Jo’s New News…

I hope you’re sitting down when you read this. Honestly, I still can’t believe this myself. You might remember that I said something in Friday’s Cross Stitch Update blog post me mentioning that my life suddenly turned into a whirlwind…well today I’m telling you about it.

I NEVER thought anything like this would happen. I never thought I WANTED anything like this to happen. In fact, I even wrote a blog post saying I didn’t want it to happen. You can read that blog post HERE.

I went back and read the post and just started laughing!! What an about-face I’ve had.

I’m still completely and totally in shock….but something happened. I started dating someone. It’s shocking for me to even write that. I’m definitely in the “pinch me I can’t believe it’s true” stage.

I wrote back in that blog post, “Yep…Don’t worry about me dating.  It ain’t gonna happen.” Well, it did.

I also wrote this little snippet.
“I was talking to my son Buck on the phone last night.  If you didn’t know, he’s single.  He said, “You know mom if Jesus came with a nice brunette woman and He said, ‘This is the girl for you’.  I’d think about dating her…but other than that, I don’t know about dating.”

I told him back, “Well if Jesus came and said, “Here’s a wonderful guy and he’s the one for you”, I think I’d still say no.”

Well…I would say Jesus came and presented me with an amazing man and surprisingly, I said YES! YES, YES, YES!!!

So here’s what happened. My daughter Kalissa was working at the hospital. She was chatting with a coworker who was doing some online dating. Another coworker came by and overheard them. He said he had tried online dating but gave up on it. The guy was an older guy and Kalissa didn’t know he was single. Then out of her mouth popped the words, “Well my mom is single too”. That was the start of everything.

I don’t really know what all transpired next but I ended up getting a message on my phone with the words, “I have a very very funny story that resulted in the maintenance man giving you his phone number.” And then there was a picture of his name and phone number.

WHAT???? Me?? I’m not looking for anyone!!

Well then text messages flew back and forth between Kalissa and me. I wanted to know the details because it was so odd and unexpected…and truly out of nowhere…and why was she talking about my dating/or lack of dating with people at work??

Kalissa went on to message all the little tidbits about him.

-he didn’t have kids
-he was so nice
-he was funny
-she thought he must be around my age

I immediately told her that was all great fine and wonderful but I still had cancer. Even if someone was wonderful, I didn’t think it was fair to drag anyone into my cancer saga. Even if I thought about dating someone, my cancer could not be a secret. That had to be open. That had to be upfront. He would have to know that it might take a few years, but cancer would likely get me…and I was certain that once this man found that information out, that would end it and Kalissa would quit saying anything to me.

I told her I wouldn’t even think about him unless he knew I had cancer. She was very good about it and told me she never said anything to him earlier about my cancer because she didn’t feel it was her place. I told her, “just tell him. That will scare him off”.

BUT…here’s the thing, it didn’t scare him off. My cancer didn’t scare him off. In fact, Jerry has had thyroid cancer as well. He was lucky and his was able to be treated and then it was done. It’s been over 10 years, I think closer to 15, for him since he had it.

All of this chit chat between the maintenance man, Kalissa and I happened gradually over the course of a week of her working with Jerry. Every night when she was working, she would send a few more tidbits about him.

-he played Santa at the vet clinic in the neighboring town
-he was the Uncle to someone Kalissa and Craig knew

Every night I asked a few more questions about him. I’ll admit, I was to the point I was getting pretty curious. Where on earth was I going to find a guy that met two of my biggest criteria?

-meshing kids and family wouldn’t be so hard
-my thyroid cancer wouldn’t be a big issue

If I was going to take any risk, I felt like this guy was the best chance I had. Still…I’m pretty shy about this kind of stuff. Then I decided if I was going to do/say anything, I needed to put shyness aside and be me. I was going to say what I thought. I was going to be who I was. If that wasn’t what anyone wanted, that was fine. I was content with my life. I was happy where I was…and if it was God putting me in this direction, I didn’t want to slam the door in HIS face.

Okay…I finally decided maybe I could call him. If it didn’t work I had nothing to lose. BUT…I do not call people unless it’s at work. What was I going to do with a phone number? Then I realized it’s the modern age. I could text. But what do I say…ugh. Did I really want to do this? I also know my daughter. She’d bug me about this forever. So…I decided one night to text him…but what do I text??

