To Mystery or not to Mystery

So I am a long time fan of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilts.  I’ve been making them for awhile.

There’s Carolina Christmas


Roll Roll Cotton Boll

Orca Bay


Easy Street #1

Easy Street #2

I also did Lazy Sunday the mystery that was in Quiltmaker.


Celtic Solstice is still in progress.  It’s the first one that went into UFO status….but at least the top is done-now.

I’ve been wanting to go back and do the ones on her website but haven’t done that yet…maybe someday.

So do I start Grand Illusion?  Part of me is screaming  YES>>>YOU CAN’T MISS IT!!!!!!  The other part of me is yelling NO>>>Control can’t do everything all the time!!!! Besides you have a house that you want to get moved into!!!!

So what do I do…I buy fabric just in case I can’t resist the temptation.

If the first clue starts out with something fun like make 100-4 patches, you can bet that I’ll be in.  I can’t resist a four patch.  If the first clue starts out with make 1898 half square triangles (you never know with a Bonnie mystery)…I might think about it first but then I’ll likely be cutting away again.  Oh UGH.  Who am I kidding…I can’t resist temptation even if it means getting up 15 minutes earlier each day to try to get at least part of the blocks done I’ll likely do it.

I am just no good at the peer pressure of mystery quilt sewing.  It’s easier to just go with the temptation…so stay tuned.  Can I resist?  And by the way, what’s with me doing this in brights??  I never go with brights.  I always do them in Civil War reproductions instead….Maybe I’m ill!?!?!..or maybe I’ll change my mind at the last minute!  It’s happened before!

9 thoughts on “To Mystery or not to Mystery”

  1. I said it last year and I am sticking to it this year to only do the MQ if I use stash. SO I dug, found fabrics in stash and I’m doing the MQ again. This year I’m doing it in Bonnie’s colors- last year I did the MQ in black, forest green, rust red, gold and neutrals.

  2. Half-size is a good option, I did that with Orca Bay. I was a newbie to mystery quilts and didn’t think I could do a big one. Now of course I am kicking myself that is is only lap size and wondering if I should go back and redo.

  3. oh boy! you’re in luck! the clue just came out and I had to laugh- you know bonnie pretty well and guessed good! only 280 HST- but then you can sew 100 4 patches! haha! I guess you’re in? I know I am! been looking forward to today. I have a couple things to finish in the sewing room, and then i’ll get to cutting and sewing.

  4. Go for it! I haven’t done one of Bonnies quilts / have a high stack of projects to do first. Really enjoy reading your posts and look forward to your book! Will be happy to order direct from you.

  5. I have the same struggle- many wip’s. But I had her colors in my stash so I’m in! Going to start a little tonight. Making it half size. Come join the fun!

  6. I’m in the same boat. not building a house, but too much on my plate! I was able to go to one of her quilt classes in Layfatte In last week. I sat w her at lunch and said I didn’t think I would be doing the MQ. I want to but I haven’t even looked at fabric to make it. But I was in the middle of her class (My Blue Heaven) and I still (sigh) have Celtic solstice to finish… I had planned on MBH to be for my neice’s graduation. Then I saw your cinder blocks quilt! OH it’s her! to a T… Now I have to make that one!
    So today I was shopping w DH in Madison In and There was a “Fabric Shop” (that’s its name) open it”s been there for a long time but has short hours. Fabrics are older ones, and priced low too. SO yes I bought 3 of the colors for Bonnies MQ!!!
    I think I need an intervention!

  7. You absolutely should do this quilt! It is a tradition now. No one says you have to make it full size or at breakneck speed, and I think you will regret it if you don’t participate. I cut some 2 1/2 inch squares today for it.

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