Try it on Tuesday….

Each Tuesday I try something new and share my findings with my readers.  Martingale and Company sent the quilt book “Spotlight on Neutrals” by Pat Wys and let me tell you…I was surprised that I REALLY liked it!!

Initially, I thought neutrals…how boring and drab, but let me tell you…NOT boring…NOT drab.

The cover quilt is a real beauty…

The book features cute quilts that would work wonderfully in most every home.  I can’t help but look at quilt after quilt thinking they would be so perfect for a gift.  I know I always have troubles picking colors for gift quilts worrying that the color I pick won’t  match their homes.  By picking neutral colors, it takes the worry out.

Here’s a log cabin…

There are no borders on this quilt…many of the quilts in the book don’t have borders.

This little pillow is so cute….I love the quilt too.

Kelli has been wanting to make a snail trails quilt so this one caught her eye.

I never imagined to make a braid quilt with neutrals.  I like this look.

Here’s another pillow-quilt combo.

There is just a beauty in the simplicity.

If you are an applique lover, there are even a couple projects in the book for you.

This one really is my favorite….I’ve always loved this block.

All in all…I really liked the book, but I am passing it on to one of you.  Anyone what to try their hand at a neutral quilt?  Just leave a comment here telling us whether you have ever made a quilt with neutrals.

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  1. I just started this month “Snow Days” pieced & embroidered in neutrals ,(my first time with neutral) : wonderful !
    I LOVE all the quilts in the book and would be so happy to win (I can pay for shipping ) XXX

  2. I have never made a quilt in neutral colors. All the quilts look great in neutrals and that is a good idea when making a gift quilt and you are not sure of the colors. to use.

  3. I haven’t made a neutral color quilt but have long admired one in a very old Martingale and Company book. Several of these quilts are very tempting and the idea of using neutrals when making a wedding gift quilt is a good idea.

  4. I have never made a quilt with all neutrals but I LOVE the photos of the quilts from the book. If I don’t win, I may have to buy this book.

  5. I like the look of neutrals but when it comes down to choosing colour ways for quilts I always go for colour explosion. Sometimes I think I should go outside my comfort zone and do a completely neutral quilt, but it hasn’t happened ….yet. :)

  6. Perfect quilts for my future daughter-in-law, color can’t be wrong! Definitely a buy book. Photos and quilts great.

  7. I’e been eyeing this book for some time! I think making a quilt from this book would be a nice break from multi coloured ones.

  8. I have never made a neutral before but it seems to be the way to go with the men in my life these days. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  9. debbie siltala

    I have not made a quilt with all neutrals before but I love the quilt pictures that you have shown from the book. I would love to win the book, thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I’ve never made a quilt in these colors. I also thought it would be boring but seeing these picture really makes me want to try one.

  11. I have not made a quilt with all neutrals. The quilts pictured look so soothing. I would love to win the book and give neutrals a try.

  12. I have never made a quilt in neutrals but after seeing the pictures, I want to make one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Well my girlfriend made a quilt with nuetrals for her daughter and I loved it……definitely added it to my bucket list. thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Bernice Ramsey

    I did a fun quilt out of neutrals for our motor home. It has been the perfect color for both of them. I love the quilts that you showed from the book, very rich looking. Great blog.

  15. Would love to win that book! It’s fun to work with neutrals!! And like you said…you don’t have to be concerned about the right colors when making a gift quilt!

  16. I haven’t made a neutral quilt yet but these pictures of neutral quilts are beautiful. I’m liking the gray fabrics that are so popular now and thinking they would make a nice neutral quilt. Love the patterns, another neat book from Martingale. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Tammie Stephens

    I love love love the black and neutral quilt on the cover. I’ve never tried a neutral quilt because I didn’t think there was enough pop… Boy was I wrong.

  18. I guess if you consider black and white, I have made a couple of quilts black and white, but with a tiny pop of red. I have also made grey, white and black. But I have always wanted to make a beige/tan quilt.

  19. I’ve never made a quilt in neutrals. However, after looking at your pictures I can see it would be a great book to have for gift quilts. I’d love the chance to win!

