Tips for Keeping Cilantro

I love cilantro on salads…I love it in Mexican dishes…I love it in my homemade salsa.  But I have an issue…I can’t keep it fresh.  I buy it from the grocery store and a few days later…yuck!

This year, I decided to grow it in the garden….it’s growing like CRAZY!!!  I can’t use it up fast enough.  (Ignore the spinach that decided to bolt…I’m taking care of that later today.)


I have discovered a hint that you probably already know about but I didn’t….

I was at a Pampered Chef party and they were offering container that could hold cilantro and keep it fresh.  I asked the sales person about it and she explained that the ends of the cilantro stay in water in the refrigerator.  Well my cheapskate self was not spending the money to try out….so I went home and found a recycled shortening container.   I put an inch of water in the bottom of the container, picked some cilantro, popped the lid on and put it in the container.  The container has been in the refrigerator for two weeks….what do you think?


Honestly…it looks and tastes the same as the day I picked it!  I am loving it.

I am off to pick more cilantro…


Everyone has really busy schedules here for the next couple days and making a batch of these Mexican Tortilla Omelets, and putting them in the freezer might make the next few days just a bit smoother.  Anyone have good cilantro recipes?  I’d love for you to share them…

I am hooking up with Dandelion House today…and Homestead Revival.

14 thoughts on “Tips for Keeping Cilantro”

  1. The cilantro in my garden bolts as fast as the spinich. I’ve given up trying. Now many of my family are in the “hate cilantro” camp, so I have given up cooking with it!.

  2. Hi! over from the FGblog hop– love this idea for the cilantro!
    I grew some this year- my garden went away pretty early- my hubby suffered a heart attack and we were in Dallas for 2 1/2 weeks– then we had this awful drought and grasshopper plague!
    The cilantro was easy to grow– and really took off. My daughter lives next door and her MIL is hispanic– she came and used some of it, so it didn’t all go to waste. ;)

  3. That tips pretty much works for most herbs! Parsley is great in the fridge for a while with the bottom part in a little bit of water.
    Fresh salsa is great with cilantro. I’ve heard of it sprinkled on fresh corn on the cob with a little lime zest too.

  4. Thanks for the tip on keeping fresh herbs. Here is what I do with cilantro. I make a chimichurri sauce and serve it over grilled chicken and a grilled sliced tomato.
    1/2 cup (packed) fresh Italian parsley
    1/2 cup olive oil
    1/3 cup red wine vinegar
    1/4 cup (packed) fresh cilantro
    2 garlic cloves, peeled
    3/4 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    Put it all in a blender and serve over steak or chicken.

  5. I have a large patch. I chop it, put 2 tsp in each slot of the ice cube tray, cover them with water and freeze. Pop the cubes out, place in a ziplock bag, and you will have fresh (sort of) cilantro year round.

  6. Great tip – I have that same problem. My DH will only eat salsa w/ cilantro in it! Can’t wait to try the omelette recipe – yummy.

  7. I posted this on FB, but thought I would try here too. My cilantro won’t grow. I have it in the same window planter with my parsley, sage and thyme (The rosemary is in a pot by itself – LOL) Anyway, I am now on my third cilantro plant this year and it is dead too. Any hints? I bought the plants at a couple of different places in case the supplier had a bad batch. It gets watered and has drainage. The others in the same planter are doing well. It is frustrating because we really enjoy cilantro and decided to grow our own herbs this year. Oh, the first plant had little white bugs on it and according to the internet cilantro has no naturally occuring pests.
    Any suggestions welcome

  8. Great tip for keeping fresh herbs. I am not a big fan of cilantro, but your Mexican tortilla omelets look great.
    Visiting from the Barn Hop.

  9. Ok PLEASE tell me how you got your cilantro to grow so well!! Everything I planted this year grew well ACCEPT the cilantro. Perhaps its my soil or my climate but it would just grow tall woody flower like stems and the only thing that they were good for was to feed to my chickens. I love cilantro and got tired of buying it and it going bad. I have planted it 3 times now and NO LUCK. Any tips would be great :0)

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