I said, “Hi Jerry. I’m afraid Kalissa will never quit messaging me about you so I decided to save my sanity and send a message. HA! So here’s the message. “Hi. I’m Jo.”

…and that’s how Jesus walked in with a man and said, “Here’s a wonderful guy and he’s the one for you”…and I said yes.

That is my whirlwind. There’s a man in my life. His name is Jerry.

I was bound and determined to be me…so I’ve said things like. “I’m a T-shirt and jeans girl”. He doesn’t mind. He saw my sewing room and didn’t freak out. He’s seen my cross stitch and was happy for me that I have hobbies.

Before I met him, Kalissa said, “If you’re looking for a rough around the edges guy like dad was, he isn’t”. The rough around the edges fit Kramer…not Jerry. They are two completely different guys…and I love that. I love that they are different. Each of them was good for me at the time they were/are in my life.

Kalissa also said, “The only bad quality I can see if you want to call it that, he’s nice. Maybe too nice.” Well, that’s another quality that I’m okay with too.

Jerry loves his two dogs…he’s a big sports fan. I haven’t been into sports in recent years mostly because Kramer wasn’t into them. As a kid I enjoyed them and I’m sure I will again. I did tell Jerry I’d likely cross-stitch and watch games. That was fine with him…we’ll have to see how he feels about watching when I have my lamp on…but so far, we’re good.

Being Jerry didn’t have kids, I didn’t know how he would feel about my tribe. I even said to him- We can just have a relationship if you want, the kids don’t have to be involved. He said no, he’d happily welcome meeting them and getting to know them. (melt my heart) That is what I had hoped for, but I certainly didn’t want to push them on him.

We are gradually starting to meet the kids. They all know about him and are really supportive. I think it helps that Kalissa knew him first…He is super easygoing…I’m having the time of my life.

The only downfall is, well I guess there are two.
-our work days don’t jive at all. It will be a challenge. Our only decent amount of time that we can be together is Saturdays, Thursday afternoons for a couple hours, and Friday after I’m done with work at 5pm. We do text though and I’m so thankful for that.

-the other challenge…Jerry’s dog Lassie doesn’t like me or my dogs. We’re working on it. She’s a one-man dog and Jerry is her man. She’s not liking that his attention might be a little divided. HA! We will continue to work on it. Right now, exposure to me and my dogs is what she needs more of. I’m hoping she’ll come around. It’s still all new enough that there’s hope for her. UPDATE: I saw Lassie (and Jerry and Lulu his other dog) on Sunday and Lassie did much better. We still have room to grow but it’s getting better.

I asked Jerry how he felt about the blog and me sharing stuff we do here. He was totally fine with that…again, I so appreciate that.

So far Jerry has been great for me.
-He keeps me active
-He gives me a totally different view on life. I was getting ready to put myself in coast mode and coast out of life. Not now. I have so much more living to do. He’s let me see I have a future…and a great one at that.
-He is so complimentary of me…making me feel young, and dare I say actually beautiful
-He is not demanding at all…
-He’s helpful
-He makes me laugh so much and it feels so good
-He makes me feel treasured and cherished
-Chemistry is good
-We have similar values
-Both of us feel God put us together because it was too weird and random for it not to be

I think I’m good for him too! It’s just wonderful.

I feel like we mesh so well…I was scared of adult, my age dating, but this has been 100% wonderful. I didn’t know Kramer very long before I felt like he was the one…I haven’t known Jerry long, and honestly, I feel like he’s the one.

There is still time for me to be spoofed or find some hidden secret…but so far, no yellow flags so I’m going for it…Green flags from me all the way.

He takes up a lot of my time now…sewing and cross-stitching have moved to the backburners. I don’t mind or care…I am enjoying life with Jerry so much. I jokingly told him if he was around so much, I likely wouldn’t get many more quilts made…then we both agreed that I likely already have enough quilts to stay warm and we’d be okay. HA.

All this to say, I couldn’t be happier that I have a new man in my life. I’m dating Jerry. There won’t be as much cross stitch or quilting. Sorry friends but there will always be some. I can’t give up my hobbies. They are important to me as well but I do think some sports watching is definitely in my future. There will be other things to share so don’t worry. I’ll still be around.

