Try it on Tuesday: 2014 Quilting Calendars

Landauer Publishing recently sent us two quilting calendars to review…Kelli immediately jumped up and down screaming I want one..I want one!!

First there was the Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts 2014 calendar.

All of the pictures in the calendar are from Edyta Sitar’s book Seasonal Silhouettes.  Here’s a little preview of all of the pictures…perfect for a monthly calendar..right??

It would be so fun to purchase the companion book, Seasonal Silhouettes, and make the projects each month.  Now that Edyta Sitar’s company makes the laser pre-cut pieces, the project would definitely be easily completed.

The other calendar they sent us was, Diane Phalen’s Quilts from a Painter’s Art.

We loved it too.  Here’s a preview of the back of the calendar showing all the months.

Both of the calendars have nice big spaces to write in.  They have a small preview of the month before and after.  Each has amazing pictures that any quilter is sure to love….so they make the perfect gift.

Kelli ended up keeping Diane Phalen’s Quilts from a Painter’s Art calendar but we do have a copy of the Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts 2014 calendar that one of you lucky readers is going to win.  Just leave a comment here telling what theme your last year’s calendar was…mine, sorry to say was a free-bie that the contractor who does work here at the farm sent.

I’ll pick a winner next week..or when I remember…you know me, I’m not always the most timely gal.

90 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: 2014 Quilting Calendars”

  1. Kristy Wilkinson

    I like the Block of the day quilt calendars. It is fun to see what the whole quilt looks like and then each day the individual blocks are displayed with simple instructions. It is something I look forward to seeing each day. I would love the calendar you are offering for my sewing room. Thanks for all of your tips and advice too. K-

  2. My calendar for last year was a FTD floral one but to hang it on the frig, we fold it over so we can’t see the flowers anyway! LOL

  3. My calendar for this year was a free calendar by Betty Crocker. It had lots of quick and easy recipes to fix , so I had more free sewing time.

  4. My last calendar is one my children had printed with all of our grandchildren featured…much as I love it, I sure would like to win Edyta Sitar’s new one! P.S. LOVE your blog!! Love reading about NE Iowa cuz I’m in NW Iowa!

  5. We had a Natural Grocers calendar with organic recipes each month and coupons to clip.
    I would love to have Edyta Sitar’s calendar. I think she makes such beautiful quilts.

  6. The one I used the most was a small wallet calendar with the tipping schedule on the back from my optician. I love it, but would love that beautiful one! Thanks in advance in case I get picked.

  7. I got my current calendar in last year’s Yankee Swap at our office. It has lovely photos of Paris, a place I’ve never been and dream of going to. If I won the Edyta Sitar calendar, I can dream of making some of her amazing quilts. Plus, I already have the companion book.

    Love your blog Jo! I’m a devoted follower.

    Pugs and kisses,
    Nancy from PugMom Quilts!

  8. My calendar is a Norman Rockwell one – free from the drug store. I didn’t know that Edyta Sitar had laser cut fabric pieces! Great idea! I think I may be looking into that book AND the fabric pieces! Having a calendar with the pretty pictures on it would inspire me to finish the project.

  9. My daughter took my first granddaughter to get her one year old birthday pictures. She had a calendar made of her daughter in a VT cheerleading out fit for her dad. Each month has a special pose too cute. We will be keeping it forever!!

  10. My calendar is one that features a different Poodle every month. I love Edyta Sitar and it would be great to win a calendar with her beautiful designs. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. For 2012 I reused my 2002 “Classic Quilts” calendar because they are the same day dates. I save my special calendars and use the 100 year Perpetual calendar to find matches. I don’t have any matches for 2014 and would love to win one. thanks

  12. My husband is a hunter, so we have a “Big Bucks” calendar. I think that it’s only fair that I have a turn and get to hang a beautiful quilt calendar for 2014!

  13. Oh yes, Jo, like you, my calendar last year was a freebie from the bank. No pictures. Just large numbers on a white background. Never did get around to finding something nice. Thanks for this giveaway.

