Try it on Tuesday: 15 Minutes of Play

Have you read the latest Quiltmaker magazine??

The second I saw the cover of the magazine I recognized the quilt…. it is the same quilt on the cover of a book C&T Publishing recently sent me a copy of, 15 minutes of Play — Improvisational Quilts: Made-Fabric Piecing Traditional Blocks Scrap Challenges, by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

Isn’t the quilt scrappily wonderful…scraptastic…scrapolishous???    I love it no matter how you want to describe it.

If you like the quilt, I think you’ll love Victoria’s book.  After transferring the ebook over to my Kindle, I have been reading my copy for the last few nights before bed.  The book has me itching to dive into crumb scraps and sew!!  Victoria gives lots of great tips and includes samples of each concept that she explains.

Victoria wants us all to commit to 15 minutes of play time to create.  After having a few 15 minute sessions, amazing things will start to take place.  She encourage readers to ask what if…and to test those theories.

All of the quilts in the book are not hers.  Many have been done by friends and people she has taught.  Some are a little more “artistic” than I would make…some I would love to dive in and make.

Through the book, Victoria offers 11 challenges to get you ready to create.  Each of the challenges such as #4 “Focus on warm and cool colors”, comes with explanations, inspirations and quilts to see as examples.

If you have dabbled in scrappy quilting or ever wanted to give it a try, I highly recommend this book!  It’s fun and a great read.  If you are wanting inspiration to use up every little crumb, you’ll soon see how they can all work together to create some fun projects.

I love that it’s on my Kindle and I can take it with me from the sewing machine to the cutting table.  This book, I am giving two great big thumbs up!!

5 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: 15 Minutes of Play”

  1. I also have been reading the book and have been enjoying. When I get back home in March I intend to try some of her ideas out.

  2. As soon as I saw this pattern, I dug out my crumb blocks from Crumb-Along. I hadn’t figured out how to put them all together. Now I’m making the star blocks with the crumb blocks as the centre .

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