Tomorrow, Scarlet

Another UFO finished!
About four years ago, Quilter’s Window opened in New Hampton, Iowa and quickly became one of my favorite quilt shops…in fact a top ten quilt shop.  On my first visit, I was introduced to Civil War reproduction fabrics.  I have been in love ever since.  On that visit, I bought a pattern and enough quarter yard cuts to make the blocks for this….
…but the blocks have sat in a project box until the Joy in the Challenge encouraged me to finish it.  For four years they sat there because of one reason.  (a confession)…I am so insecure about picking sashing, border and binding fabrics.  Many times I want to do something a bit more daring and then chicken out…going with the plain jane look.   That’s what happened with this wall hanging.  I loved the border print I had finally chosen but I was afraid to work with it because it was striped and I was afraid of matching the stripes.  Then I read Sue Garman’s blog the other day….here is a quote from it “I have long believed that you don’t improve if you don’t push yourself to do more difficult things.”  Wow…isn’t that an awesome quote!  I took it to heart and finished the 28×34 wall hanging today.  I even took the paisley design from the border fabric and turned it into my machine quilting design….and it turned out pretty good.

The pattern is called Tomorrow, Scarlett (I am a huge Gone With the Wind fan so I love the pattern name too).  It’s a Civil War Legacies Pattern designed by Carol Hopkins Designs
It feels so good to have another completed project….my problem now, I need to clean my sewing room….but “I’ll think about that tomorrow…”  Tomorrow, Scarlett….P.S. I am keeping this one!

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