Thursday’s Afternoon Adventure

The weather here in Iowa has been everything except delightful.  We are either in the deep freeze-in a blizzard or have a couple inches of snow just bad enough to make driving now so fun.  Since the beginning of February Hubby and I have been wanting to get away but it seems every three days, something in the weather makes traveling hazardous.

Thursday our daughter Kalissa needed to go from Calmar to Waverly.  She lives in Calmar and currently has nursing clinicals in Waverly.  The weather was not so good so about mid morning she called the instructor to make sure everything was still on schedule to go.  The instructor said yes so Kalissa made plans to leave 2 1/2 hours early for a drive that would typically take one hour.

She called home a little stressed about the whole drive and I said to Hubby maybe I should take the truck and drive her.  He scuffed a little and I didn’t push it.  An hour or so later I got a call and she was in the ditch.

Hubby said let’s go get her.  He was afraid Kalissa wouldn’t be up for driving so I was to ride along and drive the pick up back and Hubby would drive the car.  Honestly, I didn’t know if I was up for driving if the roads were going to be bad but at least I had the truck.

To keep my mind busy and off the roads I did some work on the way in the car.


Typically I have something ready to grab and work on.  Today, this was it.  About 45 minutes later we found her along with the wrecker.


Thankfully one of the nicest good Samaritans ever was on the road behind Kalissa.  She stopped when Kalissa went into the ditch.  She called the wrecker.  She waited with Kalissa in the car the entire time until we got there.  She was AMAZING.  A huge shout out to Julie from Fredericksburg, Iowa.  Thanks for taking care of our girl.

The car had some damage.  We were able to get it to the shop but it will be there a day or two…

She missed her clinicals and as I write this, we still haven’t heard from her instructor nor do we know the repercussions of missing class.  In the long run, she’s okay and that’s all that really matters.

5 thoughts on “Thursday’s Afternoon Adventure”

  1. as you say, the fact that Kalissa is ok is everything in the world, and the rest can be fixed.
    We’ve been snowed in since Tuesday but hope to be able to get out later today, so you’ve got my sympathies on that score too.
    Hopefully Kalissa’s instructor will be lenient in this situation and allow her a make-up day for her clinicals.
    My special thanks go out to Julie from Fredericksburg as well, for all that she did to help out.

  2. God DOES provide us with his angels of mercy doesn’t He? This must have Kalissa pretty upset, too. We’ve had freezing sleet here just south of Kansas City in Belton. So we’re socked in for the day. I’m going to finish up a couple of UFO’s, and fix a big pot of chili for supper.

  3. My husband and I have been semi-seriously discussing moving out of Iowa, with the ugliness we’ve had week after week this winter, and more to come, we’re sure. But nearly every state we mentioned has some weather dilemma or natural disaster potential we would not want to face. So I guess we stay in Iowa and wait for spring (and flooding and then tornadoes). A vicious cycle, isn’t it?
    Glad to read that Kalissa is safe, and hopefully her instructor will cut her some slack.

  4. I am glad Kalissa is all right. Stupid instructor to hold the students to clinicals when the driving conditions are so horrible!!! Vivian, there are many states here in the west that have 4 seasons, but not the extremes of Iowa. In the Pacific Northwest, rainy on the coast, much drier on the eastern sides of both Washington and Oregon. The coast gets the earthquakes, interior, not so much! Northern Nevada is lovely as well. Extra: Washington and Nevada have NO state income taxes, Oregon doesn’t have sales tax (but their real estate taxes are high). Stay safe the rest of the winter!!!

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