Try it on Tuesday: “And Sew to Bed”

Cico Books sent me a copy of And Sew to Bed:30 Beautiful Sewing Projects for Nightwear and Accessories” by Caro Cuttes and Alison Beadnell.

The book is filled with wonderful projects including 18 garment sleep ware projects and 12 sleep related accessories.  I loved this little nightie.

Honestly, I had no idea there were this many different styles of sleep wear.


There are project to fit adults and kids.


This robe would also be great for swimming too.

The book had lots of cute accessories too.   This little bag was my one of my favorites.


Isn’t this little pajama sack the cutest??

The book would be great for anyone who still sew garments.  I don’t so I am passing this along to a reader.  Even if you don’t sew garments, the accessories are really cute.

If you would like to win just leave a comment here telling what and how long ago was the garment you’ve sewn.  Me, it was probably some shorts for the boys when they were little…that would have been about 20 years ago.

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  1. I sometimes make tops for myself, but have recently made a simple nightgown for my daughter. She just yesterday asked me to make her some simple shorts like the ones I made her when she was little.

    Thanks for generously offering this book to one of your lucky readers!

  2. Christmas 2010 I made flannel pants for all my grandkids. I keep saying I’m going to get back into garment sewing but haven’t been too successful yet.

  3. I guess the last garment I made was about 15 years ago. I make a lot of dresses, jumpers, and vests for my daughter and short sleeve shirts with matching elastic waist shorts for both my daughter and son. It was back when the elastic waist and elastic at the ankles pants were in style. Easy, fun fabrics and the kids loved them! I kept one of the Christmas dresses I made hoping a granddaughter will wear it someday.

  4. I would be using it for simple sewing jobs at first, to learn on.. but I want it to be able to grow with me as I learn my way. Eventually I will be sewing crib bedding sets and childrens clothing on it, so it would need to be a pretty good machine. Money is not an issue.

  5. I make PJ’s for my kids every couple of years- they’re 15 and 17 now and I’m still making them. Thankfully, they love their homemade pyjamas. Love the look of the book.

  6. Mary Ann Harpe

    I’m sewing garments now. My 2 kids and I cosplay and my daughter does LARP’s, so i am either sewing costumes or fixing one! Right now I am making a Victoria style jacket out of kimono scraps.

  7. well think it was some pj for my mom about 3 years ago but i do have a hand smocked nightgown i made over 30 years ago but quilting for charity has taken over oh no i did just sew a tulie skirt for my new great grandaughter this spring.

  8. Last garment was a robe for a mission trip to the Middle East. When you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you make it, right? That was two years ago. Unless you call BABY BIBS garments, which I have been making like CRAZY. I make the bibs with little satin ribbons on the edges (similar to taggy blankets) ….keeps those little fingers busy while you are feeding the baby!!

  9. I made a little sundress for my 20 month old granddaughter a couple of months ago. I made it out of seersucker, which I love! I was shocked when I went to the fabric store and saw the huge selection of seersucker . . . prints, stripes, solids!!

  10. I’ve made some cool cotton tops over the last few hot summers, and I just finished some simple cotton capris on my serger for THIS hot summer! Love to quilt and sew. The challenge here is to find fabric I like.

  11. Does American Girl doll clothes count? I have 3 granddaughters with dolls, so that keeps me busy making clothes!

  12. Does hemming count? My husband has short legs so every pair of pants he buys has to be hemmed. Other than that, I suppose it was the christening gown for my youngest granddaughter who is now five.

  13. Ann Desjardines

    The last item I made was about 2 years ago. It was a Folk Wear Pattern called Gaza Dress out of Jinny Beyer fabric.

  14. I just made four pairs of pajama pants during my two week vacation! Two for me and one each for my boyos. My oldest son even dug through my stash to pick his fabric out!

  15. I used to make most all of my 3 daughters clothes when they were growing up. Even about 1/2 of my own. Now I’m into quilting but have been making flannel pj pants for my grandsons.

