“Try it on Tuesday” and Winner

Today on “Try it on Tuesday” I am reviewing Mary M. Covey’s “Follow-the-Line Quilting Designs” Volume 5 Authentic Civil War Designs and More.  The copy was sent to me to review from Martingale and Company.

Follow-the-Line Quilting Designs Volume Five: Authentic Civil War Designs and More (That Patchwork Place)

First let me tell you, this is not a book.  Originally when I requested it from Martingale, I thought it was.  I had never seen one of the many “Follow-the-Line” products so I had no idea that it wasn’t a book.

It actually comes as a set with loose papers.   The papers are long and open wide so you can use them in a pantograph style or trace them.   There is a book included with quilting instructions for hand quilters, machines quilters and long armers.

It comes with 18 unique designs.

There are a variety of designs…my favorite of course is the feathers…

I like the alphabet too.  All 26 letters are included.  I can imagine stitching my initials into a quilt that I made.

There are some great classics like Clams shells…

and Baptist Fans.

There’s also a fun bird.

I love that the pattern sheets show how to turn the corners as that is always a challenge.

If you would like a chance to win your own boxed set of designs, leave a comment telling if you machine quilt, hand quilt, long arm yourself or send you projects to a long armer.


A bit ago I reviewed    C&T Publishing’s Stash Books division generously donated a copy either e-copy of hard copy.  The lucky winner of the book is…. Cecilia who said, “I am a modern quilter in the sense that I love the bright colors of today, but I also love to make traditional blocks. Thanks for the chance towin a copy of this book. I have it on my wish list. :-)”

Thanks for stopping by.

77 thoughts on ““Try it on Tuesday” and Winner”

  1. lately I have rented a long arm and quilted roll cotton roll used a stipple panagram She is very helpful ans it is a penny a square inch

  2. Jenelle Boxberger

    Oh, loving this idea. I bought a used Long Arm quilting machine. I’m not have very good luck with it and I’m thinking something like this would be of great help to get me going. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve done machine quilting, embroidery machine quilting, and I’ve sent some quilts out to be quilted. The only hand work I will do is sewing on the binding on the back.

  3. I have not actually done the actual quilting. I made a memory quilt with lots of buttons and snaps. i think I’m going to hand quilt.

  4. I machine quilt, but never have worked with the pattern sheets. Love to find out though, how that works. The results must be spectacular!

  5. I tend to quilt baby quilts and smaller but send the larger quilts to a local machine quilter who does magic with my tops! I’ve wondered what this book is like. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. I just finish up handquilting my first twinsize twin. Before that, I tried to stipple a table runne with mediocre success. I really want to improve both, hand and maschine quilting. Thank you for the chance to win and improve!

  7. I have hand quilted a couple of quilts but for the most part to machine quilting because it’s so much faster than hand quilting. Lots of quilts to make you know.

  8. I’ve done some machine quilting with my sewing machine. I would love to learn to hand quilt. Thanks for the chance to win some great quilting designs!

  9. I have done hand quilting, but not very much. Mostly I have quilted on my DSM, but I am learning to quilt on a mid-arm. Wish me luck. This book would be a great help, I’m sure. I would love to have a copy. Thanks for the offer. Happy Tuesday!

  10. I machine quilt most of the time. Although I do go to Quilts of Valor and hand quilt. A group of us use to meet once a week and hand quilt each others quilts.
    Love reading your blog

  11. Terry Truesdale

    I am a young machine quilter, but my aunt is a quilter who loves designs like these and and has promised me that she is going to teach me when she moves to SC next month!!! So if I won this it could be used on my first one with her!!!

  12. I like to hand quilt but have been learning to machine quilt. I practice machine quilting on baby size quilts. I also send out my quilts that i know i would not get hand quitled. I would love to win the box of quilting designs.

  13. I machine quilt on my home sewing machine and I am always looking for more designs to try. I really like that this book shows how to go around the corners of your quilts… thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I long arm but sometimes I need help with what to do. This looks like an awesome book that would help me-would love a chance to win it!

  15. I hand and machine quilt. Neither very well but I try. Would love to have the inspirations for quilting designs that this product offers. Thanks for a chance.

  16. I use a longarm to quilt my quilts. I have used Mary’s patterns before and like them. Haven’t seen this new one yet and love it because of the Civil War patterns. Love making scrappy repro quilts.

  17. I used to hand quilt a lot before it started hurting when I did it. Now I machine quilt on my Bernina or on my APQS Millenium. I would love to win these patterns!

