Try in on Tuesday: String Quilt Revival

Today, Krause Publishing  is providing our “Try it on Tuesday” selection with the book, String Quilt Revival: A Fresh Approach for 13 Classic Designs
by Virginia Baker and Barbara Sanders.

I am really big fan of string quilts.  I love them because they are scrappy,  fun and so relaxing to sew as typically any fabrics can go into the quilt.

The cover quilt is one I would really like to make.  I love the black in it.


There are 13 different projects in the book.  This lemon yellow quilt sure is fun.  A year ago Kelli was looking for a quilt pattern that used black and white fabrics.  This would have been perfect.


The authors of this book recommend a no show mesh stabilizer to use for the foundation when piecing.  I have never tried that.

I have always wanted to make a spider web quilt and this has me very tempted.


I was very surprised and impressed with the amount of designs that can be made by just string piecing.  I was very impressed with the great pictorial instructions.


The authors of the book, who are sisters, were inspired to write the book after they made a reproduction quilt of their grandmother’s Spider Ring quilt.  I love that quilting can be passed from generation to generation.  The front of the book shows their grandmother’s quilt.

Would you like to win this copy??  It’s a very nice book and perfect for anyone wanting to scale down the amount of scraps they have.  If you would like a chance to win leave a comment telling if you have a relative who inspired you to try quilting.  I do, but that’s a story for another day.

153 thoughts on “Try in on Tuesday: String Quilt Revival”

  1. Thanks for the chance. I am using selvedges to string piece currently. There’s no one in my family who quilts. My mom started after I got hooked.

  2. My grandma most definitely inspired me. She used to tell me stories of her quilting with her mother around the quilting frame and how the stitches had to be just so so before they were accepted. My most treasured possession is a quilt block I found in her things with her name embroidered on it. =)

  3. Both my Grandma’s were wonderful seamstresses and quilters. Unfortunately, I didn’t take an interest in quilting until after they passed away.

  4. My great grandma hand made quilts. I never knew her, but I have a few of her quilts and fell in love…. My first quilt to make was a string quilt out of polyester, you can imagine how that turned out. But the passion for string and scrappy quilts is still there, in fact, I am making one now! Oh I want this BOOK!!!
    Sandy G. In Ft.Worth.

  5. Thanks for the opportunity on the draw. My grandma made a few quilts and my mother made two – that’s all it took to get me started. I would love to try this book. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on the draw.

  6. I became interested after an aunt took some classes. It was several years later than I took my first class. When my aunt passed away, I never found out what happened to her quilting fabrics, tools, notions, etc. I never saw my mother quilting when I was growing up but I have her quilt frame now (the old timey kind that used to be lowered from the ceiling lol). I set it up to layer my quilt sandwich using several chairs (I have hardwood floors and my fabric slides around too much).


  7. I would love to make a string quilt. Before my dad passed, he told me grandma made string quilts all the time. Unfortunately all her quilts burned up in a house fire before i was born and she passed when i was a baby.

  8. Oh gosh, I would love to have this book. I’ve actually had this on my wish list for over a year now since I first saw it. Thank you very much for the chance to possibly own it.

    To answer your question; I only knew of one in my family that did quilting and that was my Grandmother who did not live close to us. I honestly can’t say she was influential in me learning to quilt. I actually just decided a little more than 2 1/2 yrs ago to try quilting on my own.

  9. Nobody in my family sews, but I discovered sewing in home ec class (back in the days when high schools taught home ec) and that led to quilting. Thanks for the chance to win – I’ve never tried a string quilt and would love to.

  10. As far as I know I’m the first quilter in my family so there are no old family quilts. However my Mom did inspire me to sew as she sewed all our clothes as kids as well as most of her own. So hopefully I will inspire one of my daughters to quilt and begin a new family tradition myself.

  11. My maternal grandmother, and my paternal grandma ‘s sisters. I couldn’t be more happy to carry the tradition on.

  12. My great-Grandmother made a doll quilt for me when I was little, I still have it. There are no other quilters in my family but I am addicted big time. this book looks so fun, hope I win.

  13. Thank you for the chance to win this delightful book. My granny taught me to quilt by hand when I was only 6 yrs. old. I would spend most weekends, holidays and summers with her on the farm and I learned very quickly never say “I am bored” around her! LOL There was always work to do!!! But I learned many important life things from her while working with her and cherish the memories. I am getting close to 50 now, and she passed away a number of years ago. I still miss her, she was a great friend, mentor, and inspiration!
    I have watched all of your videos on the accuquilt machine and was blessed with a father who bought me one for my birthday just a few days ago!!! Thank you for all your ideas, tips, and time spent in sharing with the rest of us!!! God bless you and your family!!!

