“Try it on Tuesday”-200 Blocks from Quiltmaker Magazine

If you are a reader of any quilt designer’s blogs, you are sure to have heard hype over the new Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Magazine.  I know I am a fan of the magazine and end up purchasing one each time the magazine comes out.  If you have missed some of the past magazines and want to get 200 of the blocks all in one magazine, your chance is here.

That Patchwork Place a division of Martingale and Company sent me their new book 200 Blocks from Quiltmaker Magazine to review.

They brought together their favorite blocks and put them all in one book.  The book comes with a CD that has all the printable patterns.

I spent the night looking through the book.  Each block has the designers name and website.  I’ve been busy checking out some new to me websites…it’s been lots of fun.   There is a great mix of applique, pieced, paper pieced, and blocks that have more than one technique.  There is also a great mix of blocks from different styles too.  Some are modern…some civil war and some novelty type designs, even some embroidery.

I the last chapter of the book they have a section called “Playing with Blocks”.  Here they take several of the blocks and put them together in a quilt layout.  It’s fun to see how the block come together to make neat designs.  That’s one of my favorite parts of quilting is bring blocks together to create designs.

One of my favorite blocks in the book is Birthday Girl…it’s Bonnie Hunter‘s block.  All of the featured blocks formatted to have a half page layout just like this one.

There are other great blocks in there too…199 more in fact!!

Want a chance to win the book….just leave a comment here telling which type of block is your favorite…pieced, applique, embroidered, paper pieced or a mix.

Before you go,

Stop back later and I’ll tell you who won last week’s Ecolux Light.

137 thoughts on ““Try it on Tuesday”-200 Blocks from Quiltmaker Magazine”

  1. I just started sewing so I haven’t really gotten into quilting very much except memory quilts. But mostly I like to keep things random. I just like the way it turns out

  2. I would say mixed….. but put applique at the bottom, but I am practicing maybe one day it will move up

  3. I’m definitely a scrappy patcher. I’ve sewn 100% woven cotton shirts for my guys for years so I have tons of scraps. They make gorgeous quilts, full of memories. I would dearly love to own this book!

  4. I love both pieced and applique blocks, preferably using scrappy fabrics from my stash.
    This book looks great, thanks for the give away.

  5. I like pieced blocks, and fusible applique. I want to try paper pieced. Thanks again for the review.

  6. I like pieced blocks and paper piecing the best. I also love appliqué but I don’t do very much of it; it consumes more time than I seem to have for stitching. Love your blog- you write as though we are sitting next to each other talking.

  7. Lynne in Hawaii

    Jo, applique and piecing are my favorite methods for quilts. I prefer machine applique just because I like to get things done faster. I have done hand applique. My most recent quilting was bindings for a friend and hand quilting a Hawaiian (stunt quilting) pillow top for another friend who just couldn’t get to it. Finished the pillow top a few days ago. In between we have had visitors. When we have guests, I have to dismantle the sewing room and put a queen inflatable bed in the room. My poor machine has been in the closet for 2 weeks! Four day reprieve before the next guests come for 10 days. In withdrawal here.

  8. I Love to piece blocks but am in low with paper piecing! I have four different paper piecing quilts going on now and a few of Bonnie’s quilts that I need to finish and have quilted! So ofcourse I need this book to start even more!

  9. I like pieced and paper pieced blocks. I don’t mind applique though. Right now though, I’d be happy to do anything as long as it meant I could get some sewing time!