  14. I, like you, used a freebie from a local retailer. I guess I have never seen one that “jumped” at me so, until now I was happy with a freebie. Thank you so much for showing Edyta’s calendar, as now I know if I don’t win one I will be on the lookout for hers. Love her designs and cannot wait to get to the quilt shop to review the book.

  15. Phyllis Limiero

    Sorry to say mine was a $1 calendar from a discount store. Well used this year but not the prettiest pictures. Thanks for the chance to win. If not, I’ll will be in search of a really pretty one this year. Have a wonderful day.

  16. My calendar is one with pictures of white German Shepherds on each page. It is a fund raiser for a dog rescue organization . I have two white shepherds and love them,

  17. I’d love to have a quilty calendar. Last years was yellow lab puppies, but since we had to put down favorite girl, we need to move on to something different.

  18. Edyta is my favorite designer – Love her, love making her quilts. I have many of her patterns on my “to do” list – and four of her books for patterns and inspiration.

  19. I splurged last year and got a Mary Englebreit desk calendar which I have thoroughly enjoyed and really hate to see it end. Thanks for showing these and for the opportunity to win!

  20. I was just saying to DH yesterday that we need a 2014 calendar for the fridge. Love Edyta’s work and she’s such a delightful speaker. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Thanks.

  21. We have a Luana Savings Bank calendar hanging on the wall. Every year I think I am going to buy a quilt calendar but haven’t done it for years. Would love to win one to brighten up my sewing room!

  22. My last calendar was a custom one of my neice and her friends and family throughout the year! loved it. ( She is 5 ). Would love a quilt calendar.

  23. My last calendar was a custom one of my neice and her friends and family throughout the year! loved it. ( She is 5 ). Would love a quilt calendar.

  24. My last calendar was a custom one of my neice and her friends and family throughout the year! loved it. ( She is 5 ). Would love a quilt calendar.

  25. My calendar this year is a freebie from Oregon Coast magazine….all pics of the Oregon Coast. Love it! Would also love Edyta Sitar’s calendar. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  26. Mine was of the Decorah Eagles that I watch on the cam. Love them…Thank you for the chance to win a quilty one.

  27. Sadly, no calendar last year in the sewing room. Year before had an Edyta Sitar one and loved it. Her quilts and fabrics are sew pretty! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  28. We have 2 calendars and both were freebies. The one in the kitchen is a Scenic calendar and then I have 1 in my sewing room from the Wildlife federation.

  29. i love Edyta’s quilts! My calendar is lighthouses. i wanted the pictures because I’m planning a quilt with lighthouses. Eventually, lol.

  30. Lynne in Hawaii

    By my computer I have Hawaiian sunsets (this month Lanikai Beach on Oahu). In the sewing room I have Hawaiian quilts calendar. Thanks for the enjoyment you provide every day on your blog.

  31. Would love to win this calendar, but I think you should keep it for yourself! :) I have an APQS calendar, and the year before that, I had an Edyta Sitar calendar. They’re usually half price after Christmas if you can wait that long.

  32. Mine was old fashioned seed catalogs. I’m saving it because some of the pictures would make great applique patterns.

  33. My 2013 calendar is floral arrangements. I have a freebie one for 2014 from our insurance agent, but would love to hang one with beautiful quilts.

  34. My 2013 calendar contains some awesome helicopter photos – it’s the medivac helicopter calendar (minus any patient photos) Sound lame, but true. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  35. I love Edyta Sitar, like everyone, hehe. I have just a plain white and black desk calendar. Your giveaway calendar would certainly pretty up my wall.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  36. I have a purse sized calendar that my hairdresser gives me with their logo on the front – no pictures. I’d love to win a calendar with pretty quilts gracing the pages. Thanks.

  37. We end up with a calendar with old Tractors and one with old barns on them. I did have a quilting one last year that was awesome for my sewing area. I like them for writing down when I start a quilt, and when it is finished. Quilters should have quilt calendars!! Tractors and Barns are for the man cave or the garage!! LOL

  38. I have a quilting calendar with a new quilt each month and the patterns were included. I had an Edyta Sytar calender the previous year. This year I’m unemployed because of health problems, so we’ll probably make do with the free city one. I SEW hope I win this one!

