I had my radiation treatment yesterday for the cancer that had moved to my spine. I had every intention of writing a long blog post about it…but, I’m just home now. It’s 7:45 pm and I’m pooped.

I’m okay. Everyone treated me wonderful…but I’m super tired. I don’t know if it was the treatment, the drive, or the stress of it all.

I’ll tell you more about it in an upcoming blog post. For now, I’m headed to bed and hoping to wake up feeling much better.

Here is a proof of life picture. I’m toting the pin they gave me for going through radiation.

I feel like a cheat and undeserving of the pin. So many have gone through the full gamut of radiation and I just did one big dose.

I’m thankful I’m on the other side of this. Let the healing begin!!

27 thoughts on “Treatment”

  1. Hope you can take it easy today and give yourself chance to rest and recuperate. I think probably a combination of all the things have had a massive impact on your feeling so tired. Thanks for letting us know. We’re thinking of you.

  2. Everyone reacts differently to chemo and radiation, so don’t feel like a cheat! The most important thing is to take time for yourself and don’t fret about the blog. I know if there’s not a post when I visit that there will be the next time. Now put your feet up, rest and don’t feel the least but guilty about it. Hugs to you!

    1. A brother in law had radiation for testicular cancer and also drove himself to and from treatments early AMs then went to his office upper level administration with only the ins. dept. The wiser and said he should have let people drive him at least part of the trips and would advise others to have help due to the exhaustion. Only telling this because he stressed about the fatigue. Please take care.

  3. Prayers your treatment makes a difference. Rest and eat healthy!! Take care Jo, you’ve got an army cheering for you!

  4. Please take the time you need to rest and don’t worry about the blog. Praying this treatment will work for you.

  5. Sending you my very best as you heal from your treatment.As others have said, take time for yourself. We aren’t going any going anywhere and understand that you need recovery time. You’re the best Jo!

  6. carolyn sullivan

    Thank God that is all you had to do! There have been massive improvements to treatments over the years. Wear that PIN! PROUDLY

  7. Hoping this does the trick, and you have no more of this business! You generally seem to have so much energy that this must be a big change. Please rest all that you need to.

  8. Take some time off and rest!! So glad you were able to get the radiation treatment today – and you DO deserve the pin!!!!!

  9. Jo glad up you have the treatment behind you. Maybe have your daughter design you a poop shirt, today I’m tired! LOL LOVE YA GIRL,

  10. Thinking of you Jo, and hoping you feel better in the morning. The stress of treatment and then the actual day may have contributed to feeling so tired after it was done. Start with a fresh start in the morning.

  11. Beryl in Owatonna

    So glad that is over. Listen to your body and REST, without guilt.
    I’m sure you have meals prepared, but let the girls help you…you deserve to be waited on. I’ll bet in a couple of the days the grands would love to help you too. They all seem to be so caring.
    Don’t worry about the Blog…we are here.
    Praying for you. HUGS n LOVE

  12. Any time something is changed in our world, the experience can be a stresser. You have had more than your share lately. Give yourself some grace and rest if you are tired. Bless you, Jo!

  13. Wishing you healing prayers and strength for a successful course of treatment and beyond. Listen to your body and rest when you can. Blessings.

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