Thursday Auction

Last week there was an auction on Thursday night.  The last time I went to an auction at this auction house I had a great time.  It was the time Kalissa and I both went and we both had a truck load to bring home.  Hubby and I had gone up the night before and there were a few things I was interested.

I got to the sale and was there just a bit when Hubby called me and said Karl’s car broke down on his way to Texas.  I was upset about it and really didn’t want to be at the sale anymore.  My heart wasn’t in it.  Prices seamed high.  There were lots of other “junkers” there.  Karl was stranded.

Ah…I wanted a box of sewing machine accessories that was on the sale.  Maybe there wouldn’t be any sewing lovers at the auction…who knows.  I couldn’t help Karl if I was in Iowa and he was in Missouri.  I waited and worried.  I knew Karl could do what he could on his own and okay.  I just had to let him.  Ugh.  Being a mom is hard.  He wouldn’t want me to leave the sale so I stayed and waited for that box of sewing machine accessories.

While I waited I bought all you see in the next three pictures for a total of $2.

(Ignore my dirty kitchen.  I was snapping picture of the things while I was cleaning…I was talking to Kayla as she’s usually a good source on pricing things for resale.  These pictures were suppose to be for Kayla’s eyes only…but by the time I’m getting to writing this post, the items are already cleaned, priced and boxed ready to take to the antique booth…so you get to see the uncensored pictures)

Also on the sale were these noodle making attachments.  I wanted them and had plans to bid on them.  The noodle making stuff was in two different lots and the two lots weren’t selling at the same time.

I already have a noodle maker so only make plans to buy the attachments.  Then as I was standing there thinking about them I started wondering if these attachments would fit my noodle maker.  Darn!  I have not idea I couldn’t remember the brand of my noodle maker.  Darn.  About then the noodle maker came up to bid on.  I was pretty sure that my noodle maker had blue on the box.  Oh no…it was for sale.  Bidding was happening now.  UGH.  What do I do?  Bid or not bid, it’s now or never.  I ended up bidding.  Ah…should I be bidding?  I didn’t know.  I bought the noodle maker.  I figured worse case, I’d give one to Kayla to use in her class room…or more than likely, borrow all of it to her.  So now I had two noodle makers…one from the auction and one at home.  I had no accessories…and was less $30 for buying the noodle maker.

About 15 lots later the accessories came up for sale.  They were all in one flat together.  I bid on them immediately after all that’s what a really wanted.  $12.50 and they were mine.  YAHOO…now I just had to wait for that box of accessories.

I called Kayla on the way home and we’re hoping to have a noodle making day before she goes back to school.

That box of sewing accessories was getting closer but first I had to sprint over to the other auction ring as there was a planer Hubby wanted. (there were two auctioneers selling in two different rings at the sale)  I bought that for him and then hurried back the first ring to see if the sewing machine accessories were selling yet.  Nope.

I was so bored waiting.  All I could do was think about Karl.  Trying to figure out how to help him.  I couldn’t think of a thing.  Then all of a sudden my mind clicked off my problems and heard the auctioneer say box of dolls patterns.  What?  I didn’t remember seeing that.

I looked at the screen.  Hmm.  The auctioneer couldn’t get a bid.  I ended up bidding.  $2 and all this was mine…Lucky me right??

A few more lots and finally we were getting closer to the sewing machines.

They couldn’t get a bid on this machine….I tried really hard not to bid on it.  But I did and it came home with me.

I tired really hard not to buy this one either…but it came home too.  $4 each.

Both will clean up fine.  I’ll likely resell them or if nothing else I’ll donate them to the thrift store and the person will get a clean machine in working order.  I thought they were to good to go in the landfill and that’s what happens to much of the stuff that doesn’t sell.

Thank goodness there were only two machines that sold before the accessories flat.  I’d likely have ended up with more machines!!

I stayed as I wanted this box of sewing machine accessories…which I got.

There were about 12 sewing machines on the sale.  Two sold before the box of accessories and the rest were after.  I thought I might go home after the accessories but then I remembered this machine.  I had actually wanted this one.  NOT FOR THE MACHINE.  What you can’t see is that on the other side of the machine is one of those wooden boxes that folds out flat that holds a set of sewing machine accessories.  I thought others might not know that as the only bidders see when bidding is a big picture up on a screen.  Bidders don’t see the actual items.  But alas…someone else knew that was there as the machine with the accessory box went for $50.  Way to salty for me!!

There were more things at the sale I might have bid on but my mom brain was screaming at me to leave….I just couldn’t take not talking to Karl and checking on him anymore.  I had to leave the auction.  So I turned in my bidding number and collected my items….but this auction story doesn’t stop here.  I’ll tell you the rest of the story in the next blog post.

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  1. I’m a little late with this comment, but here it goes. Do whatever needs to be done for your shoulder. Many commented how happy they were to have it fixed. I have a flip side. My mother has a completely “disconnected” tendon. When she first felt the issue she went to the doctor. He didn’t catch it. (Don’t get me started on how the elderly in my mom’s area are treated by the so called health practitioners). After many, many long months of pain he finally discovered the issue. It’s too late for her now at 82 to risk having any reconnective surgery. She cannot lift her arm past a certain level. Can’t hook her own bra. Can’t fix her own hair, and the list goes on. Worst of all is the random shooting pains she gets. She still quilts and tries to live as fully as she can given the arthritis and other issues. The point is, if the doc had caught it when it first happened, when she was younger, it could have been fixed and she would be better off. Breaks my heart.

  2. Susan from Kentucky

    Wow, you hit pay dirt on that Marcrest set. Someone on Etsy has just the mug and pitcher set listed for $149.00!

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  4. My mother had the brown cookie jar and pitcher and mugs. When I moved out of her house she gifted me the brown mugs this was when we did not have machine dishwashers just hand washing drying
    At my mothers house this were the hot chocolate mugs at my house this were the only drinking cups/mugs I had
    So I used one for my coffee and I was drinking the coffe then sat the mug down and got distracted when I came back to the mug I could see that the remaining of a previous use of the mug (? Chocolate residue) had loosened and floated to the top

    I trashed all the brown mugs and only use mugs that had a light colored inside.

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