Top done and a Stash Report

Look!!  The double wedding ring quilt top that I have been working on is finished!!  Yippee.


I am so VERY HAPPY!!


But now I have a new problem.  How am I going to quilt it?  I’ve been searching the internet for a few ideas but so far I’ve come up with this….

Isn’t it a hoot??

Then I came up with this.

I really like this but I am a little nervous. I am not quite that skilled. I think I like the design of the first video better. I wish they would have shown it being done for real.

I don’t have much time so I think I am going to get my doodle pad out and start working on a design. I feel a little bit good that the open part is blue rather than white. I don’t think my stitches will show up as well….or at least I can hope.

Do any of you have suggestions for quilting it??

While you’re busy thinking on that, here’s my stash report.

I bought 8 yards of fabric for the back of this quilt.  I already have that pieced and pressed…quilt machine, here I come!!

Used this Week:   0 store bought

Used year to Date:  100.5 yards store bought +  40.5 Moda fabric + 38.5 yards of recycled fabric…

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33 thoughts on “Top done and a Stash Report”

  1. Hi Jo, The quilt is beautiful! You can quilt it as well. Do the continuous curve in the pieced arcs like the last part of the 2nd video. That is really easy. Then find a stencil you like that fits into the dark blue melon and center part and use regular white chalk to mark them. The chalk will brush off very easy. Don’t have to mark all to start with, can mark as you go. As you work on the quilting the pattern will become easier for you, needing less and less marking. It is a good way to practice a new pattern/ skill.

  2. Congratulations, Jo, it’s gorgeous! You have inspired me to haul out my DWR and spend some more time with it.
    Have you tried goggling, quilting a DWR and then use the images feature to take a look? If I am looking for something, I do this all the time. You should be able to click on the pictures to make them bigger. Good Luck!

  3. Your quilt top look great! Nice job! I’m sure you will find the perfect quilting design for it. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  4. Congratulations on getting the DWR top together. It looks wonderful! I love the look of it with the dark color as the centers and lights for the rings. Great job!

  5. Congratulations, Jo. It is beautiful and you should be so proud. Remember, however you quilt it, it it was done with love and will be appreciated so much by the newlyweds..

  6. Congratulations Jo! Beautiful DWR. You’ll do a great job which ever design you choose to do. Besides your quilting is great anyways. They will cherish this gift. It’s made with Love!!!

  7. Congrats on getting the dwr top done. It’s beautiful! No matter how you quilt it, it will be wonderful because it’s made from love.

  8. wow wonderful bet you are glad you have prorgressed to the longarm your center blues are faily busy so don’t think you need to do anything too fancy like the feathers maybe some of your free hand loopy flowers and the curves in the rings
    it is beautiful

  9. I have a DWR top stashed under my bed that I’m not sure about quilting either. It deserves better than an all-over design, but I don’t think I have the free-hand skill to carry it off. I’m not even sure about loading it, with the scalloped edges instead of straight. One of these days I’ll just have to gather up my courage, get it out, and start figuring it out. Good luck on doing yours, the top is beautiful.

  10. Gorgeous quilt! A very lucky groom and bride will be receiving this treasured gift! Lovely colors that I would of never thought to use. No clues on the quilting question, I’m sure you’ll do an equally beautiful job.

  11. I love it. The quilt, had to laugh at the first video and enjoyed watching the second. Between the 3 it’s almost enough to make me consider doing another DWR — not that the first one has been finished.

  12. Bev from Ohio

    It’s beautiful! Here is what I would do when I was new to my Longarm. Find a design that you like. Trace it with a permanent pen onto thin paper (parchment,tissue,freezer)’ something that you can see through. Unthread your domestic sewing machine and stitch threw the design with a large needle and a long stitch setting to perforate the paper. Then lay the paper where you want the design on your quilt top and wipe with a chalk pounce. Since you have a dark blue background, a white chalk will show up well. Using a thin paper will allow you to see through it to center the design. Then just sew dot to dot. You can use the paper over and over.

  13. It looks wonderful! Try looking at – they offer computerized patterns but if you search for double wedding ring you can get a lot of ideas :-) Congrats on the finish! Ila

  14. Awesome Jo. I love Double Wedding Ring but have never attempted it.Can’t wait to see it again when the quilting is done.

  15. Great job. Ruby looks happy that it is done as well. I am sure that whatever design you come up with will be beautiful and complement the top.

  16. I love your top it’s gorgeous and I am so happy to see that you find a solution for Ruby.
    After all I have seen from your quiltings since I am your blog reader, be sure this one will be as perfect as you expect it to be.

  17. Jo I’m w you being a new to long arm quilting, and having done a lot of Pfaff grand quilting, It’s hard to immagine doing Feathers that expertly. I’m still on my learning piece, and I tried some feathers on that…. they didn’t turn out so good.
    However I think your DWR is awesome. I was not a fan of the colors but now I am! WOW!

  18. Beautiful quilt. I’ve never made one or quilted one either, but I know Deloa Jones has some good suggestions if you have access to one of her books or videos.

  19. Turned out LOVELY! I love the blue! Are you familiar with Pam Clarke? I took some quilting classes from her last year and she comes up with some lovely designs. Breaks things up into manageable sections and such along with continuous quilting. Can’t wait to see it finished. When you get ready to bind it will you show how to do that?? I have several of my grandma’s wedding ring quilt tops to do but have been putting them off because of the scallops…nervous doesn’t even begin to cover it..

  20. Congratulations on your finish!! Whoop, whoop!

    Do you mind using stencils and marking the quilt for quilting? When I started my DWR (still a WIP I’m afraid), I found some Hari Walner stencils made to be used in the centers and melons. I got mine on Ebay but found some today here: I will say that marking can be a lot of (addtional) work but it will take all the fear out of stitching a complex design since you just have to follow the lines.

    Whatever way you choose to go, good luck and another whoop, whoop!!

  21. Your quilt is beautiful. I have never seen anyone machine quilting before so I’m in awe! Do you run your machine that fast? If so, you will do a great job quilting it. If not, you will still do a wonderful job…I’ve seen your work:) Thanks for sharing.

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