  18. I have two other sets of these and LOVE them! I machine quilt on a Bernina with a stitch regulator. It’s my favorite part of the quilt-making process!

  19. I do all of the above! I have always been a handquilter but I am learning (and trying to do) more machine quilting. I have also sent quilt to long arm quilters. I really want to work on curved designs. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  20. I was a hand quilter for years and started machine quilting about 7 years ago using my domestic machine. I quilt smaller projects for other quilters — I especially enjoy quilting applique projects. I send my own big quilts to a long arm quilter. This collection looks good – thanks for showing some of the designs!

  21. I do all my own machine quilting on my janome Horizon, even king size! I feel like I’m cheating if I let someone else quilt it. I do like to do a small hand quilting project from time to time. I dream of a long arm of my own one day!

  22. I am trying to do more machine quilting myself, on my elna, just to get them done! Tired of looking at a stack of tops that I can’t afford to send to the longarmer…but starting small. Baby quilts and lap sized ones I can handle (so far). Looks like a great book for inspiration!

  23. I do both machine and hand quilting. Machine because it’s faster; hand because it makes me prouder. As long as I have a project, I’m happy. And usually I have more than one project going.

  24. OH WOW!! This book/sheets looks wonderful!! I am a beginner FM quilter using my sewing machine and a hand quilter. This would be right up my alley! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!!

  25. I have hand quilted a little, machine quilted a lot, and sent out to a long-armer a ton! I have been looking at and trying to decide on some patterns to spice up my machine quilting as I mostly do straight lines and would like to get into some more interesting designs. I would love to win these patterns!

  26. I machine quilt my own quilts. I’ve only hand quilted one, and I never send them out to long armers. I feel that if I want to call it my quilt, it should be quilted by me, and not just pieced ;-)

  27. I hand quilt; however, I just bought a longarm and would enjoy having the book to help me get started.

  28. I started out hand quilting, then moved to free motion quilting on my DSM, last year I advanced to longarm quilting and I still have alot to learn and skills to develop! Love it! Thanks for the giveaway – I so enjoy reading your blog!

  29. I machine quilt my smaller quilts (mostly baby quilts) because it is faster and they will be washed more often and hand quilt special gifts. Recently bought an embroidery foot to free motion quilt and would love to use this book while learning how.

  30. I have machine quilted and hand quilted. What a great thing to have for quilting this would be. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  31. I am trying to learn how do my own machine quilting on my domestic machine . So far I am learning to use my walking foot and doing straight line quilting. I try to do hand quilting also for quilts I want to keep . Janita

  32. Wow, these look like great designs. I mostly quilt on my domestic machine, but I also hand quilt some too. These would be so fun to have. Thanks.

  33. I machine quilt on my DSM. Sometimes the larger quilts are awkward, but I persevere. I usually trace a quilting pattern on tissue paper, then I pin the paper to a section of my quilt and sew right through the paper pattern. After I finish a section, I tear off the tissue paper. I would really, really love to win this giveaway! I truly need some new patterns.

  34. I have a long-arm and am a beginning long-armer. I haven’t seen these patterns but will have to look for them in my LQS. I, too, like examples of how to turn corners.

  35. So far I have only done machine quilting on my own sewing machine. But I would like to try long-arm quilting and hand quilting. Great giveaway!

  36. I machine quilt on my Juki TL98Q sewing machine and also on a mid-arm Sunshine 16 on a frame. I tried hand quilting only once and would like to try it again one day on a small project. Great giveaway! Looks like some good stuff.

  37. Connie Heffner

    I have machine quilted, and hand quilted before, and also have sent my very large quilts out to a long-arm quilter. Love-love-love that bird design. Like many I’m sure, my dream is to own a long-arm machine and frame.

  38. I also thought those follow the line patterns were books. I’m trying to learn to machine quilt on my dsm but am not very good at it. I really need to practice, practice, practice. I also do some hand quilting but really want to get the hang of machine quilting. I would love to win the give away.

  39. I would love to read this book…and the clam shell would be my first design to try! I do all my own quilting, hand or machine because I enjoy both, and because paying for quilting would cut into my fabric buying budget! LOl

  40. I would love to add the “book” to my collection. I do most of my own machine quilting for my own family, but am not confident enough to give any away yet……

  41. That is a great ‘book’ I would love to own it. I have been (sorta maybe) been a mid arm quilter for about 8 yrs, I’m a very slow quilter! Mostly I free hand designs. I would like to get better at doing things like Feathers and clam shells.