  14. I wish I had someone, but didn’t. I became self taught. Love string quilts, so would love to have the book!

  15. Have become a string fan after joining in on Bonnie Hunter’s RRCB mystery. Have several marked to make out of String Fling. My mom is a quilter, and her mom was an embroiderer. I can remember my aunt freaking out about the callous on her middle finger and then the one on mine from cross stitch and quilt bindings. My grandma just smiled at me and said, “I also thought of it as a badge of honor.” I don’t cross-stitch much any more, but the callous is still there.

  16. Glenda in Florida

    No one in my family encouraged me to quilt, but my mom taught me to sew,and always encouraged me in that hobby. I’ve got way too many scraps, and this book would be put to good use in my sewing room–and at my little guild’s workshops, where I would dump all my scraps, and put the members to work making quilts for Habitat for Humanity new homeowners!

  17. My mother was a quilter and overall needlecraft expert. I learned many crafts from her, as well as her work ethic and the inability to just watch television without some handwork of some kind.

  18. One of my Grandmas did some sewing, but I learned how to sew in Home Ec class, but the person who inspired me to quilt was a neighbor lady. Her son and my hubby were best friends as kids and everytime we went over for a visit she had a quilt in the frame she was hand quilting and quilts on every bed and there were different ones everytime we went over. Would love to win the book and thanks for the chance.

  19. Not a relative, but a friend who would make quilts using scraps from a sheet factory (specifically the squares cut out of the corners of flat sheets to turn them into fitted sheets!). I will be forever grateful!

  20. I have always loved quilting. I have a quilt that my Great Grandmother made long before I was born. I don’t know what made me fall in love with quilts, but I tore pictures of them out of magazines when I was young, thinking I would make one someday. I have and I love it!

  21. I don’t remember a relative who quilted. It’s just something that appealed to me, and after I visited a childhood friend who quilted, I was determined to learn. And a friend got me started.

  22. I was not inspired to become a quilter by any relative because I did not think that anyone in our family quilted. After I became a quilter I was delighted to discover that my great aunt had made quilts. After she died, my mom received one of her quilt tops which eventually made its way to me.

  23. Thanks for the chance to win! I decided to start quilting because I thought it would be fun. I dont really know any quilters in person. I only know them online.

  24. My mum encouraged me to knit and embroider, but I am the first that I know of that has quilted. All the help and tips I’ve had, have been from the wonderful, generous people I’ve got to know through their blogs. I’m so grateful for their encouragement and help

  25. Love your blog and thanks for the chance to win Ann awesome book. I have a small quilt that my grandmother made. It is just squares and tied not quilted. My mom and I started a quilt together but only cut out pieces. I later found then and was not surprised that we never finished it. It was a hexagon but NONE of the side were the same or at the correct angle. Fixed it and I am now working on it as very long UFO.

  26. I love String Quilts and have made only one. My mother, grandmother on both sides quilted. One grandmother was a member on the Lady’s Aid at church. They meet once a week and hand quilted on frame that hung from ceiling. I loved to go with her.
    My mother had a quilting machine that the frame hung from ceiling and she moved it under the machine (i still have it).
    Would love to win this book

  27. I was inspired by a dear friend named Wilma. I always called her Mama Wilma. She taught me so much about sewing in the six years I had with her. Sadly she passed away last year after a 25 year battle with cancer. I still find myself picking up the phone to call her with a quilting question.

  28. Thanks again for hosting fun giveaways! My mom taught me to sew, and she has made some beautiful quilts. Two of my three grandmothers did lots of sewing as well. When I was a baby, my mom had a best friend who she taught to sew, and years later, that friend went on to start a patchwork quilt business, which was pretty inspiring to me, too.

  29. I come from a long line of quilters. And am blessed with a few quilts of my great grandmothers and many of my grandmothers. My most prized is one with fabric from my mothers maternity tops. My mother went on to be a fabulous teacher/quilter. I have also been blessed to still have her here and still quilting at 80. My life has been surrounded with these wonderful women and so enriched with needle and thread. Scrap quilts abound in my sewing rooms and would love new inspiration!

  30. It would be my grandmother—-she quilted all those years when it wasn’t really popular—I grew up sleeping under quilts—she made scrap quilts out of everything that people gifted to her—we were so proud when she was featured in a country magazine…..I only wish I could have taken her to a modern quilt store and let her get anything she wanted.. …I would love to win this book…

  31. I don’t have any family that quilts – I was gifted with a box full of supplies by several ladies at my church, because they decided they just weren’t interested in quilting. I’m still figuring out what I’m doing, but boy, am I having fun.

