Try it on Tuesday: Barn Quilts

I have something completely and totally awesome to share with you today….Barn Quilts from Classic Metal Company.

What do you think of these???

Here’s mine hanging on our house that desperately needs to be washed.  (Washing the house is Hubby’s job.)

First off let me say they are American made.  I love that.  These are all metal and will last a LONG time.  One of the things that has held me back from making a painted barn quilt was that I didn’t want to go through all the maintenance.    These metal ones will last much longer and shouldn’t fade.

There are several designs to choose from.  For a complete list of all the designs, you can follow this link.

They come in a variety of colors blue, red, green and black.  The black is my favorite.  They come in two sizes too….one foot and two foot.  You can even custom order three and four sized designs too.  I thought they were very reasonably priced and would make an awesome gift for a quilting friend.

Here’s a picture of the larger size along with the Classic Metal Company’s rescue dog, Jack.


I got mine a couple weeks ago but it sat and sat because Hubby wasn’t sure how to hang it.  I wish I would have investigated on the website more because they actually have these hooks that work with vinyl siding.

Package of two No-Hole Hooks

With those I could have hung it myself.

Kelli picked a feathered star too only her’s is the 12″ version in green.


The company has even started making quilt block Christmas ornaments.

Barn Quilt Minis displayed on a Christmas Tree
I have a cute ornament here for one of you to win.


Nothing says a quilter lives here like a little quilt bling!!

Just leave a comment telling if you have a barn quilt block or quilting decor outside your house.

68 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Barn Quilts”

  1. No I don’t here in Australia we haven’t really caught onto it yet, but I love seeing all the winter ones posted on the web. I would love a little quilty for Xmas.

  2. Thru our quilt guild, we have started the Barn Quilts of Schoharie County (part of the Irene recovery project) and are now listed with the National Quilt Trail. 20 quilt blocks are now up on community barns, houses, and businesses – with 20 more in stages of progress and more in the paperwork process.

  3. The large metal barn quilt blocks are really great-looking. I do not have a barn quilt theme on the outside of my home, but I would love the small ornament for my tree!

  4. I need to paint my garage door. I’m thinking about making it look like a quilt block. It’s a 16 patch with sashing. Maybe I should make it a sampler?? Thanks for the brainstorm!! Lol. I haven’t been able to decide on one block. This is so much better.

  5. I don’t have a barn quilt block or any quilt things outside the house. I love the christmas tree ornaments though. I live in the UK – I hope I can still enter.

  6. I painted one up a couple of years ago and put it on point near the peak of the house facing the street. When a new quilting customer asks directions to my home, I tell her about the “barn”quilt on the house. It works as good, or better than a sign.

  7. I don’t have one yet but will be checking these out! They would be perfect for our barn. I would love to win an ornament!

  8. I have a Bears Paw block up on our shed from the same company! The little tree ornaments must be new, I haven’t seen them before. Love it!!

  9. No but I sure would love to start one! I love those!! I love you blog and often wish I could be your shadow for a day because I love all you do!!

  10. Waiting until new siding and windows and an addition go on the house, so it will be FOREVER before I can get some outside quilt decoration, but a cute little inside ornament would be awesome.

  11. No barn quilt here because our barn/shed is not very visible from the road. But I have one of the metal blocks on my wish list to add to the house to welcome guest. Plenty of designs, sizes and colors to select from. Neat to see that they have expanded into Christmas ornaments. Would love to have one. Those will make great gifts too.

  12. I was given a stepping stone that is a quilt block one year for Christmas. I can’t bear to put it outside, so I have it in my sewing room.

  13. Don’t have one yet but would sure love to. These are the nicest I have seen yet. The Christmas ornaments are really nice too.

  14. We do not have a barn quilt yet, but have discussed it at length. We just got new white siding on our barn and it looks so bare without something on it. Trying to decide what pattern I want to get.

