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Over Christmas break, hubby and I decided to take a little bread from the kids and run away for two days.  It was a WONDERFUL break and we had a great time.  We couldn’t decide where to go..then he said, “I bet you would enjoy a trip to Country Threads.”  Boy was he right.  Then we headed west….  Here’s a little shop tour for you all to enjoy….the gals were just starting to tear down the Christmas decor and put up new so if you visit soon, you’ll see a whole different look.

This quilt is Alexander’s Bean Pot….I have been tempted by this quilt but haven’t caved in yet.   Trust me, I did cave and bought a few things.  How could I not?


I am totally not an applique girl…but it I was, I would make this!  But as I sit here writing this blog post I am thinking…I bet I could do it in wool though….Hmmmm!


This block of the month was really cute.  I don’t do many blocks of the month anymore…I just don’t keep up.  But if I was a block of the month gal….I’d be tempted.


I want this pattern…I had it in my hand.  I walked all through the store.  Then when I looked at all the other things that were in my hand….well, something had to be put back and this pattern was it.  Maybe next time it will be mine.  I plan to make one of the pincushions for sure…too cute!


I am not a Christmas decorator, but I loved this little braid table runner.  The gals at Country Threads are such masters at displaying things.  Look. You can purchase the kit for the braid table runner…See that little roll, that’s the kit.  How convenient to only purchase what you need without a lot of left over fabric…LOVE this!


I have LOTS of buttons.  I’ve tried to think of ways to display them.  This little quilt would be a perfect place.  It’s called Button Town.


Here’s a version of the Little Twister pattern.  I love it all kitted up and ready to go.   I have the pattern already…there’s red in my scrap bucket…hmmm…


I have seen this quilt before…Red and white together just call my name.


Can you believe this quilt…it’s made with a panel.  Typically panel quilts are so…you know, panel quilts.  They typically don’t have pizzazz or personality.  This one sure does.


Here’s another quilt I would really like to make.  I love the deep rich colors.


I am not a Santa girl but this was cute.  I like the small snowman the best…so cute.


I love these dots…aren’t they singing spring.


Here’s another pattern that I had in my hand that I ended up putting back.  It’s called Stepping Stones.  See the larger block to the left?  That’s one of Country Threads’ barn quilts.  They come in a couple different sizes and lots of different designs.


If you’re like me and have dreamed of making Christmas stockings but it never happens…here’s a couple that will tempt you.  I love these.


As we traveled to Country Threads, I was working on a wool project in the car.  I promised myself, no new wool projects until I finish one.  I stuck to my promise….no new wool projects came home with me…but this one REALLY wanted too!  It’s a table runner.  The wool is stitched to a linen fabric….Oh, I love it!  The rick rack around the edges was super cute.  I even have a spot in the house for it!


The pattern for these little wool ornaments on the tree wanted to come home with me too, but I kept my vow.  No new wool projects until I have one finished.  Aren’t they cute though?


So are you curious with what I ended up purchasing?  I’ll save that for a post later me, you’ll be surprised by what I purchased.   This post is already filled with lots of photos and eye candy.  Aren’t I lucky to live close enough to visit this great quilt shop??  You can see why it’s my favorite quilt shop.

11 thoughts on “Touring Country Threads”

  1. I would love to have quilt shop like that in my area! There are two but they don’t come close to yours! Lucky you!
    I made several ornaments this year with wool – I can’t believe how fast they went once I got them cut out. They’re a great project while driving long distances!
    Thanks for sharing “your store” with us

  2. Thanks for the tour! I love Country Threads but only get there once a year for Camp. It is a great shop with such nice people and dogs and cats!

  3. Oh! How I wish I could go to shops like these. In the UK we don’t have such big shops with the variety. I love our shops but they don’t come up to the ones in the US.

  4. Thanks for the tour…I’ve loved their things for years. They occasionally show up at the Houston show and I have a hard time leaving their booth so I know the shop is wonderful…lucky girl!

  5. That is an awesome quilt shop. I now have an interesting quilt shop in my town. Bought some fabric there recently. I need to post about it. This weekend perhaps.


  6. You probably know about Pine Needles in CR. If you’re ever in the area and thinking about browsing the shop, call and I’d love to pop over and say hi. I’m not too far from the shop. I’m not really a quilter, but have done a few projects for the family. I love all the choices they have! Glad you had a nice getaway.

  7. Once again, thanks for the tour Jo. I’m going to make it this year to one of their camps…in fact, I just talked a friend into going with me. Just waiting for Mary or Connie to put up the camp dates. Can’t wait.

  8. Oooooh…..I’m very tempted by Button Town. And those stockings — thy’re like the ones Bonnie posted that had been made from cutter quilts, but better because no quilts were killed to make them!

  9. I would love to go to that shop next time I’m home. I grew up in Oelwein. I tried to email you, Jo, at your making learning fun address, but it didn’t work. I love Country Threads patterns. Thanks for hosting the quilt-a-long.

  10. I lived with my grandparents, summers, in Kanawha. Haven’t been back in 25 years. Will have to try to get to your shop. It looks like a little piece of heaven. Thanks for the tour.

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