  42. I machine quilt (stippling and straight stitch) on my home sewing machine and would love to be able to do these designs. Thanks for the chance.

  43. I mainly hand quilt and used one of Mary Covey’s follow the line (iris) designs to hand quilt my iris quilt. It worked good though cutting out the motifs to transfer to the quilt is difficult. I also used one for border feathers and that was difficult to transfer – yet I hand quilted my first feathers. Please enter me into the drawing as I like these. I’m teaching myself to straight line machine quilt and want to learn FMQ. The clam shells would be perfect to use for a specific top I have. Thanks for the chance. I’m glad that you indicated some of the motifs in this collection, as that is difficult to ascertain unless see the box.

  44. I have always quilted by hand. This Spring I finally caved and sent my last quilt to a long arm quilter and I have to say that I was pleased with the results, but …. that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on hand-quilting. I find quilting by hand very therapeutic and Mary Covey’s patterns would be a delight to use, particularly the feathers.

  45. I usually hand quilt, but for quilts the family will “use”, I go to a professional. I would love to learn how to free motion quilt on my own machine, but I know I need to take classes. I’ve thought before I would probably need one of these books. Thanks!

  46. I have a Grace frame with a Juki machine that I use to quilt my own tops and those I sew for donation. I mostly use a stippling design but would love a chance to try the designs that are in the “book.” Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. I am a machine quilter; mostly straight lines for now. I did try hand quilting once…not so good. I’ll leave that for another day. thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  48. I am learning to machine quilt, love hand quilting but I am very slow at it and I also take my large quilts to a long arm quilter.

  49. I have a mid-arm (Brother 1500) on a Grace Start Right Frame – I love to quilt “outside of the box”. Traditional quilting patterns are beautiful, but I have so much fun just making them up as I go.

  50. Awesome package! Pick me, pick me!!
    I quilt my own, hand quilting, with my domestic sewing machine and with a mid-arm (which is currently ‘down’) thanks for opportunity!

  51. I am new to quilting. I just got a queen size back from long arm quilter today. I have done a little ( very little) hand quilting and domestic machine quilting. Thanks for chance to win!

  52. I have traditionally quilted by hand, but have recently joined the machine quilting with the handi quilter sixteen. I do own and have used a pattern from Covey’s first volume and enjoyed it. My husband and I went on a civil war trek to everywhere (including Port Gipson and the confederate white house) and he is now begging for a civil war era type quilt. I hope I can scratch it off my list as a done item. By the way I enjoy reading your blogs and have made a chain of faith quilt.

  53. I mainly do my own machine quilting on my home machine. I do occ send out something special to have quilted. I would love to win

  54. I do some hand quilting, mostly by machine altho I am very far behind on the quilting as it isn’t my favorite part. This book looks like it would be a great help.

  55. Jeanne Bender

    I always hand quilt, I’m sorry, but to me quilting like my Grandmother, is by hand…and I love Civil War fabric, quilts and anything else! I was born in the wrong century, Jo!

  56. I usually machine-quilt on my regular sewing machine. I hand quilt for the occasional (very rare) item … The thing is, years ago, I decided to hand-quilt the first bed-sized quilt I ever made, and I got stuck and didn’t finish quilting the quilt till 10 years later … So, with machine-quilting being so fast and so achievable, I go with that most of the time. Never tried long-arm quilting, but it sounds like fun! :-)

  57. I am a beginning machine quilter, so this would be a great help. I have quilted a few small things, but never sent anything to a long armer!

  58. I am trying to learn free motion quilting using my sewing machine but Grace is not being very cooperative in this endeavor. I think she is hoping I will continue to send my quilts out to may awesome long arm quilter, Leslie. Maybe Leslie is bribing Grace somehow so she won’t have to work so hard. Ummm, I better check into that theory a little more.


    I usually send my quilts out to a longarmer, but am working on learning to hand quilt. I find it so relaxing that I want to do lots more of my quilts that way. I would love this book/pattern sheets to help me along with learning. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  60. I have only finished my sampler from the workshop I followed and that has been hand quilted. At this moment I have a few tops that are almost finished and I would like to use my DSM, but I haven’t tried that yet. I would love to win this box with quilting patterns, it would be a great source of inspiration for me, including all the tips and tricks. Thanks for the chance to win.

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