Top Gun Maverick

When I heard about the movie Top Gun Maverick coming out, I knew I’d go.  Like many of you, I’m a product of the 80s and that was the era of Tom Cruise.

I admit to liking him in many of the movies that are classics to me.

The Outsiders…
This is one of my favorite oldies.  Oh, there were so many good actors in this movie.

I was a junior in high school… in 1983 when Risky Business came out.

I loved Rain Man.

I remember going to see A Few Good Men and because I love all movies like these, I loved it too.

In 1986, for sure I’d say my favorite movie was Top Gun.  I loved the days when movies came out with albums that went with the movies.  I wonder why that isn’t as popular anymore.

I am not one to rewatch movies but this one…I watched it as a VHS movie several times.  How could one not?  Of course, I cried all over again.  How could they let Goose die? Ah…

So going to see the new movie was very nostalgic for me.  Before I went I heard much of the controversy from some saying they wouldn’t go because of Cruise’s Scientology beliefs.  I’m not on that page.  That’s a whole private life and a work-life thing that I don’t get into.

I heard about the uproar that Kelly McGillis Tom Cruises’ love interest in the movie wasn’t asked to be in the movie.  I read an article about it and am sharing a portion here if you didn’t catch it.

Entertainment Tonight asked McGillis way back in 2019 if the makers of Top Gun: Maverick had asked her to be in the film. “Oh my god no. They did not, nor do I think they would ever,” she replied, almost laughing at the idea. “I mean, I’m old and I’m fat, and I look age-appropriate for what my age is, and that is not what that whole scene is about.”

Fortunately, McGillis didn’t seem to be upset by her very realistic explanation. “I’d much rather feel absolutely secure in my skin and who and what I am at my age, as opposed to placing a value on all that other stuff,” she said. The 64-year-old actress told ET that she left Hollywood to get sober and focus on raising her family, and isn’t necessarily itching to see the sequel anyway.

It made me look up a picture of her today.  Here’s the now and then.

The uproar is that she wasn’t asked to be in the new movie…I’ll leave you to make up your own mind on how you feel about that.  I don’t want to open a pandora’s box.

By the way…if the agism, glorifying of youth, and unrealistic bodies, bother you, (It does me), start watching more British television.  It’s much better.  Women don’t wear as many tight clothes.  Everyone doesn’t have the perfect body or looks…or makeup or clothes.  British television is much more realistic as far as body types and characters go.  I love it. I highly suggest it.

So to the gritty…Did I like the movie??

YES.  YES.  YES.  I loved the movie.

They did such a great job meshing the old movie with the new movie.  If you at all liked the original version, go see the new version.  I know we all have the option to stream things and watch them on our televisions in the privacy of our homes, but this is one of those movies that is much better if seen in the theater.

I give the movie a strong 10!!

18 thoughts on “Top Gun Maverick”

  1. I second that, a strong 10! I thought it was as good or better than Top Gun. I hope to see it again. I think it had more flying than the original. I was glad I went to see it.

  2. I’m glad to hear you liked it. My husband would like to see it but I’m either way. Not sure I saw the first one. I was going through bad time of my life around then.

  3. Top Gun is one movie my family has watched numerous times. My daughters can sing the songs and quip lines from the movie. (They are in their late 20’s and 30’s LOL) I still have the record album from the movie. Have to admit I’m on the wire about seeing the new movie. If one of my daughters asks me to go with them I’m sure I will.

  4. I’m not a Tom Cruise fan. After seeing him jump around on the couch when he was on Oprah Winfrey show any time I see him I think of him jumping around like a monkey declaring his love for a very young girl. So I’ll pass on going to this movie, as I pass on any of his movies on tv. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kathleen in Mississippi

    That’s good to hear. We might make this our first movie experience since Covid. I’m like you. I don’t take religious, medical, life insurance or political advice from actors. All they need to do is act and if they act good all the better.

  6. I saw the movie with a few girlfriends, and we all enjoyed the movie. I’m glad you went and enjoyed it also.

  7. Haven’t seen this film, not sure if I will. I did see Top Gun but it didn’t grab me especially and I’m not really a fan of Tom Cruise. My comment is more in support of you Jo, about ageism, glorifying youth and unrealistic bodies bothering you, it does me too. I’m over watching shows full of women especially who belong in what the Vicar of Dibley described as the “impossibly tiny bottom” club. Vicar of Dibley btw is British, and I agree, they are more realistic about body types and characters. God bless you, and glad you enjoyed the film.

  8. We really enjoyed the movie. I did wonder where his former love interest was, but the explanation makes sense.

    I agree with you. If you liked the first movie, go see this one.

  9. I am with you on British television. Like the realistic actors and actresses plus in general the shows have less car chases etc. which suits me just fine. Plus I enjoy British humor.

  10. My friend and I went and loved the movie. We liked how it tied in with the original. I had seen Kelly McGillis in a great Hallmark movie where she was played the aunt of the main character. I was aware that she was close to my age and in that movie, she had no issue with being a mature age. She still was an outstanding actress. So, I believe the article that you quoted that she never expected to be asked and that she has moved on to a different phase of her life.

  11. Top Gun is one of my all time favorite movies. Over the years, Tom Cruise has not been my favorite actor. I don’t care for him in real life, but his Maverick character is one of my favorites. My husband and I saw Maverick this week. It’s as good as Top Gun! I absolutely loved it. It will become a classic for me! I loved how it truly was a continuation of the original 30 years later. I won’t give away too much of the plot, but it was very realistic of Maverick and aging. Love, love, loved it!

  12. We haven’t gone to a movie in years but did see this one. It was a great family movie!
    So many movies these days are not family appropriate. My husband spent four
    years on an aircraft carrier many years ago so he enjoyed the “trip back in time”.
    A fun evening!!

  13. We saw it a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it!
    I’m the same with work/private split – Tom Cruise is a great actor and I like many of his movies. What he does outside of that is his business, or mine ‍♀️

  14. Good for Kelly McGillis! One of my favorite early Tom Cruise movies was All the Right Moves (1983), a movie you don’t hear much about, but I really liked it.

  15. Top Gun is one of my most favorite movies of all time. I’ll wait for the DVD to come out for it, I’d rather squirrel the money away or buy groceries than to see it in the theater on my own. Now if a friend were to invite me to go see it with I’d not turn them down.

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