Truffles from Hubby

I had a meeting the night of Valentine’s Day and while I was gone, Hubby hid truffles all over the house.  It’s the sweetest thing and I totally love it.  He hides them all over…the flour container, on the computer mouse, the sugar container, by my vitamin bottle, in my jewelry box, on my alarm clock, in the window, by my phone charger….pretty much everywhere and anywhere that I am each day while I go about my duties.

I was completely and totally SHOCKED…that I didn’t find this one until last night.


It was right by my sewing machine.  UGH….that’s just sad that I haven’t been  sewing for THREE days.  Hopefully I’ll get to a sew tonight….and rumor has it that Kelli will be home for TWO sewing days this weekend.  I better fill some bobbins!

5 thoughts on “Truffles from Hubby”

  1. what a great guy! if my hubby ever did anything like that for me i would never know it…our dog ivy would find them before me and all i would think is “who is leaving all these candy wrappers laying around?” lol. good thing gracie couldn’t reach them!

  2. Your hubby is definitely a keeper!
    For all of us who quilt compulsively, three WHOLE days not sewing seems to be a travesty. In truth, we do lots of other very creative activities, too!

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