To the Movies: Star Wars

One of the things I don’t like about empty nesting is that all my movie goers and gone.  Karl was my favorite movie goer.  He got me roped into going to Harry Potter…the Jurassic Park movies and the Star Wars movies.  I don’t like going to lots and lots of movies but a movie now and then I really like.

When the fourth of the Hunger Games came out…there was no kid to go with.  When the newest Jurassic Park movie came out…no one to go with.  Hubby is not a big movie goer.  Yes, he’ll go but he really doesn’t like fantasy type movies so those he just says no to.  Historical movies or action movies, those he’ll go to.

So a couple weeks ago I called Karl and said he has to go with me to Star Wars.  He said okay…over Christmas.  So over the weekend when all the kids were home Karl asked me if Sunday night could be movie night.  I said how about the late matinee so it’s cheap…and believe it or not…Hubby decided to go.  The other kids had all went home already.

I couldn’t wait to see these guys again.

I vividly remember going to see the first Star Wars.  It was showing in the theater in Albert Lea, Minnesota.  I begged and begged mom to take me.  We didn’t regularly go to movies so it was a HUGE deal that she took me.  I remember standing in line thinking I was really a part of something big!  It really meant a lot to me that my mom took me.

Later on as the next movies came out I went with friends.

Then when the next trilogy of movies in the franchisee came out my boys were big enough to go….and I happily took them.  I was so excited to see them too…and glad I had the boys to share the movies with.

I love that the movies have been a part of my life and marked history with my family from my mom to my kids.  I’ll happily go when the next ones come out too.

I was secretly hoping that maybe Hubby would like them but, alas, he didn’t.   I’ll have to rope Karl into taking me again.  It’s funny how each child or ours holds a different spot in my life.  Karl is definitely the one I’ll hit up to take me to the movies…I’ll pay.  I just want a little company.  I’ll even spring for 3-D tickets and popcorn!!

So how did I like the movie….it was good.  It was great to see the old characters again.

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