Trip to the Cross Stitch Shop

I didn’t intend to end up at a cross stitch shop over the weekend.  But I did.  Back in December Kelli, Kayla and I had planned on going to The Stitchery Nook in Osage Iowa.  We even invited my niece Jody as she’s a cross stitcher too but life blew in and changed all of those plans.  Cancer for Jody and Kramer…babies for Kalissa and Kelli.  New cross stitch projects got pushed aside.  That didn’t mean I wasn’t dreaming about new projects….I had a list that I wanted….

All of that took a back burner though.  Then on Saturday morning with the girls here, Kayla suggested we go.  She told me that Kramer was worried about me and Kelli and thought we needed to get out and do something fun.  I was a little hesitant.  I didn’t want to be tempted into spending money.  A trip to the cross stitch shop was sure to tempt me.  Then Kayla reminded me that Ila had just sent me a gift.

Earlier in the week a box came from Ila.  There was an envelope in the box.  In the envelope was a small box….In the box was this…  It made me cry when I opened it.  In the “Do something for you” was some cash.  When Kramer saw it, he said, “You really are using that for something for you.”  He knows me and knows when times get rough I scrimp on myself.  The gift from Ila came at the exact right time and Kelli and Kayla were telling me that going to the cross stitch shop was the perfect “do something for you” opportunity that Ila intended.
A girls day to the cross stitch shop was what happened….THANKS a million Ila.  You are the perfect gift giver.

The Stitchery Nook in Osage is wonderful.  The ladies who work there are SO-SO helpful.  I have called and ordered before and they’ve been so easy to work with.

I’ve been looking online and thinking LOTS about what I wanted if I went to a cross stitch shop.  I had hoped that would help me stay focused on what I REALLY wanted and not be so tempted by everything else.

THREAD was my main focus…

but there were so many tempting things.  See??

They didn’t have some of the things that were on my list.  They had other things that I had on my metal list that I wanted to see in person.  This ABC Patriotic row by Bent Creek was one of those things.  I did end up getting the pattern for it.  I looks like an easy stitch.  I don’t like complicated things if I’m traveling with the projects and much of my stitching as of late is traveling projects.

The company had a few other similar designs that tempted me…the one way up that you can’t see the best is a fall one….

They also love the “Let us be Thankful”.
Kayla grabbed my phone and took some pictures.  She couldn’t figure out why they had cute decorative pins…then I showed her some cute pincushion patterns that are cross stitched.

There are samples everywhere….LOTS and LOTS.

Patterns by Country Cottage Needleworks were a big temptation for Kelli.  Notice she has Georgia in the wrap.  They both like the wrap.

I snapped a picture of this.  I have the pattern at home.  This sample is in a different colorway though.

These months are so cute.

It’s a full service shop with thread, fabrics and charts.  There is also a scrapbooking section in the back.

Kelli gifted me this pattern but I haven’t stitched it yet.

I was re-inspired to stitch more of my Lizzie Kate Inspirational Boxer kits when I saw these.   I bought a few of them when I heard the company was going out of business.

Kelli bought the one below to stitch for a friend.
Here’s one I’ve been tempted to put on my list.

Kalissa- my non crafty daughter- took advantage of the rocking and a little down time with Gannon.
She’s s trooper.  She is not crafty but still puts up with the rest of this.  There was a promised Mexican restaurant stop in for her….and a coffee drink at McDonalds.

We’ve all decided that the shopping typically isn’t our favorite part of any trip together…it’s the car time and the stories that are told along the way.

Before we left that gal from the shop snapped our picture to mark our trip.  It was lots of fun and just what I needed.  Truly what I needed.

Gannon and Georgia did a wonderful job.  No one got fussy….on diaper blow out but that was it and totally manageable.

Stay tuned and see what we end up of stitching….

13 thoughts on “Trip to the Cross Stitch Shop”

  1. Hi Jo!
    What a wonderful ” get out of the house” day for you and your girls. Glad this happened for you. I gave up cross stitch years ago, but some of those pieces really tempt me to pick it up again! Time spent with your kids is just the best!

  2. Lovely story! I am so happy for you that you had such a great time together. All the photos from the store are great! Thanks. ❤️

  3. “Tempting” is the perfect word for The Stitchery Nook. So much to look at, I’m really impressed! I haven’t cross stitched in years but I still have a few charts I love and have been known to add one very occasionally—you know, just in case!

  4. Spending the day with your girls is THE BEST. Even though my girls are in their 40″s (yikes). we still make time for mommy / daughter days . Of course, family is just the most wonderful thing.
    But you needed a day for you!!!! I am so happy you had that time…..

  5. Love the picture with all of you having a fun filled day together and how sweet of Ila to send you the gift, just for you. I’m so glad you share the joys and the sorrows of your life’s journey with all of us and keep it so real. Some days are just rotten and you wish you just stayed in bed but other days are filled with joy and love and those days carry us forward and make us get up and participate.

  6. Bent Creek is one of my FAVORITES!!!! Next time I definitely want to come along!!! We have Villiage Needleworks here in Marion but I LOVE stitch shops anywhere! I am still plugging away on my BIG project.

  7. SusanfromKentucky

    Looks like you ladies had a great time out! Lots of great memories and a bit of YOU time. That is what you’re going to need more of. You have to remember to take care of yourself so that you can help Roger.
    That shop looks very interesting! I haven’t cross-stitched in years, but you’re making me think of starting again.

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