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The 4th of July was a bit of a miserable day. My daughter Kalissa and her family were planning a 4th of July party that we intended on going to…but it rained. Rather than do nothing, we ended up at my house for lunch and family time.

It did rain on and off. During the rainy time, we were indoors. Craig brought the board game Modern Art and taught Kelli how to play. That game has grown on me. Initially, I didn’t have the hang of it but that has since changed and now I like it.

During one of the no rain times, Craig and Karl went out and trimmed up my willow tree. I love the tree but like people always say, willow trees are a lot of work.

It grows so incredibly fast. It was great to have the help for trimming and clean up. Craig helped Karl with the garden tiller too.

Here Gannon and Eli were playing on the slide while the tree trimming was happening.

Jerry was over for the fun. Here he got conned into playing Candyland with Georgia. He’s a good sport and doesn’t mind playing.

Here’s another picture of us playing…by the way, I won. Georgia lost. She did a great job being the loser. Sometimes she doesn’t like losing and throws a fit. This time she was great.

Saturday was another day with family. Jerry and I took care of the boys while Kalissa went to get groceries and Craig was working. This time Jerry got roped into playing Mario Kart with Carver. Jerry’s arm didn’t have to be twisted too hard. Carver was a good sport and let Jerry win a time or two. Carver’s pretty good so Jerry is going to need to up his game. HA!!

Jerry teasingly said he wanted some kind of baked good…I ended up making chocolate chip cookies. Here is Anders eating one. Check out his chocolate face. HA! The cookies were a hit with kids and adults. HERE is the recipe if you’re wondering.

After Kalissa came back we broke all the rules of eating at my house. We ate in the living room. I have a blanket chest that we used as a coffee table. I cut up strawberries, melon, grapes, summer sausage, and cheese. We had that all with crackers…We did that because the Indiana Fever game was on and Jerry and I wanted to watch it. The coffee table became our table and we all munched. I didn’t have Paramount+ so Kalissa helped us set that up and ended up staying to watch the game with us.

What an AWESOME basketball game. It was so fun and so exciting.

After they left, Jerry and I tried to decide what we wanted to do. Church was on the agenda. Jerry is Catholic…me, I was raised Lutheran. Kalissa has been going to a non-denominational church and has enjoyed that. We’ve talked a lot about church and what we want to do. The only thing we really know is that we want to go to church together…so this week it was Catholic church at Jerry’s church. Next week, who knows?

After that, we headed to a local bar for supper. The place is called the LT Tap. It’s in Little Turkey, Iowa. It really isn’t a town and honestly I don’t think it would be on a map. There is a church, a bar, and about 5 houses. There is a cemetery too. That’s it. People drive from all around to go because they have great food.

We had a great time spending time together and taking time for the family too. Jerry is such a good sport with the kids. They totally accept him. I love seeing that…Jerry gets just as many hugs from the kids as I do.

With that, the weekend wound down. Sunday was around the corner and Jerry works on Sundays so it’s back to the grind of not seeing each other for a few days. All in all…a great long weekend!!

8 thoughts on “Time with Family”

  1. Fun with games! We have a young family at my church. She is Lutheran and he belongs to the Pentecostal church. They go every other Sunday to the Lutheran service and the next Sunday they go to the Pentecostal one. This works great for them and their children! The important thing is to find what works for you and it looks like you are figuring it out!

  2. Oh what fun times! The kids are growing so fast and really enjoy Jerry – at least it seems that way. So glad you get some time together alone too.

    1. Does Jerry like antiques and thrifting as much as you do?

      Those grandbabies are all gorgeous! Looks like a great time in spite of the rain!

  3. Martha W in WY

    Games are so fun. A player’s personality really comes out when playing a game. Jerry looks like he is really enjoying playing with the family.

  4. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I’m happy for you Jo. And it sounds like you had a nice 4th of July despite the weather. You made the best of it.

  5. Marlene Clausen

    As mature adults, the “church thing” is a whole lot easier to resolve than for a young family. I’m Missouri Synod Lutheran and my second husband was a Jesuit raised Catholic. He went to church with me when there were “no clouds in the sky” so he couldn’t be struck by lightening. I went to mass with him after coming home from early service . We were in Europe a lot and Catholic churches are a lot easier to find than Lutheran, so we usually went to mass. As for BB!! I’m a Tennessee Vol and alum but I wear my Hawkeye shirt out and about a lot here in Tennessee.

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