  15. We just built a barn for our daughter’s wedding in March and I’m getting ready to paint a giant quilt block on the side! I just love these barn quilts…and love the mini ornament. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I don’t have anything quilty outside the house – but would like to – thanks for the opportunity to this ornament.

  17. I don’t have anything at this moment, but I’ve been seeing these pop up EVERYWHERE and I’m dying to get my hands on them! Those ornaments are awesome!!!

  18. Wow, what a great giveaway. I have seen some barn quilts but none this cute. I would love this on my house.

  19. That little ornament is so darn cute. Really like the barn quilt for the outside of the house. Will have to check that site out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I had a wrought iron “grate” on the front of my previous home and loved it. Since I’ve moved in with my father, I haven’t done anything to the outside of this house yet. One of these might just be the thing on the front porch! Hmmmm. Will have to check the site!
    I do have some “quilty” ornaments on my tree- but would love to add this one to my collection!!!

  21. I do have some “quilty” ornaments on my tree- but would love to add this one to my collection!!!
    I had a wrought iron “grate” on the front of my previous home and loved it. Since I’ve moved in with my father, I haven’t done anything to the outside of this house yet. One of these might just be the thing on the front porch! Hmmmm. Will have to check the site!

  22. Nope, but I have a big old red barn that would be perfect for one. Have always wanted to put one up. These are so cute and no up keep.

  23. As much as I love barn quilts, I do not have one on my house. I am going to check out the company that you used. I have a perfect spot for a small on on my kitchen porch. The Christmas tree ornaments are very nice. Thanks for offering one as a giveaway.

  24. No, I don’t have anything outside my house that is quilt related but going to change that soon. I bookmarked the website you gave and plan on ordering at least one for the side of my house. I really like the Christmas ornaments also so they might make it into my cart.

  25. Don’t have a barn quilt at my house but love looking for them when traveling. Would love the tree ornament. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  26. I have an 8’x8′ barn quilt that hangs on a building that everyone can see as they drive by our farm or as they drive up to the yard! Love it! Have had it for several years and no maintenance! The same friend that made it made a small one for my house. Would love to have one for inside…besides all the quilts I’ve made!

  27. I love these! I saw them in a magazine and ordered 2 right away. I put one on my gate to my backyard studio so that my longarm customers will know they’re in the right place and another on the door to my studio. I need one hanging from the mailbox. I had such a hard time deciding on which colors and blocks – that’s why I got two. I don’t have a barn but would love to see the barn quilts I’ve heard so much about.

  28. Tanya Quilts in CO

    The only quilting art I have on the outside of my house are door banner quilts. I change them frequently and love to come up with new ones…

  29. I love the look of the metal quilt blocks! The only item hanging on our house is a metal halibut by the front door. Maybe I should get one of these to put on the other side of the door?!?

  30. Unfortunately I do not have any quilt block hanging outdoors. I have admired these metal ones for a while now. I am hoping to get one as a gift. I too would choose the feathered star!!! The one you are giving away would be so cute hanging in a window. Would love to win it. Thanks for the chance.

  31. Nothing outside but there is not a room on the inside that hasn’t been touched by the Fabric Genie. Love the ornaments.

  32. I have an Ohio Star on my studio which I got from Connecting Threads. I love the metal ones and have been debating on purchasing one. Thanks for the hint about the hooks for vinyl.

  33. No we do not have a quilt block on the outside of the house – yet. When we were on the Shop Hop saw a lot acrossed Iowa and in the shops. The 4-H group made fabric and foam insulation blocks as a project last winter and I made one to put on my sewing room wall (when it’s complete). Thanks –

  34. I don’t have anything like that but I love the idea. One would be perfect above our carport. I love the Christmas decorations too. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  35. Wow, those are neat! I’d love to have a barn quilt, but haven’t convinced Hubby quite yet. He still has no idea what I’m trying to describe to him.

  36. I have a barn quilt on my barn, a gift from my brother and wife. One of these would also look good on by garage.

  37. I don’t have any thing quilty outside my house, but I am moving into a new house this fall and a metal barn quilt would be perfect! I also love quilty ornaments for my Christmas tree!