You all are probably wondering what the delay was in writing this…well. I wanted a picture of us. Each time we were together I forgot or wanted to have a nicer picture than just a selfie. So I wanted Kalissa to take a picture of us. That was also a task.

We went to visit Buck and the kids and to visit Kayla. We were on a windy bridge and Kalissa was just about to snap our picture and Lilly jumped into the picture…

Then Scotty yelled, “I want to be in the picture.”

Then the parents told the kids to get out of the picture…But I didn’t love this picture. My hair looked so gray. The wind was bad.

So…back at my house, we tried to get a picture…Just as Kalissa was going to snap the picture, Izzy jumped into my lap.

Then Izzy looked good but Jerry wasn’t looking at the camera.

Jerry was a good sport…we finally got this picture…not perfect…but we don’t care. We are happy.

Through it all, dogs and kids, just trying to get a picture, Jerry was a trooper. He’s such an easy going happy soul. I love it!

I had to laugh, I told Mary from Country Threads Chicken Scratch blog that Jerry and I were dating. Mary wrote to me, “You’ll laugh at this-I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how in the world do you have time to date???? Job, your own dogs, foster dogs, kids, cooking, gardening, quilting, and cross stitch!! How do you have the energy? Ha!!!

My answer, you find time and energy in life no matter how busy you are for the people you love and things you love. I’ll find time for Jerry…and I’m not having a garden this year. HA!!

As I said, I’m 100% happy. Wow. To be blessed with two great guys in my life is beyond anything I ever imagined. So with that…Welcome to the blog Jerry. Thanks for putting up with my crazy life!! I can’t wait to spend lots more time with you…

So readers…Jerry reads the blog so leave a comment…maybe a bit of advice on how to navigate the family…maybe a warning about my hobbies…maybe just a welcome message…anything you can think of…. I’m sure Jerry will love it. Also, survey time. Did anyone guess my news would be that I am dating someone??

191 thoughts on “Jo’s New News…”

  1. Ahh, I’m so happy for both of you, and I was suspicious as I continued reading your blog. Blessings
    and much happiness to both of you!

  2. I think this is one of your longest articles that I have read, so I agree that you are feeling happy! I am so happy for you and Jerry, enjoy every day!

  3. Congratulations, Jo! He looks really nice, just right for you. Welcome Jerry! And yes, I thought the new news would be that you have a man in your life. Two things told me…. You used the word “whirlwind”, and phrases like “ complete turn around” or “about flip”. Also it came hot on the heels of a blog where someone at your work asked you about dating. That all said to me that it was a fella. I wish you all happiness together. God bless.

  4. Congratulations…life is better when you have someone to share it with, I’m so happy for you and Jerry.❤️

  5. I couldn’t be happier for you Jo, and welcome Jerry and i hope that you both make some wonderful memories together

  6. Elizabeth Withnell

    I wasn’t totally surprised by your news and I am thrilled for you both. Enjoy each other and have fun. You both deserve it!

  7. Jo!!!! I am so, so happy for you! And, nope I wouldn’t have guessed that.
    Jerry, I know that you already know this, but you are one very lucky and blessed man to have such a wonderful woman welcome you into her heart, family & life.
    I know that there will be less quilting and cross stitching, but it is for the very best reason there could ever be. I look forward to hearing of more of your times together.
    Congratulations to you both!!

  8. Ha ha. I remember that post about no dating for you… and no, I had no idea what the whirlwind might be. I am thrilled for you both. Jerry, do you like thrifting?
    Hugs to you both.

  9. Pamela Dempsey

    I’m so,so happy and elated for you both! Congratulations ! You both deserve to be happy and loved !

  10. I was really surprised by your announcement. I thought that maybe you were moving. I am so HAPPY for you and Jerry! This is the best news. Enjoy every moment! You both look so happy in all of the pictures. I am so glad that God brought you together. God bless both of you!

  11. God Always knows Best- who and what we need. Each chapter of our lives is written according to His will. I’m glad that you are finding that you need him and Jerry needs you. You both share this common bond in your health and who can understand you better than someone who has faced the same challenges. Jo God wants you to live your Best life possible and I really believe He put you together.
    As you both get to know each other May you both find Gods hand is never too short to be wrapped around your shoulders in His Grace.
    I’m so excited for your new chapter to be explored.The Bible says “two are better than one- for if one falls- the other can lift him up.”
    Blessings june

  12. Congratulations Jo, you both look so at peace together, enjoy life’s special moments. But Jerry – keep a close eye on your shirts and t-shirts!
    Much happiness to all the family.