  10. The only kind of block I’ve ever made was pieced…so I really need to branch out huh? Thanks for the chance!

  11. I love pieced block and this book is on my wish list. I am willing to try other techniques and hope to use this book to do it. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  12. Pieced blocks are my fav. Especially scrappy. Bonnie’s “birthday” block would definitely a fav to me.
    Enjoying your blog daily. Keep it up.
    Barb in Alabama

  13. debbie siltala

    pieced blocks are my favorite although I have done paperpieced (2nd fav) and I have started doing some applique. And I am starting to lean towards scrappy…I love the depth and motion you can end up with in a quilt. thanks for the chance

  14. I love all kinds of quilts, but I have to say my favorite would be one with a mix of techniques and textures. It just kind of sings. Looks like a beautiful book. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love piecing. There’s something about cutting up the fabric and sewing it back together into a different form, that I enjoy. Although every so often I just can’t cut certain fabric, I hoard or cherish it. I wish my appliqué skills were better. Thanks Jo, give Gracie a pet, not a lot of Gracie photo’s lately. ;-> Toni Anne

  16. I’ve worked with pieced most of my quilting life and am now getting into applique and hand embroidery with quilts. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  17. I like a mix – especially scrappy. I’m appliqueing down Dresden plates to background fabric and had a thought of doing something else appliqued, But that was just a fleeting thought!

  18. I love all blocks and I enjoy making pieced, paper-pieced, and appliqued blocks. Scrappy pieced blocks are my favorite though. ~Jeanne

  19. I love doing all blocks. But love to machine piece, but seem to be doing alot of applique lately. When I need extreme accuracy I love paper piecing. So I guess I would be a mixture, just like my stash:)

  20. I’ve only made pieced blocks but know I should be learning others. I finally found Vol. 5 of 100 blocks yesterday after looking for it for over a month. To have an opportunity to win 200 blocks would be terrific. Thanks. Jan

  21. publishers seem to be doing this a lot recently, turning books into magazines, or turning magazines into books. I wonder how they can get away with publishing them so close to each other, maybe because we all have so many of each, we forget what we have :) I’m still looking in stores for the newest 100 blocks magazine. It is supposed to be out, but I still can’t find it anywhere :( I love pieced blocks but haven’t tried any other type. I just got a paper pieced pattern in the mail and said, ew, yuck, I can’t do that! but, then I’ve never tried paper pieced before. maybe I should try it first :)

  22. I love doing piecing, but started learning how to do paper pieceing a couple weeks and love that as well. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  23. I do mostly piecing and I don’t mind applique with my embroidery machine. I can’t get the paper piecing technic down. I always seem to have my pieces to small or going the wrong way. I will learn how to do it some day. Thanks. Love your blog.

  24. As a Bonnie Hunter fan, I am mostly into pieced blocks. However, I do like to paper piece, I like to embroider, I just don’t have as much time as I would like. . . to do it all!!! I would love a copy of the book. . .the 100 block magazines are one of my newer addictions in this quilting passion!

  25. I haven’t been trying anything new lately…just the same old comforting same old! I love scrappy piecing the most, but also enjoy paper piecing and hand stitching.

  26. I obviously need to branch out! I pretty much stick to pieced, but I’d love to try something new! :-) Maybe this is just the kick in the shorts that I need . . . :-)

  27. Pieced blocks are my thing. I have seemed to have lots of quilts for little ones and I combine pieced blocks with machine embroidery. I have a BOM for an applique quilt but am waiting to get my courage to cut the first piece.

  28. Thanks to you Jo the first thing I go for is scrappy quilts- I am still working on my crumb quilt. I also like paper piecing. I would like at some point to try applique.
    Thanks for the link-up and the giveaway!

  29. Have to say I have been doing more piecing than anything else lately (Orca Bay) but just picked up a UFO and am appliquing asters pieced out of feed sacks (they are like mini-dresden plates and less than 6″).

  30. Not much into embroidery, but beyond that anything goes. Not that I wouldn’t do a little bit… Does the book tell which Volume the block was originally published in? I have yet to pick up Quiltmaker’s Volume 5; it’s not far from my thoughts when I’m driving by a Joann’s. I did try a new recipe yesterday that was really good. It was Red Lettuce Wraps with Papaya, Avocado, Rice, Red Beans, and Chicken. The spices were Chili Powder, Garlic, Onion, and Cilantro. It sure was good…a bit messy…but worth it! Sandi

  31. I seem to be in the need to finish borders on several projects. I would love a copy of the book. I never got around to buying the magazines but have liked a lot of the blocks I’ve seen on various blogs. I guess I was having a rare moment of control when those issues were available.