  20. I have never made a neutral quilt nor did I ever want to. BUT after seeing the pics you posted, I’m putting a couple in that book on my list to do. Thanks for a chance to win.

  21. I made my brother’s wedding quilt in scrappy neutrals using an Alex Anderson pattern. It turned out great! Best of all, they will be able to use it even if the color in their room changes. I want to make myself a neutral quilt too.

  22. I have made a neutral quilt and I love it. I am always looking for neutrals to add to my stash – this book would help me use up some of them!

  23. I’ve yet to make a neutral quilt. I am thinking it would be the perfect idea for a guy friend who is color blind to quite a degree. By using neutrals the pattern would be sure to stand out which is what he would notice most…that and how warm it kept him down in his man cave! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  24. I’m working on a neutral quilt right now. I’m doing a block of the month from our quilt shop and the color way they called sticks and stones. I’m really liking it and I have a lot of left over fabric so this book would be perfect for me. Thanks for the giveaway. You are so kind.

  25. I love the colour brown and would enjoy making a totally neutral quilt. All of these quilts are gorgeous and I would love to win the book!! Thanks for the chance!

  26. I always seem to shy away from neutrals, however these are beautiful examples that neutral does not need to be boring. I would have to make thee pattern with the sun- or what looks lik the sun to me. Its beautiful!
    Thanks Jo!

  27. Laurel from Iowa

    Hi, Jo – these quilts are really pretty. I have never done a quilt in neutrals, either. Mostly I just make a quilt and find a home for it. Using neutrals would take the worry about “matching” out of the equation. Have a sunny day!

  28. I haven’t made a quilt in neutral colors, but I love all the pics you posted from the book. Lovely. They would probably fit in with a lot of home decor.

  29. Funny, the idea of neutrals really got my imagination going… Stone, lichen, slate, oatmeal, seashells… These would work well in so much of today’s decor…. Thanks for a chance to win!

  30. Several years ago I made a quilt using all the muslin and neutral scraps left over from my crafting days. Remember those rabbits and dolls we made ? String blocks and crumb blocks. Added bits of lace and ecru ribbon. Then embellished it with pearl buttons scavenged from friend’s button jars. Hand quilted a humongous (a Bonnie Hunter word with my spelling.) necklace across it in gold, outlined the necklace with all the pearl buttons. Named it ” String of Pearls”, Still my favorite quilt.


    I love them all! I would absolutely adore having this book and making those beautiful neutral quilts. Each one is a pretty as the last. Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. My favorite has to be the three you and Kelli like most. Cover, snails trail, and last quilts pictured. I’ve been collecting various browns from light to dark to make one. I haven’t a pattern in mind, but I’ve been inspired for years now when I saw a friends neutral quilt. It would be easy to mix in a bit of black or gray to achieve one of these quilts. I’d would like the chance to win this book! Thanks, Sandi

  33. I love the look of neutral quilts but have never made one! I look forward to reading your blog everyday! Thank you for what your sharing!

  34. I have never made a quilt with neutrals but I have been wanting this book for a long time. I love Pat Wys and i love her blog. Would love to win! The quilts you showed are very nice and I can see myself making several of them.

  35. Connie Heffner

    I love these quilts in this book. I have made one with very little color and really like the way it turned out. For qifts these quilts would fit perfectly. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  36. Never have quilted with neutrals – always thought I had to have colors. This book looks great and has given me a new outlook on neutrals!!

  37. I have the book and just love it. I made the cover quilt, Scrappy Nines, at a retreat taught by Pat (the author). It is absolutely gorgeous. Pat had the quilts at her trunk show during the retreat and they are more stunning than the pictures.

  38. I’ve never made a quilt with neutrals, but the ones you showed looked gorgeous! I especially like the cover quilt and the braid.

  39. Veronica Kersting

    Just like you, Jo, I thought neutral quilts would be drab and boring. Those are beautiful! Would love to win the book and make one of the quilts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  40. I usually choose much more colour, but this book has some nice quilts in it. The log cabin looks great.

  41. I have never done a quilt with all neutrals. I have a friend that just made one and it was beautiful. The Log Cabin is my favorite pattern but I have not thought of doing it in neutrals. This has inspired me to try it. Just found your blog and really like it.