  32. I LOVE string quilts. This book looks like it has some great ideas. I would love to win this book. I enjoy your blog very much.

  33. I have only made 1 string quilt (I have been quilting for about 16 years). Unfortunately, I don’t have any relatives that quilt. But I was inspired to quilt by my boss’s wife, Pat Hamilton, 16 years ago. She taught to me to quilt and I have been at it ever since. :)

  34. I have many scraps so thanks for the opportunity to win. I sewed clothing for myself and children for many years and then decided to try quilting. I was hooked and have been quilting ever since.

  35. Nobody in my family quilts. I started quilting as a by-product. I started making PJs for my daughter about 10 years ago, some friends liked them and that started a tradition where I started gifting my friend,s kids PJs for Christmas. I have being doing that for about 8-9 years now, went from PJs for 3 kids to 13 kids. Needless to say, I have a ton of scraps. I started looking at quilting books in the library and self taught myself to make quilts, have made 2 complete quilts and 3 tops now….. So a book which teaches me more would allows be welcome.

  36. I love string quilts. My grandmother did sewing for people and made many string quilts with the left overs – lots of double knit. I remember spending time with my cousins, looking for fabric from our own dresses.

  37. I really want to make a spiderweb quilt…would love to have the book. My grandmother,great grand and great aunts quilted. They never got to teach me, but I think the would be very proud of what I do..

  38. I don’t know of anyone in my family that made quilts. I have always been interested in learning and now that I have time to I am finding it to be so much fun.

  39. My mother, who passed away in 2006, inspired me to learn to quilt. AFter my Daddy died in 2001, she was at a loss as to what to do with herself. They were childhood sweethearts and he was the only man she ever even dated :) She spent a lot of time visiting with me after his death, and one day declared that she had always wanted to learn to quilt. I agreed, and the rest is history. She didn’t like it so much.. I fell in love with it.

    And by the way, that cover quilt is a fantastic quilt. I quilted one for a girl just the other day. My only objection is the fact that the book calls for using a foundation “fabric” (I believe they use embroidery machine stabilizer), and it makes for a very heavy quilt with lots of thick seams to quilt through. Great book, though..I would love to win it :)

  40. Great book! I’ve made a couple of string quilts but have given them away. I am the first person in my family to quilt. At one point I thought one of my daughters would start, but alas, it was only a fleeting interest!

  41. Hi Jo. I really like string quilts and gave one to my daughter. I called it “Remember When…”
    and on the label reminded her of many things from her youth and some of the fabrics depicted these. It was fun to do and I’d love to do another one for my granddaughter as she really liked it too. I think I’ll put a furry fabric on the back and tie instead of quilt. There were no quilters in our family until this generation and now there are many of us.

  42. Hi. Thanks for the chance to win that great book. My mother-in-law was a fabulous seamstress and quilt maker. She has been gone for 17 years now and I have finally realized that I too can quilt only will be able to use new fabrics not reclaimed fabric like she used.

  43. Hi Jo. I am really the first in my family to quilt. But if I had to pick someone I would have to say my husband. He strongly encouraged me to take my first quilting class. I’m not sure if he regrets it now as quilting has taken over all my free time. HaHa!

  44. Deborah DeBerry

    I have never made a string quilt before, though I did try to learn how to one. My grandmother, who passed away when I was 6, did a quilt top of the double wedding ring in feedsack fabric-the real thing. Her work is beautiful and no one else in my family, that I know of, has done quilting. Now I struggle along reading and watching videos on the internet, learning all I can about this beautiful craft.

  45. I am saving my scraps diligently to make a string quilt. My Grandmother inspires me to sew and quilt. She was a great sewer.

  46. I was taught to sew by my mother win I was very young around 5yrs old. I loved it my mother never used ready made patterns for anything. If she saw something she or I liked she would draft it out on newspaper and sew it. I had the best unique clothes in school. Sadly she never quilted but she gave me the courage to try it by myself. I taught myself by watching people, reading books and now with the internet I can find answers to any question I have. I LOVE IT. Sadly there is never enough time in the day to sew/quilt to satisfy me.

  47. No one in my family quilts, so I am learning on my own to people like you, and your blog, Bonnie Hunter, Craftsy and courses. I am about to embark on a new quilt, wish me luck, it will be for my boat, actually two twins, with a nautical theme

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