Trimming Up Bonus Triangles

Somewhere, one time, awhile ago, I was reading a blog.  I don’t remember whose blog it was.  It wasn’t a blog that I regularly read but they had a wonderful idea that I filed away.  Sadly I don’t know who to credit and I feel bad about that but I can tell you this…I tried the idea and really liked it!!

I had a big stack of half square triangles.  They were left over from a different project.  They were about 2″ square but I needed them to 1 1/2″ square.


The idea on the blog I read said to draw a diagonal line on a ruler from the measurement  line to the measurement line of the size that you need.  For me, I needed 1 1/2″ so I drew the line from 1 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ with a permanent marker.


Next, put the line of the ruler on the sewing line of the half square triangle.  Then trim.


Take the piece to your ironing board and iron in open.


There you have it.  All trimmed to the right size.  While Kelli chalk painted on Wednesday, I quickly trimmed up a pile of over 250 squares.  It was really quick.

I will definitely be using this method again.

If anyone knows who originally posted this idea PLEASE let me know.  I’d like to credit them…it’s a great technique.

18 thoughts on “Trimming Up Bonus Triangles”

  1. I took a workshop from Bonnie Hunter last month and she taught us that technique. Maybe you saw it on her blog or Quilt Cam. I thought it was a great idea but haven’t tried it yet.

  2. That’s how I trim my HSTs, but I use Eleanor Burns’ Triangle Square Up Ruler. It has the lines already drawn on it for different size triangles, so I don’t have to mark up my other rulers.

  3. Bonnie Hunter’s November 1, 2013 blog post shows how to use an Easy Angle ruler to trim HSTs before pressing open. She linked back to that post just a few days ago.

    With the method you describe, I might use a strip of 1/4″ masking tape on my ruler, instead of drawing a permanent line. And draw some arrows on the tape pointing to the correct edge of the tape to use! I’m definitely going to start using this idea.

  4. Jo…The Tutorial is on Laugh yourself into stitches by Karen Walker. She introduced this method when she wrote the tutorial on the magic 8.

  5. Thanks for reposting this way of trimming those HST’s. I have a pile to do and this looks easier than how I planned on trimming. Thanks for sharing.

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