  38. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Nope, no quilting stuff outside. I saw these at the Chicago quilt show last weekend and they are awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Nancy Angerer

    I don’t have one, but I think one would look great on the patio of our new home (we moved from Illinois to Alabama 3 weeks ago). I do have a few small quilt blocks that my mother pieced when she was ill and missed a whole year of school when she was about 10 years old. They have been bound, and I use them for decorations in my sewing room and on our Christmas tree. I remember her every time I look at them. (at the present time, they are still to be rediscovered as we continue to unpack boxes)

  40. One of the large ones would look great on the front porch wall! I will have to mention this to DH! The ornament is really nice. Will be checking them out. Thanks for the information.

  41. Sharon Hughson

    I have one pumpkin mini quilt I hang on the door in Oct., but in my head I have one quilt for my door for each of the 12 months. Hope I win!

  42. Seeing your quilt decor reminded me that I wanted to go back to this booth at the Omaha Quilt Show last week– but forgot to! The Feathered Star was my favorite also– didn’t see the cute tree ornaments.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. I don’t have one as I live in an apartment but love the cute little ornament! Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. I don’t have anything like that outside because it would be gone the first night. My house is close to the street on a main drag so anything outside must be permanently attached! I am going to hang one inside, though. Debbie in WV

  45. Jenelle Boxberger

    We are doing some remodeling of our little house which has a garage. When we are done painting I want to hang a quilt painted on plywood on the back side of the garage which faces the highway that runs past this house.

  46. I have the Mariner’s Compass block from the same company. I ordered it unfinished and painted it to match our house trim. I have the 4 ft. size and I love it.

  47. Well, no quilty ones, but we have birds on a branch (with hooks) out back by the hot tub, and we have a GIGANTIC clay sun (currently housing a mama sparrow & her babies) on the front. The sun is about 6 feet from ray-tip to ray-tip, and we actually walked him back across the border from Mexico last year…we only had to stop to rest a few times, and we sure did get some offers to take him off our hands!

    I had seen the metal “blocks” a few months ago but didn’t realize just how pretty they are! Thanks for the chance to win a mini!

  48. No barn quilts on my house, but I love these metal ones. The ornaments are so cute! Just might have to order several of those!

  49. Lynne in Hawaii

    I have seen these on other quilt sites…Vicky over at Field Trips in Fiber, put some of her hand dyed fabric behind the metal block, framed them and have them hung inside the house. So cute. I would love to win an ornament.

  50. Nothing outside my house says a quilter lives there! I have been contemplating one of these from Classic Metal Company…but choosing which one is the hard part!!! Love the Feathered Star and the Mariner’s Compass! They are awesome!!!!!

  51. I don’t have any quilting decor outside my house, but I do like the idea of hanging one of these metal bar quilts on my house so will be looking into buying one.

  52. I love these things! Not sure The Prince would be happy about me hanging them outside but I could definitely get away with a tree decoration. LOL
    Worthing, UK

  53. I don’t have anything “hanging” on our house, but I do have a plant stand that has a concrete painted quilt square on it. I really enjoy seeing more and more barn quilts, as we drive the roads of Michigan. Our local quilt guild recently made a money donation to sponser a barn quilt for a county that is planning a barn quilt tour drive.

  54. I do not have anything quilt related hanging outside on my house, but I have been thinking about a barn quilt. I have looked at these metal ones before & love them. My birthday is next week & my family keeps asking me what I want, so I think I will send them to this site.

  55. I have a quilty stained glass sitting in my window. My hubby made this for me. I can see it from my yard. Does that count?. I love the metal barn quilts and really really want one. Thank you for the opportunity!

  56. The Mariner’s compass is my favorite and I know I would love to have one for the outside of my house. Thanks for the giveaway for the ornament.

  57. I don’t have anything on the outside of the house, but when the front door is open, there is a Welcome quilt on the wall facing the door. :)

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