Time with the Girls

When I had my doctor appointment last week I invited the girls to go along.  I thought we could mosey over to Lacrosse and mosey back….shopping or stopping wherever we wanted along the way.

All three of my girls were with, Kelli, Kayla and Kalissa.  That doesn’t happen often.

We started out with lunch at Greengrass Cafe.  It was really good.

We made pit stops at Once Upon a Child for maternity clothes for Kalissa…Stopped at the Gap outlet where Kayla found these!  Check out the flying geese along the sides!  Kayla loves Gap.


While Kalissa and Kayla were there Kelli and I were at Hobby Lobby.  We finally (I hope) figured out beads for the bracelet I’ve been wanting to make. (More on that here).

It was later by the time we were finally heading home.  As we drove into Hokah, Minnesota I was hoping the little shop that I’ve been wanting to stop at was open.  Check out the quilt block…We drive through Hokah every time we go to Lacrosse.  I’ve seen this quilt block and thought stopping at the store would be fun.  Finally I was going to get to go….




We did peak in the window though….


We loved the wreath made with crochet thread…and the spool heart.  We could see other interesting things too.

Oh we’d have loved to shop….alas.

We went a little further down the street and found a yard sale.  Kayla was the winner of the day there…she got a box full of old vintage crochet leaflets, a box of old Work Basket magazines and a box of old embroidery patterns…total price $5.  Kelli also got a neat red tin platter like piece that was neat for a $1.

Next time going through Hokah, I’ll stop at the little shop…because now after my last medical report..we know I’ll be back.  At least the trip will bring me something to look forward to…It was really nice to have the girls with.  We don’t have “girls” day nearly often enough.

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