  13. Hey Jerry!

    Have you gone back into the archives of Jo’s blog? You will get to know her pretty quickly (IMHO) by doing so.

    After my first husband divorced me I figured I’d be alone for the rest of my life. God had other ideas. Darrell and I have been together for over 12 years now. To this day I feel like I’m dreaming and yet here he is next to me in living/breathing reality. Hope the same comes about for the 2 of you. It’s great to have a partner in life to share everything – the good and the bad.

    (in northern Minnesota – about 2 hours from the Canadian border)

  14. Hey, Jerry! This is Mary from Country Threads – I’d say Jo made a great trade – she got you and gave up the garden! Haha! I did just shake my head and wondered how she could do it all plus date – good heavens, I don’t do a fraction what she does and I’m just lucky my husband wants to watch his own tv in the evening so I can sew. I’d like to see a picture of your dogs – I’m a big dog person and I’m so happy that you are, too, because Jo is. Welcome to the blog, Jerry!

  15. Oh wow! That’s awesome news! Hi Jerry and welcome! I have been reading this blog since before Kramer got sick and I feel like I know Jo personally and am SO happy for both of you.

  16. Susan Smeltzer

    Jo, what a handsome fellow. You look great together. You both exude joy. If God has his hand in it, and you say He does, then it will be Fab. Blessings and happiness to you both.

  17. I kind of guessed that you might have met someone from hints you dropped. Jerry has a friendly face & from what you say he’s a great guy. Be happy, you two.

  18. Jo,
    This is wonderful news.
    So very happy for you to enjoy life with.
    God’s Timing is Perfect!!

  19. I’m so glad that you and Jerry found each other. You are such a caring and generous person and deserve all the happiness life has to offer. God has blessed you both!

  20. Welcome Jerry, I look forward to learning more about you, and fun times you and Jo make together. We all think she is a treasure.

  21. Jo, I am so excited for you! It was so fun to read your fairy tale story. Jerry sounds like a wonderful man. Both of you deserve not to be alone at this time in your life. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy each other!

  22. This is God’s plan to meet a companion. As for the gray in your hair: One of the very best things I ever did for myself was get “low lights” for a while. I transformed to gray hair so easy this way. Gray hair fits my skin tone, my age and has a natural look.

  23. I am so happy for both of you! I am a big believer in trusting God for a mate…He never fails you! It’s so wonderful to see you both so happy! The best is yet to come!

  24. I am so happy for you and Jerry. It is such a blessing to find love once but you are blessed to find it twice. It gives me hope that I may find someone to fill the loneliness in my life since I lost my husband. Sending prayers that you will continue to find happiness.

  25. I’m so happy for you and Jerry! Welcome Jerry, Jo is a very special lady! Don’t worry Jo about your cross stitch and quilting. You’ll make time when you want to. I hope you have the time of your lives. Hugs,

  26. Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome ! I am sooo happy for both of you that you found each other ! I pray many blessings and adventures for you both !!!‍❤️‍

  27. Beryl in Owatonna

    How exciting!! I didn’t have a clue. I don’t know how you squeezed in something else to do…you never seem to have a minutes’ rest!! You have the best family, they will support you in whatever happens. Looks like grandkids already think it is just fine!!
    Let God do the rest, He knows what and who we need. I will be praying for God’s direction for you.
    Jerry, you are being welcomed into an amazing family!!

  28. You both look very happy and that is wonderful to see. I’m glad your children are all supportive of you and Jerry. Enjoy your time together, as a second chapter is not something every widows or widower gets.

  29. So happy and excited to hear your wonderful news. Your joy leaps off the post and straight to my heart. I keep thinking about the old saying, mankind makes plans and God laughs! Praise God you were open to a new direction for your life. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  30. So happy for you both! I want to let Jerry know he has met the most positive woman on earth! I’ve never met Jo but through her blog I know her and all the Kramers ,they are a wonderful family! This was great news ,you deserve all this happiness!

