly $5 quilt club. I love the show and tell part of the club. Thanks.

  57. I have never been to a quilt retreat… yet… and I would love to go on a quilting cruise!
    I go to a monthly quilt and soup group where we work on quilts for orphans in Peru, and I try to get together with a friend or sister-in-law once a month.

  58. I have been to one class. Looking forward to going to more but there is not a lot around us. :( I would really like to go to a retreat one day. Maybe next year…

  59. I love going to classes and now that I’ve quit my job I’ll have plenty of time to go to more! I’m hoping to talk my quilting buddy into going to AQS Quilt week in Des Moines Iowa in October! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  60. I have quilted for over 30 years but have never been able to take a class or go on a retreat! Not giving up though! Maybe one day.

  61. Carolyn Briese

    Do enjoy your blog. Live in a rural area so I have never been to a retreat. Would love to have a “bitty buddy.”

  62. I quilt one day a week with three friends. We have lots of laughs and sometimes even get some sewing done! Would love to arrange a retreat for more friends – we could have a blast!

  63. I typically go to about 2 retreats a year but then I have a sewing date with other quilters about once a month on top of that. Keeps me pretty busy but I love the company sewing. and laughing together.

  64. Jenelle Boxberger

    I go to a monthly $5.00 Quilt Club. I also like to have anyone come over and sew with me any time. Thanks for the chance to win. I think it can be used for so many things.

  65. In my 30 years of quilting, I have only been to 2 classes. One local, for the DWR, and one a 5 hour drive, to join Bonnie and make Smith Mountain Morning. Never been to a retreat, and the local guilds do t meet when I can attend, so I am a solo sewist. :) thanks for the giveaway, I think I would love it!

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