  32. I am between pieced and applique, but I think I like pieced better. The book looks great! Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. I love piecing blocks! Watching a geometric design come together is a real high for me. Paper piecing is is my second favorite method. I make lots of small blocks, and paper piecing allows me to be very accurate.

  34. I LOVE anything Bonnie Hunter! The book looks like it has lots of fun things to try out. Thanks for hosting the crumb along earlier this year……I was very inspired at first and will admit to making over 50 8″ blocks but then got stuck working on other projects and then working(at my “real” job). I will finish it tho, hopefully soon as the garden gets planted, we’re a couple weeks behind you(in Northern Minnesota) and I haven’t had any fresh lettuce yet.

  35. All my quilts that I’ve made so far have been pieced, except for my last one. I wanted to have something to do while watching TV, so I tried applique, and I really enjoyed it and I loved how it turned out when it was finished.

  36. Oh, this book looks great. I have subscribed to their magazine since about 2004 I think. I love everything they do. My favorite is pieced blocks but I have recently taken a class in Paper Piecing and I really enjoy that too.

  37. I have always enjoyed pieced but I have just started a GFG using paper piecing so paper piecing is becoming a favorite. I like to tryout new blocks. Thanks for the opportunity to win this magazine!

  38. I like to add a little embroidery or applique to my quilts. Since I don’t usually make up my own quilt block pattern, the added embroidery or applique makes it “mine”.

  39. Oh I am so addicted to that magazine. I just picked up the latest issue last week. I have all but the very first one. There is so much to love. It makes me want to break out of my comfort zone and try new things. Most of the time I am a pieced quilter. Thanks for the opportunity to win as well as just showing the book, I now have it marked on my online wish list.

  40. I like pieced blocks though recently finished my first quilt with embroidery and piecing and wish to try another one. Thanks for the chance to win this book as enjoy mixing up blocks to make a design.

  41. I am fairly new to quilting so don’t have a favorite block but I love making quilts and trying new patterns all the time. I have made some really cool blocks in the last year. I am in a block of the month swap and thatnis lots of fun because I get to make blocks I might not have tried otherwise. I also take a block of the month class at my local quilt shop.

  42. lorene holbrook

    right now i am working on baby stuff!!! lots of baby stuff. we have #19 and #20 grandchild coming next week. so i have been making quilts, car covers, burp cloths, recieving blankets and buying cute little outfits for a boy and a girl!!! it’s so much fun being a grandma!

  43. Rhonda Desgranges

    My most favorite type of block is a “mix”. I love applique and embroidery together. I also
    love to do paper piecing. I have never had the chance to get one of the 100 block books,
    and I would love to have this one! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Good luck to all!!

  44. It would have to be paper piecing for me, but applique is a close 2nd. Thanks for the chance to win this great book.

  45. Unfortunately, I don’t have any linky thing to show (though I am brewing my own kombucha now). I love pieced blocks the best & adore collection books; they are a salvation for trades & group quilts!
    I would love to add this to my bookshelf! Thanks for the chance!

  46. I like to piece blocks but I have joined the block of the month Merry Merry Snowmen which is appliqued and now I am 4 blocks behind.Thanks for a chance to win

  47. I love pieced blocks. Applique still intimidates me. Probably should just dive in and give it a shot. After all, what could be so bad?!?! It’s only fabric and thread.

  48. I’m doing a queen size batik stack and slash right now, but my last quilt was crib size and foundation pieced. I also have started paper piecing hexagons, about 250 basted so far, many more to go!
    Thanks for the chance to win this book. I know about the books but have never seen one.

  49. Love your blog – I read it often! I just started a BOM with the 100 block quilt magazine – which is my first experience with it. I’d lvoe to have a copy of this one – as so many neat choices in one location :) I prefer pieced – but also enjoy paper piecing….applique will do – but not necessariy my favorite…..
    Thanks fro the chance to win!