  31. I too am thrilled to hear of you two getting together! I pray for every blessing, great joy, and love in your future life together! No one deserves happiness more than our Jo! : )

  32. Jo Jo Jo, I am so happy for you. You give so much to other people and things in your life, it’s good to see you having some goodness and happiness given back. Prayers for this to continue for many years to come. Good luck.

  33. Jerry, you are the luckiest man on earth to have Jo in your life. I pray God blesses you with many happy times together.
    Ok now, spill the beans. What sports? What teams? Are you a sports watcher or is your shirt an indication that cycling may be a choice for you? Very happy you found each other!

  34. Peggie Riccio

    Hi, Jo! First time commenter, but a long time reader and and every-once-in-a-while buyer from your daughter! I began following you and your great family just about the time that Kramer really got sick. I have loved with you, cried with you, and generally looked forward to everyday jumping right in with you, as if I had a right to it! Your frustrations with your medical treatments and ‘the system’ were all read with angst, but were followed by many prayers for you and your family. I haven’t even brought up your lovely flowers, your beautiful hobbies, and your kids and all your pets. Whew! When you began to ‘hint’, I thought of it but pushed it out of my mind as I knew how you felt. Well, I only have one thing to say….GOOD FOR YOU AND JERRY!!!! I hope you have a long and wonderful relationship, wherever it takes you both. God seems to want that, so hold on and go for the ride. You deserve it.
    -Peggie Riccio
    Fremont, NH

  35. What a great story! I especially think it’s wonderful how Kalissa went forward with the match. She must have great “instincts” for sensing compatibility, putting two and two together, and then taking a chance. By the way, if you haven’t ever seen it, there’s a 2007 romance movie with a happy ending about trusting one’s instincts when it comes to matchmaking that you and Jerry might enjoy called “Arranged.”

  36. You never know what God will bring into your life! I met my marvelous husband online after feeling like I’d never meet anyone who would not be scared off by my five kids – I’d been divorced for a couple of years. But my husband and have been married for 22 years and are still madly in love with one another. He knows all about my health issues and is very supportive.
    How thrilled I am for you to have this wonderful man in your life! God never gave us an “expiration date,” so we never know how much time we have, with or without health issues, but I know you will cherish every minute you enjoy with this man!

  37. I was shocked to say the least! But I am also very very pleased that you have now gone on to a different phase in your life.
    Jo -Jerry sounds like what we call A Keeper!
    Jerry -welcome to Jo’s life and know that she is also A Keeper! This is a truly fantastic family you have popped into. Write something on Jo’s blog every now and then -we would love to hear your thoughts on Jo’s life (and yours).
    You two deserve the best rest of your lives so enjoy every moment.
    Sorry to hear about the garden loss but you have a wonderful excuse.

  38. Joining with the others in congratulations on your whirlwind! We all wish you every happiness and good health. May God bless you as you gain more understanding of each others personalities in the journey. Such an exciting time.

  39. HaHO I just KNEW this was going to be your big news!!! I didn’t know your guy’s name would be Jerry, though. That is my hubby’s name and I’ve always found men with that name to be absolutely wonderful in my personal experience. I am so thrilled for you and you two are adorable together!

    The only advice I have is keep communication open and kindly honest, it brings forth only good fruit. What I mean by kindly honest is when a negative experience is had share how it makes you feel and what would make you feel better kindly. Avoid being “nice” and strive to be kind, they’re two very different things. I’m sure you both will have a wonderful relationship. Blessings to you both!

  40. Judy - Michigan

    Welcome to the blog Jerry! Jo is a great lady with a lot of talents. Along with that she has a wonderful family. You are a lucky man to have found them.
    Many blessings to the two of you!

  41. Becky Gilliam

    LOL, you came out of left-field on this one, but I am thrilled for you and for your happiness. Yes, you can find the time/energy to do about anything you want to do, so you will find a way to work this out – just like you found time to cross-stitch and still find time to quilt. And yes, this definitely sounds like a ‘God-thing’ in your life.

  42. Barbara Firesheets

    Welcome to the blog Jerry! I’m so happy you and Jo found each other and are having a great time! Enjoy your journey wherever it takes you both.

    Survey answer: No, I didn’t guess that you are dating someone. My first thought was that you had become a cross stitch designer and have been working on getting your patterns published! Maybe there’s another adventure in your future?!?

