Today’s News…

Today’s news is really no news.  HA!!

My daughter Kayla is doing some work on the blog and has told me I need to stay off the blog if I can.  YAHOO, does that mean I get the day off?  NOPE!!

Kalissa came over with Anders…

She helped me learn to edit my own videos.  I’ll be slow at it but I think I’ll eventually get the hang of it.  I am so excited about the prospect of that happening.  I paid her in cake for her efforts (or rather patience in teaching me).  I made …peanut butter frosting and put it on my old regular chocolate cake.  It’s a new favorite now.  I’ll get a recipe written up for it.  Truly, it is really good.

She went home and I start packaging up quilt tops to go out finishers.  I’ll tell you more about that later too as I wasn’t even supposed to write this much of a blog post…but I know you guys.  If I’m gone you all start worrying about where I am.  HA!!

No worries, I’m just packaging up tops to be shipped out…

I’ll catch up with you tomorrow and tell you about what I’ve been stitching.

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  1. Hi Jo- I won something(s) at the auction. I have no idea what! My computer decided to croak the day the results were to be posted. Just got back on-line this afternoon. I apologize for your trouble. Please let me know what I won, and how much I owe, and I’ll happily put a check in the mail. Thanks so much for all you do! Love your blog, you, and all your family! : ) Brenda King 24205 Dodds Rd., Bend, Oregon 97701

  2. I think that little Anders is about the CUTEST little baby I’ve ever seen. Jo, all of your grandchildren are adorable. I can’t wait from day to day to check out your blog. Haven’t been a follower of your blog for too long, but it’s my bright spot of the day. My husband passed away in Dec. and you give me something to look forward to. You and your family are an inspiration! God Bless You all.

    1. My heart goes out to you Joane…I promise if you keep getting up and doing the work of grieving, things will get to a new normal where you can still find some joy and laughter. Hang in there. I’m cheering you on!!

  3. The blog update looks great, but I’m missing something that was taken away. At the bottom of each post where it has the link to Previous Post, it used to include the title of the previous post. I always checked this to make sure I had read the previous post and hadn’t missed any. I’m hoping you can add this feature back. Love your blog and look forward to it every day.

  4. Barbara Firesheets

    Anders is such a cutie! Your chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting sounds wonderful! Looking forward to getting a copy of your recipe.

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