Throwback Thursday: Wedding Dress Shopping

Each Thursday I reach back into the acchieves of the blog and pull out a post from the past, high lighting and giving you and update.  Today is one of those days.

Last year at about this time, I went wedding dress shopping in hopes of finding a wedding dress for Kelli.  I told you about it in this blog post.  That day I had snapped a couple pictures-teasing you…

but I never revealed her actual dress.

We did show you the dress when she got married on March 15th.

Can you believe we’ve fast forwarded a year and I am going wedding dress shopping again??

Yes, Saturday is the day.  This time around, we need a dress for Kalissa.

Kalissa and Craig have plans to get married next year on September 5th.

Kalissa is so unlike the other girls.  Kayla wanted more of a fitted dress with sleeves…Kelli wanted no lace (but ended up getting lace) and strapless…Our daughter in law Jen had been through magazines, found a few dresses she liked, found the bridal place that carried them and bought one.

Now Kalissa, she wants a poofy dress….the poofy-er the better!

If you’ve been a long time blog reader you’ll know this is will be our 4th wedding.  Kayla and Spencer got married in November of 2012, Buck and Jen in August of 2013 and Kelli and Jason in March of 2014…now Kalissa and Craig will be September of 2015.  After that, just one more to go…and he’s holding out for the right girl and hasn’t found her yet.

So say a little prayer for me for Saturday…I hate shopping and by far, Kalissa is my pickiest shopper.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Wedding Dress Shopping”

  1. Good luck! When my youngest sister got married she found her dress on her own……when my middle sister was looking for a dress she was adamant that she wanted one she had seen in a magazine.

    It looked horrible on her. After about 30 dresses she found one that was so different than what her style normally is it was funny. But she looked like a princess.

    When It was my turn to get married I had to “fast track” since I only had two months to get everything done. I found a dress that I loved……my mother and sister made me try one a bunch of other gowns….but when I walked out with the one I liked they both admitted that it was definitely “me”.

    I hate shopping too……so it was a good thing it did not take long!

    Have a happy year of planning and stressing…..and perhaps hope for a year without a wedding while your son waits for the right one to come along?

  2. I can only hope the whole wedding year goes as smoothly for you as my year did when my daughter got married this past August. What special times we get to spend with our daughters!! With six girls and one boy, we are three down and four to go!

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