Trimming, Trimming, Trimming!

Lots and lots of trimming has happened around here.  Working of Bonnie Hunter’s Wonky Wishes will really have you trimming…lots and lots of trimming.


I’ve made four quilts that needed wonky star points in my past….that means I do have lots of experience with trimming.

I thought I’d share a bit about trimming them.
Shown are two star point blocks.  I made them similar colors so you can see the difference in them once they are trimmed.


I start with start points facing me.  I line up the ruler to the right side.   With the first block I am sliding the ruler all the way to the fartherest edge of the points.


I trim.


I turn the block around.  I line it up with the 2 1/2″ line of the left and bottom.  Trim.


That one is done.  With this next one I again started with the star point facing me.  This time I am lining up the ruler at the 2 1/2″ line at the bottom of the the background piece.


I trimmed, rotated the blocks lining up the 2 1/2″ line at the bottom and at the left.  I trimmed the right side.


Here are the two finished blocks that were trimmed.  Look at the center where the point meet.  The one on the left I cut first.  It has longer points.  The one on the right shorter points.  The fun thing with making these wonky star point blocks is that we want some of each.


I’ve taught classes on making these blocks several times.  We have our Thanks to you quilt from our book Country Girl Modern (order it here)…here in brights…


and here in darker fabrics.  (..yes that Ruby as a pup)

You can see in these photos that star points are meant to all be different.  Cutting some of them with the first method and some with the second method, helps achieve that wonky look.

Making these blocks is a favorite of mine.  It’s a wonderful way to use up the smallest scraps of fabrics.

I’m off to assemble blocks.  I have a huge pile trimmed now..I’m not sure how many I have.  I didn’t count.  I’ll just start making blocks and if I need more, I’ll worry about it when I run out.  Not counting and not knowing if I had made is one of those things that drives Kelli completely crazy…but this is my quilt not her’s so I’ll do it my way.  Which are you…a counter knowing you have all the pieces or a fly by the seat your pants like me??


10 thoughts on “Trimming, Trimming, Trimming!”

  1. I’ll jump in and just start sewing. I count after I have a stack made to see how many more I need. If I start with knowing how many I need, it seems more overwhelming. But this method can backfire sometimes. I’ve already ended up with way more blocks than I needed but this way, I have a start on the next quilt.

  2. I just sew and go. I do count once I get really far along, but I usually end up with too many units. If it isn’t excessive, I’ll put them on the back of the quilt to liven it up. If I have too many, I’ll make a doll quilt or table runner, or just add to the orphan block bin.

  3. Trimming does take time but is so worth the extra time and effort–makes for much more accurate blocks and a great finished product

  4. A bit of both. I decide the of project and start cutting and when I think I have enough, I start sewing. Eventually it all evens out in the end!

  5. I try to get close knowing that as I mix and match things I have room to improvise the last few pieces as I feel needs be. Maybe I realize that I need more blue or something, that way I have room to fix that without ending up with a bunch of random pieces which I will put in a “safe place” which means I find them 2 years later.

  6. Love the quilt, I hope you are putting the trimmings into a dog or cat sleeping bag for a rescue group. We have one always hanging on the cutting board and lots of bags have been donated for the animals.

  7. I am usually a one step at a time girl. I like to cut everything and then sew all of that step. However, with Thanks to You, I am just making star points and throwing them in a container. I know I need a gazillion, so I just keep feeding pieces through and will sort it out later. I also go in phases of complex quilts and then need to do a simple, bigger block one. Right now, I am trying to make myself focus on the UFO pile. I have a BAD habit of starting, starting, starting and then not finishing. I am working to focus on the finish. The APQ UFO 2016 challenge has really helped me. I didn’t get January’s UFO totally done, but I did move it to all parts for center blocks sewn, and I will L&E it while I am working on February’s UFO. I am encouraged/inspired by blogs and Instagram posts of others’ progress.

  8. That’s really amazing!
    and here all along i thought that Wonky Stars was a paper pieced block!
    Who knew that it was a totally “winger-dinger, grab a piece and sew” kind of block.

  9. I fly by the seat of my pants and if any are left over there is always another quilt or the back. Ruby just as cute when she was a pup as she is beautiful all grown up.

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