Treat Yourself!!

Karl has been a good influence on me.  He’s always telling me things like, “Mom, it’s okay to take a drive and get an iced coffee just because you’d like one.”  or “Mom, you need to treat yourself.”  In fact, he tells me “treat yourself” all the time.  In full disclosure, when Karl says “treat yourself” to me, it’s in a big loud southern black lady voice….it sounds so funny coming out of Karl’s mouth.  (he brought that phrase from Texas and I can’t thank the lady who said it to him enough)

Well I’ve been working on treating myself.  Case in point….I went to the Farmers Market last Saturday.  I got my fresh foods that I thought would help my diet go more successfully…and I bought myself a bouquet of flowers.

Oh…they are gorgeous.  Can you believe they were only $10??

Then I did a little shopping.  I got my Halloween candy…and a couple presents…and even started a little Christmas shopping.  I don’t do the best at Christmas but I know myself by now, if I have the shopping mostly done early, I do better.  So I can check THREE presents off the list, and best yet, they were under budget.

The next thing I did for myself was this….I know it looks ugly but this is salad dressing for me.  I finally decided I could make a dressing as I can’t find anything in town that doesn’t have egg yolks and doesn’t have salt.

Here’s what I did…
1 avocado
3 tablespoons Vegetable Oil
1 small onion
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Pepper to taste
garlic salt to taste
red pepper flakes to taste

There you have it…my salad dressing for the week.  Other times I’ve went on the diet I’ve been lame and didn’t take the time to try something like this.  I’ve whined instead.  I’m TREATING myself and trying to a little better.

Next up on my “TREAT YOURSELF” list…I’m going to the Downton Abbey movie.

Image result for downton abbey movie images
..and I’m going by myself.  I know someone would have happily went with me (Kayla even offered) but I’m working on doing some things on my own.

Karl is awesome on doing things on his own.  He goes to coffee bars, restaurants, movies…everything on his own from time to time.  I want to be more comfortable with that.  I like family…I like friends but I don’t want to be stuck waiting for someone…I don’t want to rely on someone so I’m going to work on doing a few things on my own…even something people typically don’t do like go to a movie.  The last thing I want is to sit home and feel parallelized by being on my own since Kramer passed away.  One step in front of the other is the only way out.

So…I’m going to “TREAT MYSELF” to some things I want to do.  I’m going to find my own life.

I know there are lot of you out there who also need to work on “Treating yourself”.  Are you a widow stuck in the house?  Are you a mom tied to kids?  Are you a person completely dependent on friends?  I’ve been all of those things.  Why not join me in stepping out and “treating yourself”….splurge on the flowers at the Farmer’s Market….make something for supper that you like and don’t worry if anyone else doesn’t…go to that movie.

I’m so happy I did buy the bouquet.  Every time I look at the bouquet I’m reminded that I’m important too and it’s perfect okay to “treat yourself”.

28 thoughts on “Treat Yourself!!”

  1. I like going to the movie by myself once in a while. I just eat my popcorn, drink my coke and not worry about whether someone else likes the movie or where we’re sitting. I don’t get to do it often but I enjoy it when I do.

  2. Just hoping the garlic “salt” was a typo and you actually used garlic powder. Just don’t want a slip-up that would delay your testing!
    I am totally with you so far as treating ourselves! It’s a tough habit to get into, but someone has to do it! Smiles!

  3. I just love Karl! He is right! Treat yo’self. Beautiful flowers. Yes, I’ve gone to a movie by myself. How about getting out for a quilt class or retreat?

  4. I want to learn this too. I’m ok at some restaurants, mostly out of town, but haven’t gone to a movie and would like to. I find it very awkward to be alone at events when everyone “has a friend.” And trying to find another single woman to go with me to dinner or events has been a nightmare.

  5. So glad Karl is teaching you to take some time for yourself. I see myself in so many of those things you said. I asked to see Downton Abbey as my birthday gift last month–with the stipulation that my husband couldn’t complain and ruin it for me. If I could drive (on meds so I can’t), I would have gladly gone by myself! He managed to not complain but looked miserable through the whole movie. I have gone to every war movie that has come out since we married in 1971 and I just don’t get to go to chick flicks. Hope you love it as much as I did! I hope to go again by myself! He can drop me off and come back for me and I will be blissfully happy! Since I’m dieting, I bring something along that I can eat while my husband has his popcorn…that might be a good idea for you, too!

  6. Karl is going to make some young lady very happy someday lol. I know this cuz he knows how to treat his Mama! I know I have said this before, but, well done. I am impressed with your resolve to be the best you can in your new life.

  7. What a great idea! Treat yourself! Can I do it? Uhm, I don’t think I can…but I’ll love living it vicariously through your great posts! Thank you!
    -Jean ❤

  8. I hate to shop but every once in a while I like to just leisurely stroll through stores and really look at things. Sometimes it’s a thrift store, fabric store or antique store but it’s nice to look without worrying about the time or having someone else in tow.

  9. I don’t mine doing things by myself. Shopping and movies are great by myself. I still feel awkward about eating in a restaurant by myself, but found if i get a place at a window so i can watch outside or bring my tablet to read a book it is not bad. I love people watching. I also found eating at the bar is good. I usually talk to the bartendar when they are not busy.