  16. I’m currently working on a dress for myself (hope to finish it this evening!) and finished a blouse last week.

  17. It has been a while, but I have made clothes for my granddaughters. Mostly simple things like sun dresses and pj’s.

  18. The last garment I started was in Jr High School. My sister finished it for me. Now I’ve been thinking about making myself a robe because I just can’t find what I want I the stores.

  19. I made my great niece a smocked dress for her first birthday in January 2013. I made most of mine and my daughters clothes when they were growing up, even prom dresses. Even my son had his smocked shorts sets when he was very small. Sewing garments was always my favorite, then I got into quilting. Now quilting is mostly what I do. My great niece will get a new smocked dress every once in a while though.

  20. The last garment I sewed was a simple robe for my church’s Easter Pageant this year. I need to sew clothing, as I have a closet shelf full of garment fabric.

  21. Just last month I made a Hello Kitty skirt and matching purse for my 5 year old grandaughter. And a blessing gown for our 5 month old grandaughter.

  22. The last clothing I sewed for people (I make a lot of AG doll clothes) was a couple of tops and dresses for my daughter last year. I used to make lots of clothing, bridesmaids dresses, first communion dresses and even my own wedding gown but time (or the lack thereof) is the problem now. I’m planning on getting back into it once school starts again:) Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I’ve made clothes and costumes for my kids/ I’m about to start on a Doctor Who skirt for my daughter.

  24. not too long ago i made my daughter a couple of quick skirts. i would love to win this book because i’m always putting my p.j.’s on right after i get home from work, just to lounge around in.

  25. I just made pajama shorts for the 4 littles and 3 skirts for church. I’ve got 4 children who still don’t seem to mind when I make them things so I figure I’ve got a lot of sewing in my future left to do and lots of fabric to use with it and with sleepwear it’s great because it doesn’t have to look perfect to sleep in so i get to practice different things. .

  26. I have been helping my niece learn to sew garments for the last several years. She wants to major in fashion design. So, I have insisted that she learn to sew garments. Thanks for the opportunity this cute book.

  27. my last sewing project was a year or so ago for my granddaughter it was a dress. Then we did some Barbie clothes do they count. LOL clothes in miniature.

  28. Big chuckles here! My design wall post was on making pj pants for my grandson. I would love a book on fashionable nightwear. Maybe I can learn to make a nightie that doesn’t scream “grandma nightie”–that’s what my husband calls them.

  29. Assuming that knits don’t count, it’d be a top I sewed for my daughter in August 2009. Or an apron I made in 2010….don’t you love having a blog so you can figure out when things happened? :-)

  30. Assuming that knits don’t count, it’d be a top I sewed for my daughter in August 2009. Or an apron I made in 2010….don’t you love having a blog so you can figure out when things happened? :-)

  31. I make pajamas for my nieces and nephews for Christmas, but I recently made 12 red satin bolero jackets for a dance school’s show. I’m always looking for new ideas! Cute items in this book! Thanks.

  32. Glenda in Florida

    I made a jumper for my granddaughter last fall. Before that I had made her a skort and a flannel night gown. The other granddaughter received several outfits when she was a toddler. Sewing for grandkids is the best!!! I’ll be sending you an “I told you so” e-mail once you have some of you own, because I’m pretty sure you will want to sew for them.

  33. I still sew garments – Hawaiian type shirts for myself and my DH, skirts, shorts, dresses, nightgowns, pajama pants, robes, hunting vests, whatever DH and DS dream up that they need for shooting or hunting. Garment sewing was my first love and I still love it even though most of my sewing time is spent quilting. I’d love to have this little book for new ideas. It looks great.

  34. I just finished a pair of ‘Batman” shorts for my best friend’s grandson, and currently have two dresses to finish for my granddaughter. I love sewing for the littles, and have made pyjama pants for myself recently, out of vintage sheets! I would love to have this book – thanks for the opportunity!