  39. I put the book on my wish list for my family. Hope someone gifts me with one. Had no idea the calendar was available, but would love to have one. The artwork is beautiful!

  40. Charlene McCullough

    My 2013 calendar is a Mary Engelbreit daily calendar. I love the pictures and the quotes. The pictures are for the most part, great inspiration for applique and pieced quilts.

    My 2013 calendar is a Mary Engelbreit The Best Things in Life . I love the pictures and quotes. The calendar is great inspiration for applique and pieced quilts. I’ve also had cross stitch daily calendars. I’d love to win a quilting calendar. Thank you for the chance.

  41. My calendar for 2013 was one my husband brought home from work that featured some electronic component each month. Not really my idea of a great calendar but he liked it and I guess he should have his choice every once in a while. I have had quilting calendars in the past and love using them.

  42. My current calendar is called The Art of Success and has beautiful landscape photographs and motivational quotes. It’s quite lovely but I’d enjoy a quilt-themed one next year…

  43. My calendar was Edyta Sitar’s 2013 Laundry Basket Quilts, so I would certainly love to win the 2014 one.

    Thanks for the chance.

  44. I didn’t even have a calendar last year. No room for one. This year is different. I have a whole new room for sewing, so a new calendar would be great. Thanks

  45. I had one that I bought from one of the dollar stores that had lighthouses on it. Sadly, it was the closest I came all year to a beach. Lol! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  46. In my quilting room, I have the American Patchwork and Quilting one. In the kitchen, we have the school one and in the dining room, we have a freebie from the Avon lady. I would LOVE a new quilt one! Snowing here, late start called tonight, hoping for call-off in a.m.

  47. Our 2013 calendar has photos of Yellowstone National Park because we visited there in 2012. I also have a quilt calendar in my room. I would love to win the Edyta Sitar calendar.

  48. Mine is a family calendar. Which ever family member has a birthday in that month has a few pictures of them. If there is no birthday that month, it has grandkids pictures. My DIL made it for me last Christmas.

  49. Mine is a family calendar. Which ever family member has a birthday in that month has a few pictures of them. If there is no birthday that month, it has grandkids pictures. My DIL made it for me last Christmas.
    I love Edyta Sitars work.

  50. Valerie Boudier

    My calendar has no pictures – just loads of space to write what I’m doing in, I use it as a diary. Would love this one for my sewing room

  51. Last year I used an electronic calendar, but oh how I miss the paper versions. I love flipping to a new month, writing in what’s upcoming, then re-visiting those calendars at later times and remembering the events. Much more pleasing than electronics.

  52. Either calendar would make a wonderful gift.. I have to drop a hint or two to my family…My last year calendar was like yours, a freebie from a parts vendor at work.

    Thanks for a chance. And happy holidays to you and yours.

  53. I’m almost ashamed to admit how many calendars I have — not all used. A couple of them are quilt oriented (Edyta’s and AQS) — for inspiration, one small one for my purse and I have two that are family photos created by our niece and son-in-law — fun to see how the youngest family members change from year to year — it’s like a family history. Of course, I would love to win Edyta’s 2014 calendar — her quilts are lovely.

  54. My favorite calenders are the ones my kids give me with pictures of my grandchildren. But the one I’m not afraid to use comes from Farmer’s Co-op Supply. Thanks for the chance to win one so beautifully done.

  55. My 2013 calendar is the 2003 Times and Seasons calendar from Piecemakers, featuring appliqued farm scenes with a barn, recycled every year with new squares for writing. It’s reached the end of its life. Edyta Sitar’s 2014 calendar is a lovely one that the winner will certainly enjoy. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

  56. My last calendar was one of Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post cover pictures. I’ve always loved his work. I would love to have Edyta’s calendar. She does such beautiful work. I really need a new calendar so this would be a great one. Thanks for sharing.

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  58. My last years calendar was from That Patchwork Place quilt. Now that is off the wall I have to start making atleast one of the quilts from. Hopefully more than one but I get distracted by my pc. It’s like I get obsessed if I use one yard of fabric I need to replace it by two. But I really need a calendar to replace the old one.

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