To Be or Not to Be!

Yesterday while Kelli and I were sewing I got a call from Kalissa.  She said that the lot next to our house was going to be for sale.  WHAT?!?!

We have really enjoyed having the empty double lot to our north….we’ve enjoyed it a lot!  You can’t see very well in the picture but the lot has grapes, fruit trees, garden space and that old brown shed.


Here’s a picture you can see a bit better.  There’s my garden with the arch….a bit over you can see the mowing line.  Then the junky old brown shed.  See?

If it’s for sale, we really wanted to look at the property as a potential annexation.  We didn’t know about the shed though.  Is is salvageable?

After a little bit of back and forth, not knowing about the conditions of the possible sale, we went to the neighbors who own it.  Well they are selling their house which is kitty-corner from the lot with the brown shed.  They don’t have a real garage so they have been using the shed to park their cars and don’t want to sell the lot until the house sells thinking that maybe the new owners would like to do the same.

We looked at the property and the shed anyway.  The shorter part of the shed is really in pretty bad shape.  The taller part of the shed is old, has a side overhead garage door on the back and has a loft with stairs going up.  It needs TLC but it’s in sound shape.  It desperately needs a new roof.

We offered full price for the lot but they said they wanted to stick with their plan of  selling the house first and seeing if the new owners would want to purchase the lot with the shed too.  We talked a little bit more and made a proposal that if the new owners did want the lot, but being it’s a double lot, if they only wanted one of the lots, we would be willing to purchase the lot closest to us which has the shed on it.

That was good news to the current owner as the couple who just looked at the house said that he would bulldoze the shed and wasn’t interested in all the extra property, just enough to build a shed….so maybe we can work something out yet.  There is plenty of room at the current location of the house to build an attached garage there….so who knows?

We might…or might not, be the owners of a crappy old shed and a grape orchard…or we might not.  All we know right now is that the owner said he knew we were interested and should the lot come for sale in any manner, he’d let us know.

I do know this….see the big tree by the sidewalk?  It’s the tree where my childcare kiddos play all the time.  It’s on the lot we want to buy and should the lot get sold to someone else, I’m not sure they will be okay with my childcare kiddos playing there.  Should it get split, I’m not sure who’s lot the tree would be on.


So…there will some changes in the neighborhood here…I just don’t know if we will be part of the change.  I sure hope so!

Hubby is already doing a little dreaming about that brown shed.  Should we get the property, you’re gonna want to stick around and see a remodel.  We want the lot and as for the shed, we will keep it!  It will look nothing like it does now should we get the property.

Anyone want a house in Waucoma but don’t want the extra lot?  I can set you up…as long as you don’t want the extra lot with the ugly brown eye sore shed.

3 thoughts on “To Be or Not to Be!”

  1. There is another option…. a new garage…. at least until new buyers find out what it would cost to build a garage. lol

  2. Could you swing buying the entire parcel and then splitting it the way you want and sell off the rest????? A small home on our farm that was sold off 60 years ago is possibly coming up for sale in 2020. We’d love to buy it but the current asking price is too high. Now it’s a waiting game.

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