  50. I like pieced blocks the best. I’ve done a little Paper piecing which was okay and I would like to try applique next. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  51. I think pieced blocks are my favorite to look at but appliqué are my favorite to make. I find hand appliqué very relaxing. I’d love to win the book.

  52. My favorite would be the embroidered blocks. I find the hand sewing to be relaxing and like to do it while watching TV. I have never done any paper piecing but want to try it someday. I would love to win this book with all the different versions of making blocks.

  53. So far I enjoy the pieced blocks but am dreaming of the embroidered blocks that I want to get at! awolk at rogers dot com

  54. I do mostly pieced blocks but I have been learning applique and have down some paper piecing. I enjoy learning different methods.

  55. My favorite is pieced blocks now. Many years ago I did several appliqued and embroidered quilts, but I have not made any in several years.

  56. My favorite is pieced, and secondly is paper pieced. I like the precision, but the pulling of the paper is a bother. I am not an applique fan. Thanks for a chance to win, I love the block series.

  57. I like doing all types, although I haven’t done any embroidery in a long time. 200 Blocks looks like a great book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  58. I have only made pieced blocks so far, but applique is next on the list to try. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the 200 blocks–those issues came out before I started quilting, so I don’t have them yet. I’ll have to put this book on my list for my birthday next month!

  59. Jo Anne Schnebly

    Who wouldn’t want to win a magazine full of block pattern ideas. Especially one that’s opened to a quilt block by Bonnie Hunter. That pattern can join the other Bonnie quilts that are still works in progress – vbg.

  60. I like to make pieced blocks, but paper piecing comes in a close 2nd. Your Bargello quilt is wonderful. So colorful and simple. Thanks for a chance to win the book.

  61. A hard choice. I love, love, love handwork, but lately, when I sit down at my machine to piece blocks, it feels like all’s well with the world. So today, i’d say my favorite is machine piecing. Thanks so much for a chance to win! B

  62. I love piecing – the more fabrics the better. I also do some applique. I like embroidered blocks but I don”t like to do it – even though I love other kinds of hand work – EPP, hand piecing, stitching down bindings, etc. I have done quite a bit of paper piecing, but it is not my favorite.
    Thanks for the chance to win this nice book.

  63. I love piecing, and this book might be just what I need to get me moving on something new and fun. Thanks for the opportunity.

  64. I love piecing, but I’m always up for something new. I did do a block with some applique in it recently, and WOW did that take a long time!!! I do need to learn how to do paper piecing, but I’m afraid of it. lol

  65. Veronica Kersting

    Love to do pieced and paper pieced blocks. Thanks for the chance to win. Also, love your blog.

  66. I love to piece. Thanks to Bonnie Hunter, lots of pieces don’t intimidate me anymore. I love sewing all those little units and seeing it all come together.

  67. I mostly do pieced blocks but have been interested in applique. I used to do a lot of embroidery and have many more projects that need to be done, so many projects and so little time, but I keep adding to the list.LOL!!!
    Love your plaid bargello, it will make a great guy quilt.

  68. By far, my favorite type of block is pieced. I have a bargello in the works.

    Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  69. My favourite type of block is pieced. I have all but the first one of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. Thanks for the giveaway. I love your plaid bargello. I’m sure the recipient will treasure it.

  70. my favorite blocks are applique because they just seem to have extra love in them. Thanks for a chance to win the Quiltmakers 200 blocks books. I do not have any of the books but would love to someday.


    I LOVE scrappy! Your friend Bonnie’s quilts are among my favorites. I just finished her Orca Bay Mystery Quilt! Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  72. Pieced Blocks
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this great resource book. I like the 100 Blocks that I’ve seen so would enjoy making these earlier blocks.

  73. Pingback: A Two Bobbin Mistake

  74. Oh you poor thing! I’ve done that several times. :(

    Looks like a very nice set of blocks. Myself, I like either pieced or paper piecing. I enjoy them both.

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