Time with the Friedman’s

With Craig working at the farm, things have changed here a lot as to how much I see the boys as well as Kalissa and Craig.  Kalissa ended up hiring someone who is nanny for them a bit.  I close childcare at 5pm so now on the days that Kalissa is working 12 hours day shifts as a nurse in the local ER, the nanny comes and picks up the boys and takes them home.  This is working great for them..and most days it works good for me too.  There are some days that I miss seeing Kalissa and Craig though.  I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it for forever.  I love my grandkids…but I love their parents too.

When Craig had his other job I’d often see him a couple nights a week and he’d have supper here…now I don’t see him nearly as much.  Kalissa had a very busy work week so I’ve not seen her either.

So, Friday night Craig was working late.  They were chopping hay so we decided to have a “pizza party” with Kalissa, the boys and me.  Kalissa and I have both been trying to walk a little more and Carver loves going for a walk so we did that first.  We walked our usual path until we got to the park.  Carver begged to go and compromised with us that he could go for “just a whittle bit”.  Kalissa set her timer for 8 minutes and he was great for that.  When we done, he said, “Me go see Poppa’s Rock”.

So off we went.

Carver is all dirty faced from eating his cookies.

Kalissa took some really nice pictures.  Here is one I adore of Gannon…  I told Kalissa is should be his six month picture.  Isn’t it great!

Here’s me…I still sometimes have trouble believing this is where my life is….me alive.  Him not.

I was doing pretty good…not crying and then Carver picked up a dandelion and said, “Me blow it”.   Kalissa said, “Wait Carver, you have to make a wish before you blow it.  What do you wish for?”

My mind flew to what I wished for…and just like that my little almost three year old grandson said my wish.  He said, “I wish for Poppa Moo.”

Gotta admit…I got tears in my eyes.

As sad as it all can be.  I sure am blessed to have people that share my sadness.  It seems less overwhelming when people share it with me…even this little guy.

Poppa Moo wouldn’t want us to dwell and be a bawling mess so we picked ourselves up and headed to my house for the promised “pizza party”.    Craig made it back and we ended up having a good day in spite of a few sad moments.

15 thoughts on “Time with the Friedman’s”

  1. Yes, it brought tears to mine too. Grieving is difficult but eventually we get through it. Your grandsons are adorable.

  2. Those two little boys are so dang cute!! I’m so glad that your family is so close (both physically and emotionally) where you can love and support each other through this hard spot that you’re going through in your life right now. Hugging and living on those sweet little guys would brighten anyone’s day for sure. My prayers of peace and comfort continue on for you and your family.

    Lots of LOVE,
    Aletha in Colorado

    P.S. I don’t want to bother you Jo, as I know your life is crazy busy…but I would like to purchase one of your quilt books published by you and Kelli. If you have a free minute could you email me and let me know how I would go about getting one?? Thanks!!

  3. Those sad moments certainly come, and that’s right for someone you all loved so much. But what a blessing to then have those same people join you for dinner or a walk or any old thing so you can also build new memories together.

  4. Beautiful story! Jo, I still remember my grampa and he died when I was almost 3. I can still see his smiling face and hear his voice, and I’m 63 now! Your grands will remember Papa Moo more than you think they will.

  5. Poppa Moo is sure to be smiling down on his family. Love doesn’t end just because he isn’t here in body. He is here in your souls. Carver is just so darned cute and Gannon oh my, that picture of him laying in the grass. So adorable.

    Sending you lots of love, hugs and prayers.

  6. I love my time with my children and grandchildren too. Being away from them is hard too.
    My parents left this world for Heaven 2 & 4 years ago. I still tear up. It ‘s ok. Something happens and I think something like “they would have loved this” or “this would have driven them crazy”. It’s ok. :-)
    Love and prayers

  7. Those are sad/happy moments and memories. My boys were almost exactly the same ages apart as Carver and Gannon. Nice to see them together.

  8. Good for you both to try and walk more. You all need to stay strong in all ways possible to be there for those precious kids and for each other. The photo of you with the stone and the sun….oh man, that got to me. It’s a beautiful, heartbreaking photo. I saw a story about a grad who had her late serviceman father photoshopped into her graduation photos as a shadow. Maybe some of you have seen it. I about bawled my eyes out.

  9. Love the picture of you by Kramer’s stone. It really captures your life right now… sunshine and shadows. Praying for peace during those difficult moments. ❤

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