Tour of Country Threads….

Way back (it feels like months ago) on July 13th my oldest two girls and I headed over to Country Threads Quilt Shop in Garner, Iowa.  I was so crabby.   I forgot my camera.  Kelli kindly offered hers but then I forgot to get the pictures from her camera…finally here they are.

Check out this quilt.  Can you believe it is made with a cheater panel?!?!?!


We were in shock.  All three of us had to touch and examine it to believe it was true.  Check out all those amazing barn quilt blocks in the back of the picture.  You can purchase them from Country Threads.    I told you about them back in this post (they are painted but look like fabric!).  Here’s a sneak peek…I’ll show you more tomorrow.

We had just been to the shop six weeks earlier but everything was moved around and looking so fresh.


I swear I can look and look and look ….


I was on a mission to get fat quarters so I wasn’t tempted by patterns….well that’s a lie.  I was tempted.  I just resisted temptation.


I’ve seen a lot of polka dot love all over blogland….both the above and below photos show off polka dots well.


They were amazing in person.  I can see any girl, of any age loving that quilt.

The patriotic corner was amazing…I am always attracted to patriotic everything.


They had a great display of Moda’s French General fabric too.


Everything there is always so eye appealing.  The baskets and displays are so inviting.


Kelli and I both are loving this quilt hanging over the table in the photo below….


I spent most of my “in the store” time checking out the wool section….I love this….


But the one below, I love even more.


When I was at the shop a few weeks ago I bought this pattern but they didn’t have the sample done…oh WOW.  I love it even more.  I have the goodies I need to get working on it.  Oh if only there were time….These last few weeks have been kicking me in the butt.  They have been filled to the hilt.  I’ve been having lots of fun though….lots of fun!  I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have a few more pictures to show you from our Country Threads visit…I’ll try to get them up tomorrow….Can you see why it’s my favorite shop.  Cozy, warm..inviting….my kind of place!

8 thoughts on “Tour of Country Threads….”

  1. Yes, I can definitely see why this is your favourite quilt shop. Wish I had something like this nearby. I have to content myself with online shopping.

  2. That shop looks fantastic. Makes me want to put everyone of their display quilts on my ‘to-do’ list. And I can’t get over the cheater panel quilt. Do they carry that cheater cloth? Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Denise from NY

    Eye candy alert!! Love these pictures from Country Threads, what an awesome quilt shop. Thanks for sharing.

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