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I got an email from C&T Publishing that they had a new book that was just releasing.  I’ve been so busy lately that most of these emails I just hit delete before I even read them and move on.  But this one had me stopped in my tracks.  I WANTED THIS BOOK and I WANTED IT NOW!!  I contacted the company and they sent me an advanced copy.  The book is scheduled to be released soon.

The book is Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting: Turn 9 Simple Shapes into 80+ Distinctive Designs Best-selling author of First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli.  You might remember a book I reviewed awhile back, First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting and I love it.  (If you missed the review it’s here)

The author is brilliant in making the book easily usable.   She starts by taking and showing readers 9 simple shapes.  Then she takes a combination of a couple of those shapes and makes a motif.  From there she turns them into edge to edge free motion quilting designs.

I have done enough quilting that I don’t need a lot of words to describe the whole process.  I need someone to draw out the design and give me step by step drawings to make the motif.  From there I want to see the motif in action.  I need to see how to connect the motifs.  I need to see how to travel.  I need to see how to get myself out of corner.  This book does that for me.

I do some more modern quilts.  I do some quilts that are traditional.  I need a variety of motifs.  This book has that.

Can you believe that there are over 80 designs all packed in to one book.  WOW!!  That is bang for your buck.

I apologize that I can’t show you more picture of the book but mine is a Kindle version and it’s hard to take a picture of my screen.  I have something you might like to see though.  It’s a video that shows the cover design on the book.

I loved the book.  If this is something you’re interested in, check out the authors blog and her take on her new book.   I have to say, the book was just what I needed to help me add some variety to my quilting.

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  1. I just ordered the book, based on your recommendation. I have pieced but have never done anything other than STD, so this looks very interesting. Thanks!

  2. Jo, how do you like using Kindle for quilting references. I find it nicer to have a paper copy so I can refer to it more easily in the sewing room, I would call it a studio but don’t think it is fancy enough. The book is one I will be looking for at the next quilt show I am going to next month. Thanks for the information.

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