  42. I have never made a quilt in neutrals but this book would give me an excuse to.Then again just seeing the quilts gives me an excuse to buy the book.

  43. I have never made a quilt with neutrals but I want this book!! Priced it recently, after seeing a quilt made from this book. Thanks!

  44. Interesting question today! I have lots of neutrals in my stash, but have never made a totally neutral quilt. This looks like a beautiful book with great inspirations!

  45. I have never made a neutral quilt but have a lot of neutrals in my stash. This looks like a very nice book!

  46. I’ve never made a neutrals quilt, but love the look of those you showed especially the snail tails quilt. I think one of these quilts would be perfect for my mother-in-law. Thanks for a chance to win this great book! :)

  47. I have not made a quilt with all neutrals, but I love them. Thank you for bringing the book to our attention. I really like the quilt on the cover.

  48. I have never thought of using just neutrals for a quilt – only of adding them to another colour. I am currently working on my first quilt but am planning more for when I’ve finnished it, this book has certainly provided some beautiful new ideas. I don’t think I qualify for the giveaway as I live in England, but thanks for showing the book.

  49. I have never made a quilt using all neutrals. Mine have always had colors in them. The pics that you showed from the book were very pretty which just shows that you don’t have to have colors in the quilts for them to look great. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  50. I have seen the quilt that you love made up in my local quilt shop. Stunning in person! I love neutral colors and this book has so many great patterns!! Some of these would even be beautiful done in red/white. Thanks for a chance to win!

  51. I have never made a neutral quilt. They sure are stunning though. Would love to win a copy but if not I think I will have to search my LQS for this book. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  52. Me, me, pick me! I’ve bought fabrics for 3, count ’em 3, neutral quilts but haven’t made one yet–still on ‘THE LIST’. I’d love too though, I’m really drawn to them.

  53. I have never made a quilt with neutrals only, but have been thinking about making a quilt with batiks that resemble marble (stone) and think the last quilt you showed would be perfect for that. I would love to try it!

  54. What a great book such neat patterns, I agree with Judy R some in red and white too. Thanks Jo for the opportunity to win the book. You inspire me to sew more, love reading your blog, with my coffee each morning.

  55. I really like neutral quilts, so calming and restful in a bedroom. I have one on my bucket list, At the moment I use a large, white whole-cloth quilt on my bed with a smaller patterned one on top but I think a pieced neutral one would be better,
    Regards from Lynn in England

  56. I didn’t really pay attention to neutrals until just a few years ago. I knew they were necessary in a quilt, but they weren’t really my fav fabric to look for. NOW, I see neutrals in a whole new light (thanks, Bonnie Hunter!) Two years ago, a neutral quilt took best in show at our county fair. I haven’t made a neutral quilt, but am called to the braid one in this book.

  57. Oh… neutrals are my favorite! They are my favorite in my home, clothes and quilts. I always loved brown as a child and I had a red loving Mom! That was hard, let me tell you. When I look back on it now I laugh but at the time I hated wearing all of those COLORS! And yes, I have certainly made neutral quilts and I think they always turn out more than gorgeous! Thanks for sharing some of this book.

  58. I have not made a neutral quilt, but they all looked gorgeous, and would be a wonderful way to do a gift quilt.

  59. The quilts are beautiful, I would love to win!
    I have made a mostly neutral quilt with some red accents. Turned out beautiful – some people think red is neutral. I might be one of them.

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  61. I have not yet made a quilt in all neutrals, but these quilts are sure inspiring! Thanks for the opportunity, Jo and Martingale.

  62. Roberta Blekeberg

    My daughter is my biggest cheerleader! she has asked me to make her neutral quilt to hang in her kitchen. I feel that I could surely find a pattern that would work in this book. Also, I was at the quilt guild that you spoke at last night’ and it was SO fascinating. I can not imagine how you get SOOO much done! I wish I had the computer skills that you have to navigate thte system, because I know there is so much to be gained from! it. I make lots of “Memory Quilts and also make lots of bags”
    I would love to about marketing what I make. Roberta

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