Tiny Baby’s Bit

Kayla is a crocheter.  She does a wonderful work and makes lots of great baby afghans.  Back when Kalissa was pregnant with Carver, Kayla debated and debated about what to make Carver for a afghan.  One day she came home and was working a charity afghan.  Kalissa saw what she was working on and said she loved it.  Kayla was a little taken aback.  It wasn’t fancy.  It wasn’t planned and wonderful.  It was just a simple stitch with simple yarn and a simple pattern.

Kayla ended up gifting it to Carver.  Here she is with baby Carver and the afghan.

Fast forward two and half years….the afghan has been given the name “Bit”.  Carver started calling it Bit and since then, we all call it Bit.  Bit has gotten to be very important to Carver.  He LOVES Bit.  See in the photo below…Bit is with us.

This time around when Kalissa was pregnant, again, Kayla debated on what to make for the new baby.  This time it was a little easier.  She knew what style Kalissa liked.  So here is baby Gannon with his new Bit.

Kayla made the new Bit a little smaller.  Carver’s Bit has turned into being more of a tag along than anything that keeps him warm so Kayla was thinking to make it smaller as it would be easier to drag along.  
It’s log cabin style and super cute.  She put loops on the corners so they can be looped together and make a little tote.  It’s cute!!

Here’s Kayla with Gannon and his Bit.

If you read the title of the post, you see it said “Tiny Baby’s Bit”.    Well…Gannon is called Tiny Baby.  This happened some time ago.  He kept calling the baby, while it was in vitro, Baby.  Well at childcare the baby that we have here is 7 months old and doing MUCH more than a newborn.  I didn’t want Carver to get the impression that his new baby would be that mobile so while at a wedding there were a couple newborns there so I started calling them “tiny” babies.  From there it kind of stuck….so Gannon has been called “Tiny Baby” for some time.  We call him Gannon (or Gavin when I’m in a hurry-  AH!  I get so crabby with myself when I do) but he still gets called Tiny Baby quite a bit too.

Here’s the two of them at naptime at their house with their bits.

Anyway…now two boys have Bits lovingly made my Auntie Kayla.  We’re all curious to see if Gannon love his Bit as much as Carver loves his.

11 thoughts on “Tiny Baby’s Bit”

  1. I’m picturing Gannon as a great big grown man, still called “Tiny”! That name may stick! I’ve been reading Kayla’s blog, and I love her knitting and crocheting.

  2. So sweet! My twelve years grandson and granddaughter are still hooked on their ‘bit’ (we call them blankie). They are Gymboree baby blankets. So soft and cuddly. Our grandson comes occasionally with a bunch (yes he has several spares) of his for me to reinforce the tag to the blanket. Of course, the silky tag is the favorite part of the blankie. He is just amazed at the sewing machine. Hmmm. I need to teach him to sew!

  3. I hope Georgia calls hers Bit too! And I can’t wait to see what Aunt Kayla made for the Tiny Baby Girl. :) Absolutely LOVE the napping pic. Hope all are safe and warm. Nebraska is currently closed due to flooding in some parts of the state and a nasty blizzard in others. Hoping power stays on, so I can sew, but will be making up the missed school days in June. . .hope to be done by mid-June (superintendent may grant leave/excuse some of them).

  4. Mary Jo Boland

    Love the handmade “Bits” for the boys. Also – thanks for the super pictures of Gannon. I love his red plaid hat – it looks nice and comfy.

  5. What wonderful gifts made by their aunt Kayla. Both are beautiful. I don’t knit or crochet, but they remind me of scrappy quilts. Cute pictures.

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