Throwback Thursday: Gracie and Pepper

Every Thursday I go back in the archives and pull up a blog post or two from the past for the Throwback Thursday post.

As I am writing this, I looked a the calendar to see if there is anything about this time of year I could pick for my Throwback Thursday topic.  That’s when I remembered what time of year this is…

It was late September in 2012 that we had to put our beagle Gracie to sleep…oh she was a good dog.  She was out first beagle that we got via rescue.  She was five when we got her and eight when she left us.

She was one of those dogs that people say, “I didn’t save, the dog saved me.”  She was our “the kids aren’t home and mom’s getting lonely dog”.  She was a great companion.  I loved walking with her.  You can read about her story here.

This is also the same time of year we lost our farm dog Pepper.  It was October 1st of last year when we had her put to sleep after she got hit by a car and her leg was broken.  Pepper was a pup when we got her and 13 when she passed away.  She was very arthritic, slow and had some ugly looking lumps on her belly.  That made fixing the leg unrealistic.  It was time.


These two were the best walking companions.

I would easily walk a couple miles a day with these two.  I miss that…I miss them.

Ruby is good…Betsy is good but there is just something about older dogs that I love.  I love knowing that if Pepper did quit walking along that I’d find her sitting on the porch step at home.  Ruby she does pretty good off lease but she’s been know a time or two to “get rabbit fever” and take off when we’re walking.

Walking just isn’t the same without them.

So today I am remembering my two walking buddies…Gracie and Pepper.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Gracie and Pepper”

  1. {{hugs}} I know. I still miss my Annie, who has been gone two years. I miss her every day. You’ve written a wonderful tribute to both your missed companions. Made me teary eyed. =(

  2. It was those stories of your beautiful puppies that got me following your blog. Reading your blog is like having a cup of tea with my favourite aunt. Hard to believe a year has passed.

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