Tidbits From My Email…

I thought I would share a few emails that have been sent to me from readers…

The first comes from Leslee. After her father passed away, she took his shirts and made a quilt for her mother.

She said she was inspired after seeing the Show Off quilts that both my daughter Kelli and I made. This is Kelli’s version…

You can read about it HERE. Such a fun quilt. Kelli made hers from recycled shirts.

The quilt is easy construction and goes together quickly. If you ever need a fast donation or gift quilt, this one is a good option. Basically, the blocks are already done and you’re only making the sashing…and in Kelli’s case the piano keyboard. For me, I left off the piano keyboard.

This is my version. You can read about it more and see pictures HERE.

I made mine as a wedding present for someone who liked the vintage farmhouse look. That’s why I left off the outer pieced border. Vintage Farmhouse is more a plain clean look and I think this fell into that category.

The quilt is not Kelli or my design idea. The pattern is free and can be found at Quilted Twins. You can find the free pattern HERE.

I’m so pleased our work inspired Leslee to make a quilt from her mother.

I recently wrote a blog post about how I had not heard of a potato chip quilt. You can find that blog post here if you missed it.

Anyway Robin wrote that she had made two potato chip quilts and sent pictures to share them. I thought I would share them all with you…

Robin writes:
I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to write to you about my Potato Chip quilts.  I saw the pattern on Conquering Mt Scrapmore.  I had 2 Kaffe Fasset jelly rolls and knew they would be perfect.  For the red one, I paired it a black jelly roll. 

For the blue one, I paired it with a purple jelly roll. 

I used 108” KF to back both.  The red quilt was donated to be auctioned off at our local ALS Chapter Gala.  (I have slow progressing ALS and have made many adaptations to be able to sew from my power wheelchair.  Pre-cuts and a very cooperative husband have helped me to continue a craft that I love!)  The blue quilt was made for my sister, after her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident.  So both quilts meant a lot to me.  I want to do another for me.”

If that doesn’t inspire me to make a potato chip quilt, nothing will. HA!! I do have some Kaffe prints and even a jelly roll I think. Hmm. I really like these both. For now, I’m holding strong and sticking with my UFO projects, I’d really like to have fewer of them and as long as I’m on a roll, I better stick with it. Soon, I hope, soon I’ll be picking some projects and likely be making a potato chip quilt!!

Thanks for sharing these notes with me Robin and Leslee. I love seeing fun things in my email….

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  1. I just finished a potato chip quilt similar to Robin’s, using a solid color for the middle round. I received a kit from the charity group I sew for that will be all scrappy. I enjoy using the kits from that group because all the pieces are cut and it makes for fast sewing while I watch tv.

  2. Such pretty quilts and the sentiments behind them make them even more precious. I have Show Off on my “make one of these days ” list but I’m like you and want to finish some of my UFOs first.

  3. If you join the Conquering Mt. Scrapmore with Brenda Facebook page, you can download a book of 33 different Potato Chip patterns. Thirty-three scrappy patterns for free!!

  4. Jo, I can’t find your email address, so I’m leaving this here. I hope that’s ok. My mother died in December and left a small portion of a handpieced grandmothers flower garden hexie. I’m not able to do hand work any longer and I am hoping to mount/frame what she has done. Any suggestions of how to do this? I do have coordinating fabric to cover a background/board but no idea how to get to a finished product. Thanks for any/all suggestions. Sue. reads44460 at yahoo

    1. I would take it to a frame shop and see if they have any suggestions. You can just go in and inquire. You can always take it home and do it yourself. I’m sure they would have some great ideas.

  5. Because of your blog I ended up at the Quilted Twins blog years ago. Thank you so much. I ended up making a quilt from preowned quilts much like the quilt shown in your blog today but each square had the section of shirt with the pocket. This was back in the good old days when thrift store shirts were 10 cents a quilt. Many thanks for the referral.

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