  35. The last garment I made was a long evening frock to wear to see The Marriage of Figaro at Glyndebourne 3 weeks ago. I chose a grey slubbed weave faux-silk which was a real pig to sew and frayed while I stitched.
    I make all my summer frocks and use quilting-cottons to do so. My latest -finished last month = was made from a bright print called Tradewinds which had been in my stash about 6 years. The leftovers go in my scrap baskets!

  36. Several years ago I made an outfit for myself and my husband for a niece’s wedding. It was a medieval theme and we all had to go dressed up. My dress was inspired by Princess Fiona’s (Shrek) dress and my husband was a little like Robin Hood! My two eldest boys have both worn the Robin Hood outfit for their school Medieval days. I even made leather (well vinyl) spats to look like boots.

  37. Last Easter I made dresses for my girls. I have about 5 patterns I got for myself and will sew those when I try the dress form idea I found on Pinterest where they use a roll of duct tape and a tight fitting t-shirt to make your own dress form. I get so frustrated when I make clothes for myself. I think a dress form would help me with adjustments on clothes for myself and my unique shape!

  38. The book looks like one I would enjoy and use.
    I sew for 3 grandchildren and love it!
    Thanks for offering the book to us.

  39. I would like to try sewing something for me, a nightgown would be great to start with. The last time I sewed something for me was in JR high home ec and the sewing machine and I did not get along at all! LOL So this would be a hand sewn garment. Thanks for the giveaway! I sure hope I win it. vickise at gmail dot com

  40. Sharon Hughson

    Probably for my youngest granddaughter who is now 15 so about 5 y.o. was the last. Making that 10 yrs. ago???

  41. Let’s see, must have been the roman goddess costume about 8 years ago! I keep meaning to make some sleep shorts for myself.

  42. Am I the only one who still sews clothing on a regular basis? I just finished up a couple little dresses for my granddaughter, 3 shorts & 2 tops for my mail carrier, a top for myself, and I still have a dress & 3 more shorts to make before I’m done. If we were still square dancing, I guess I’d still be sewing those outfits as well, since we couldn’t possibly afford to buy off the rack! I think I’d like to see more of those accessories!

  43. I just cut out a skirt this weekend. Before that, I made some jammie pants for my 3 yo. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  44. I made a jumper for myself about 7 or 8 years ago, but I never hemmed it. The last garment I actually finished was probably something for my granddaughter when she was a toddler. She just turned 17. I made several outfits for her dolls too. I love the pajama sack.

  45. I made a cute little sundress for my granddaughter about three years ago, it came out really cute. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  46. It was probably when I was at school, but I’m looking to start again. I have the fabric, and the patterns, just need to pluck up the courage!

  47. I just started taking some pattern drafting classes and sewing skirts that actually fit! I had quit sewing clothes when my kids grew out of children’s sizes (15 years ago) as sewing for me was always a failure. Now I want to tackle more although I still love quilting best.

  48. Do American Girl Doll clothes count? — not my favorite kind of sewing, but do it for the granddaughters. Also have made matching clothes for the girls and I much prefer sewing on the larger pieces of fabric. Thanks for giving us a look at this new book and a chance to win it.

  49. I just made a turquoise ruffle dress for my granddaughter that was very quick & easy. I used to make garments all of the time until I started quilting & now I don’t want to do anything but quilt.

  50. I made my husband a fleece jacket last year for Christmas. I guess that is the last garment I have made.

  51. Every Christmas I make Christmas pj pants for my 2 girls. They say it wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t get a new pair each year. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  52. I sew for dolls mostly, but I made an enitire camo camping set of pants and shirts for my husband and son and a tent and vest for my son’s Big Bird toy about 21 years ago. I was a stay at home mom and I enjoyed making them. My husband still wears his. LOL

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