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Boy it’s been a busy weekend  around here and I am writing this late Monday after getting home from date night which was Men in Black 3-D.  Hubby picked the movie and I picked 3-D…a nice compromise.  It was my first 3-D movie.  It do that again…and honestly Men in Black wasn’t horrid.  I don’t have time to pick winners of the week’s giveaways right now but I’ll do it and have another post coming up.

WOW…now onto this week’s “Try it on Tuesday”….  Today I am trying out a new book from Lark Crafts called Creative Quilting with Beads by Valerie Van Asdale Shrader.  This is a book that was given to me by Lark Crafts to review.  When I opened the box, I was a little surprised.  Let’s be honest, quilting with beads not anything that I have ever done nor is it anything I have aspired to do.  I expected to page through the book and hand it off to one of you.

Creative Quilting with Beads: 20+ Projects with Dimension, Sparkle & Shine

Don’t get me wrong.  I love looking at what I call “art quilting”.  I just can’t imagine me doing it.  The work it very fine and my eyes don’t really like that a lot.  Now that I have new glasses, that’s some better…but still, my patience doesn’t always allow it either.  Then I started paging through the book.

Soon I found myself reading the directions….

Then I found myself reading a few of the patterns and curiously looking at them.

Then I admiring….

and admiring some more.  WOW, what handy work!  Still…not something I would do…but definitively something I could admire.

Then I found myself in love.  I love this Tag-Aong Handbag.  It is so cute and VERY similar to something I almost bought for myself a couple years ago when we were out in San Diego.  I have wanted a small bag, big enough for credit cards, phone, camera and hotel key.  It’s not a bag I would use a lot..just a bag for auction, antiquing or traveling…. Something with a long enough strap to wear as a messenger bag….this little bag is WONDERFUL and I want to make it.

yep…I even want to string all those little beads…I love the colors too.   I am a practical gal and as much as I love the “art quilts” I want my projects to have function too…the bag is perfect.  Art…and function.

I have to show you this purse too…what do you think?  It’s “seaweed”.  Cute in a funky sorta way…right?

I never thought I would be making something from the book.  Like I said earlier, “art quilts” just aren’t something I make, I love looking at them…just can’t imagine making them.  I really never imagined me making something of that style…but now I can definitely see me making that purse!

So I am sorry to say readers…the week, I am keeping the book and not giving it away.  I don’t know when I’ll get to making the bag.  Sometime soon I hope.  I think I’ll make a little goal here.  I’ll try to get it done by mid August when Hubby go on our little antiquing adventure.

Now it’s your turn.  What have you tried this week?

4 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday….”

  1. I’m trying something new….a paper-pieced five-pointed red and white star on a blue background. I’ve enlarged the pattern and I’m hoping that it turns out 12 1/2″ unfinished so I can donate it to Quilts of Valor.

    I was a dollmaker in a previous stage of my life and accumulated a big supply of seed beeds, but I wouldn’t want beads on my quilts; I want them to be useful.

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