  10. I don’t mind going to movies or shopping by myself. I don’t mind eating by myself if it is fast food but not in a sit down restaurant! I treat myself to fresh raspberries and blackberries. They are so expensive but my favorite! I liked the Downton Abbey movie but didn’t love it! So glad you are treating yourself because you deserve it!

  11. So glad you got those flowers. They’re gorgeous, and if they remind you you’re worthy of life’s pleasures, all the better! Maybe start eating out by yourself by going to a place they know you, it helps it feel more welcoming.

  12. Judith Fairchild

    All I can say is hooray for you and kiss that boy of yours for me. It’s been a long time since I treated myself to something just for me. I’m glad you got the flowers. Love the arrangement. Karl deserves the hugs and kisses.

  13. I am so glad you are learning the “Treat Yourself” philosophy—My daughter shared it with me about 5 years ago, and it is a challenge for those of us who usually put ourselves last. I also love how it can be little things like an iced coffee or a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I am far more comfortable with little things like a $2.50 face mask, a bubble bath, with a great book from the library. Keep it up Jo!

  14. I just went to the movies by myself last week. The movie I saw was Downton Abbey. It was wonderful, and I was so caught up in the movie I didn’t mind being alone. Go for it!

  15. I loved the movie. I went with a single friend who enjoys going to a movie with me. This wasn’t one my husband wanted to see. Hope you enjoy it.

  16. So good to hear you are treating yourself! I’ve been doing that lately too. I bought myself that wool mat even though I already had the alpaca one. A second one is nice! About the salt….if it’s only iodized salt you have to worry about there are salts that don’t have iodine in them. Typically they are sea salt and they will say they don’t have iodine in it on the jar.

  17. Karl is a wise black southern woman. And good for you for listening. You do need to treat yourself and you’re a lot like me – the treat can be something very small but it makes me so happy. Flowers are perfect, you can enjoy them but they don’t last forever so you can do it again at a future time.

    Movies are something I learned to do alone. Bob worked 4-midnight and we didn’t always want to see the same thing. We have a theater that was $4 in the late afternoon, so I’d go then. It wasn’t usually crowded since people weren’t home from work yet. Nothing compared to the Summer $1 theater, though.

    Enjoy! Treat yourself !

  18. You have a good attitude, the flowers are beautiful and it is a good thing to “treat yourself”.

    I have a question for you about the carrot cake recipe that you posted a while back. Can I bake in a nine by thirteen pan? Thank you. This is my email address.

  19. I love to treat myself to flowers! Just like you when I look at them it gives me great joy! The movies are not hard for me to go by myself because I feel your suppose to watch the movie not talk during it. Someone told me it was ok to like yourself and enjoy your own company! So that’s what I do. Just remember one step at a time!

  20. What a lovely day and evening for you. Your dressing looks good and I’ll bet tastes great.
    And flowers – always a lovely touch especially for just you.
    Hope you enjoyed your movie.
    Love and prayers

  21. Big thanks to Karl for giving you a new saying and showing you its okay to “treat yo’ self”. I’m proud of you Jo for doing it! the flowers are gorgeous and you deserve to have them. Yea!!
    I really enjoyed the movie and I know you will also, today I’m going to see the movie, Judy, all by myself because I want to.

  22. I go to the movies by myself a lot. Anytime on a Tuesday is $6 for me at a nearby theater, so I often go to a daytime movie, which precludes most other people from going with me. I love it, because I can see anything that catches my eye — whether anyone else would like it or not. Some of the things I saw by myself in the last year: Rocketman; Will You Ever Forgive Me; Bohemian Rhapsody; Gloria Bell; Blinded by the Light; House With a Clock in its Walls; A Star is Born; Shazam!; The Favourite; Little Women; The Kid Who Would Be King; and Crazy Rich Asians.

    Many years ago, before I had kids, I lived in Boston and probably went to the movies once a week, sometimes with someone, but occasionally by myself. In the years raising kids, movies were few and far between, so now that my kids are older (17 – 21), I feel like I’m “getting back to myself” when I get out to the movies. It can be nice to have company at the movies, but I really like going alone, too.

    Treat Yo’ Self, Jo! Did Karl get his “Treat Yo’ Self” from Parks and Recreation?

  23. Downton Abbey was wonderful. I hope you enjoy it.

    Growing up as the oldest of 3 . . . and living well in the country I learned to do everything on my own.

    Other than during school I did not see my friends until the weekend since they all lived in the development on the other side of the township.

    So my problem is that I have a hard time waiting for people to go to places when I am ready to go.

    I still have a hard time with my husband wanting to go everywhere with me. . . . .there are times that I just want to go and do by myself.

    If going out to eat by yourself is a little hard take a book. . . . that’s what I have always done.

    Your flowers are lovely.

  24. Good for you. I used to go to movies all by myself years ago and I loved it. More so when I could go to the early showing and was almost the only person in the theater. Looking forward to reading what you think of the Downton Abbey movie. I have yet to go myself but hope to go this week.

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