Try it on Tuesday: Baby Brights

We were contacted by Lark Crafts asking if we’d like to review their book Baby Brights:  30 Colorful Crochet Accessories.  I got the email and looked at the book and said yes.  It’s so cute.

So often we get asked to review knitting books which my daughter Kayla does but crochet is Kelli’s thing so she often feels a little left out.  The only problem, this was a baby crochet book.

Baby Brights_cover
(Photos courtesy of Lark Crafts)

It’s hard sometimes being a mom of twenty something children who don’t have children.  I by no means want to push them into having kids after all I didn’t have children to just to have grand children.  I enjoy my kids just as they are and if they happen to bless me with grandkids-great.  I’m not pushing though.

I worried if I gave this book to Kelli she might be thinking that I was pushing for grandkids when I know her and Jason are waiting until Kelli’s done with nursing school….so I tentatively showed the book to her…

No worries…she squealed.  She loved the book and honestly just from looking at the front cover who wouldn’t think it was cute!

Kelli’s favorite is these little booties.

BB1 (3)
She loves them as they are gender neutral.

She’s hoping to crochet a couple pair and used them as baby gifts.

Honestly there are so many cute projects in the book.  She can’t wait for this semester of nursing classes to be over so she can test a few of these projects.

…as for me, I’m so glad she wasn’t offended.  It’s so hard for her wanting kids and having people always say something about it to her, yet wanting to be a responsible person and only planning for a child once she has more time for one.

She often compares her life to mine.  I was 29 when I had the last of our five kids.  She’ll likely be 30 or more when she has her first.  I keep telling her a baby is a blessing no matter when they come.

3 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Baby Brights”

  1. agreed, the latest statistics say that the birth rate among 20 somethings is down by 15% so far compared to previous generations. No one has any idea as to how this will play out down the line; whether that decrease will hold out or give way to a late baby boom, but it could be an additional reason why the book’s authors were needing to seek reviews that would otherwise have been automatic for such a great book.

  2. I was 32 when my first ones came…nothing wrong with 30! I LOVE these little booties, my problem with crocheting them is that somehow they don’t always match! One is usually a little bigger or mis-shapen.

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