  43. Congratulations! Lovely pictures of all of you. The t-shirt suggests Jerry may be a bicyclist. That is another great hobby.

  44. Wow! The smiles on your faces say it all! So genuine ! Jerry you are one lucky man to have Jo in your life.
    Yes…please pictures of your dogs Jerry!

  45. GOOD FOR YOU!!! So happy the Lord put Jerry in your life!! And yes, I did guess; just figured you’d spill the beans when the time was right!! There’s so much doom & gloom in the world right now, it’s wonderful to hear news that makes me smile all over!! Congrats, Jo–you go girl!!

  46. Caryn in Eastern Washington

    So happy for you and Jerry, Jo! The Lord sometimes works in mysterious ways, but He always knows what we need. Enjoy each other!

  47. Congratulations to you and Jerry! So often the best people come into your life when you least expect them! Cherish every moment!

  48. I am so happy for you both! God is truly the Author of happy surprises, and He only has the best for each of us. May He continue to bless you both and keep you in the center of His perfect will for your life.

  49. Gayle Richards


    This is my first time on your blog. Been reading about you and your family for a long time since before Kramer passed away. Now that you have someone in your life, life is too short to be alone. Very happy that you met Jerry. Wish you all the best.
    Nanny G.

  50. Jo – I could not be happier for you and Jerry. This is such great news! Hobbies and crafts are good but they never take the place of a warm body with a beating heart. Cross stitching and quilting may just have to take a backseat to getting out and enjoying the world with your person.

    I’ll bet whatever Jerry’s been doing in his spare time isn’t nearly as interesting as being with you and he is happy to scale back on those things too.

    Take one day at a time and enjoy each day to the fullest. Sorry cross stitching, mamma’s getting her groove back!!! Best wishes to you both!

  51. Susan the Farm Quilter

    It’s interesting how God puts people together! Never expected this news today, but so happy for you both!! We plan our lives and then God puts a twist in to keep things interesting!! Love this kind of unexpected!!

  52. Hi Jo, I have been following you and your family’s lives it’s seems forever and I feel like we are life long friends. I couldn’t be happier for you all. Jerry seems like a wonderful guy and I wish you both the very best life has to offer you. Look forward to hearing all about this exciting new chapter. Cheers Ros from Australia.

  53. I am happy for both of you and hope all things work out well with the dogs, schedules, etc. Enjoy life.

  54. I’m so happy for you! Welcome Jerry! Yes, I was pretty sure this was what your news was going to be. I was surprised though when you started dropping hints because of all of your previous declarations. My mom lost her husband to Covid. I would be thrilled if she met a nice man. Congrats to you both!

  55. Enjoy, my current husband and I were married 50 years ago and ended up divorced (long story). Had not spoken in 40 years and after both of our spouses passed re-met at our daughter’s house. After a short while went out to dinner and movie and ended up remarried 3 weeks later on the original date (easier for him to remember [lol]). God does put them there, pushes, and says be happy.

  56. Have come to know you & family thru this blog, love the intro to Jerry and your new addition to your wonderful family. My first husband & I were married for 32 years when one evening he said we needed to talk: actually he talked & I listened. His statement was “he was done with me”. Trust me I’ll never forget
    that evening. But like you and so many commenters- I believe Gad has a plan for each of us. So I’m jumping into the band wagon and saying welcome Jerry and yeehah to you both.

  57. Great news! ♥️ Also, would Buck consider a redhead? And possibly move to Alaska? Just a thought. My daughter is in the same position.

    1. Buck is 32 with three kids…I can always pass along information. Is Alaska a must? Iowa can be cold too!!

  58. Congratulations Jo and Jerry! I am so happy for both of you. Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly and unplanned. Jerry sounds like a great guy, I am thrilled that you found one another, your happy smiles are well deserved. Lassie will come around, really Jo, how could a dog not love to be around you?

  59. I am so happy for you! Live large and love life, that’s what my husband would say to me (he died almost 3 years ago–you have been a source of solace and comfort). Wishing you all the best

  60. You guys are so cute! Jerry, welcome to the wild world of crafting/family/kids/adventures! You both look so happy and I’m ecstatic for you both!!!

  61. Denise Briese

    I am so so happy for you. This is the best news I’ve ever heard.! you deserve to be happy and have a wonderful man in your life again!

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