Try it on Tuesday and Winners

Today it’s “Try it on Tuesday” and I trying out a new ruler…it called The Learning Curve Ruler by Linda Warren Designs.

I had fun testing it out and am looking forward to a time when I can make more blocks or a fun quilt border with the ruler.  At first I was a little confused with all the markings on the ruler, then I read the directions and made a block and the marking made sense.  (I admit, I am one of those gals who just tries to figure things out without referring to directions.)  This is a ruler you will have to read the directions to use but the it’s a breeze after you make a couple blocks.  In the photo the directions look a bit intimidating but they are not.  Each row gives directions for different method.  There are six methods to use the ruler BUT those methods can be combined with other features giving you LOTS of options for blocks and borders.

I am going to demonstrate how to make the method #6 pattern.

Start out with TWO 3 1/2″ squares of contrasting colors.  Lay the ruler on the blocks as shown.  (I accidentally had the ruler upside down, but it still works)

Cut along the curve with your rotary cutter.

You will get two inside curved pieces and two outside curved pieces.  Sew them together as you would a Drunkard’s Path block.  Don’t worry or fret about the start and finished edges to match.  They won’t and it’s okay.  Trimming will make it all perfect.

You will get pieces like this.  Press the seam to the dark color.

Take the pieces to your cutting table.  Lay the ruler over the blocks aligning the  #2 and #3 dots on the curve.  Then cut with a rotary cutter.

Turn the unit, align and trim the remaining two sides.

Wa-La…you have your block.  Make a couple more and sew them together to create some blocks like this.

Aren’t the blocks fun!!  Some of the many block options are shown on the pattern…

So what do I think of the ruler…It’s nice.  It’s easy to use.  I know I have made curved blocks before and this is the most accurate method I have tried to date.  I like that the sewing doesn’t have to be perfect and that the trimming “cleans” it all up.  I would love to take the time to make a fun border with the Method #3.  That would make an AMAZING quilt.  I am typically not someone who like to trim but it’s worth it to have perfect blocks.  This ruler really takes all the fear of curved seams away.

Even more than the blocks, I like the options for border designs.  It’s really great that so many options are available in one ruler.

If you would like your own ruler, you can order them here.  The Learning Curve Ruler is so new that they aren’t in all quilt shops yet!!  Linda Warren Designs creator of the ruler has a Facebook page  where you can see more quilts to make with the ruler.  Feel free to “like” her page.  With this ruler being so new, more quilts will be showing up on her page giving you inspiration to make your own quilts.

Would you like a chance to win a ruler?  Just leave a comment here telling if you have ever made a block with curved seam.  Thanks so much Linda for sharing your great new product with me and all my readers.

Before you go…here are the winner of recent giveaways here.

The winner of the St. Patrick’s Day giveaway of the book Sew the Perfect Gift  from Martingale and Company is….Sharmond who said, “I am an American but have Scot-Irish in my background as well as a smattering of others (English, German).  Thanks for wonderful giveaway.”
The winner of last week’s book Slash Your Stash by McCall’s Quilting from Martingale and Companyis… Rhonda Desgranges who said, “I like the one with the applique border and scalloped edge. It has a great vintage look. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!”.

I’ll pick this week’s winner next Tuesday when I’ll be back trying something else that’s new!

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  1. Idaho Farm girl

    I have never tried a curved pieced block but I am thinking that this block would make a great border on just the right quilt. Would love to give it a try!

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