Tired Little Ruby…

Ruby had a hard couple of days.  The family was home and she was loved on a lot.  Tonight Ruby is super tired.

I was sewing when Hubby turned on the television to watch the National Dog Show.  Well I thought I would watch for a little bit so sat on the couch.  Ruby snuggled right up and went to sleep.

It was so funny.  She was sitting  just like a person and fell asleep.

She is doing much better with house training.  The last two days she has had one accident and that was right next to the door.  She slept through the night last too.  Ruby is sitting on command.  She sits and waits for her food.  She needs some work on the leash but all in all not too bad.  She is really good at fetching.  She does need a little work with dropping the ball but she brings it back marvelously.

We have had her for a month now and I couldn’t be happier.  I really didn’t know if a puppy was what I wanted but our daughter Kalissa sure wanted one so I gave in.  I am glad I did.  I am enjoying the training process.  Ruby and I are learning a lot together.

I still miss Gracie but day by day it gets easier.  In a list of things that I am thankful for, Gracie and Ruby are really high on my list.

PS…Someone asked for the Turkey Sandwich recipe.  Here it is.

7 thoughts on “Tired Little Ruby…”

  1. Cute puppy! If you’ve only been training for one month, I’d say Ruby is doing excellent!
    BTW… your Swedish Apple Pie was delish! Thanks again for recipe.
    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  2. Sharyn Hutchinson

    Hi Jo. It’s so funny. We were watching a repeat of the National Dog Show last night on our large screen TV and our beagle, Brody, sat watching, mesmerized by the dogs. The only other TV shows that have caught his eye are baseball games. I can understand the dog show but the ball games have me stumped. I hope you had a “pieceville” Thanksgiving.

  3. how sweet! My almost 14 yr old Abbie used to try to be a lap dog. Now she doesn’t even make the effort to get on the couch – oh, dear! But she still loves her daily walks. yaaay!

  4. I’m so glad that Ruby is so much a part of your family. She seems to have taken to all of you so well! I’m still waiting for dh to break down for a dog for us – we’ll see.
    Thanks for the chicken recipe – looks yummy – do you think you could use turkey instead of chicken?

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