Throwback Thursday–Close Encounters April 28, 2012

A post from Kelli–

Last week I shared my idea on Throwback Thursday with you.  This week, Throwback Thursday is being brought to you by Gracie!  You can find her close encounters story here.

Gracie Walk

If you remember, Gracie was our wonderful beagle that mom had before Ruby.  She had been sick for a while and the vet told us that she likely had a floating tumor in her belly.  When they did surgery to remove the tumor, they found that it was actually her kidney that was covered with a tumor.  They also thought she may have signs of cancer as her spine was inflamed.  We made the choice to put her to sleep as she would have a high quality of life even if we had only removed her kidney.

As much as I love Ruby, Puppycat, and Betsy, I will always be grateful for Gracie.  Before Mom and Dad got her, we had never had a house dog.  When we got Gracie,lots changed.  It was so nice to have someone always there to greet you and it seems to me like she always had a sense of when you were having a bad day.  She would just climb up next to you and sit by you, almost as if to say “You’ll be fine.”  Gracie was also the one to show me that I wanted a dog for myself.  At the time, Jason was working lots (that still hasn’t changed) and we had just moved in together.  We lived in the country and I found myself pretty lonely.  When I brought up the topic of getting a dog, he wasn’t too happy with it, but after I explained to him that we were either getting a dog for me or he was going to have to be home a lot more, he quickly caved.  I think we got Puppycat within 2 weeks or so!

So Gracie–Thanks for being a wonderful dog, companion, and friend!


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday–Close Encounters April 28, 2012”

  1. Kelli, Your timing is perfect, we just had to put our Beagle, Barney, down on Monday. He also had a mass in his belly, apparently it’s very common with Beagles. Gracie is the reason I started following your blog – I loved the pictures of her sitting on your quilts. I remember her “close encounter” and was so glad to hear that she was okay. Never had to worry about that with Barney: we live in town and at 45 lbs we referred to him as “beaglezilla”. Love your stories about Gracie, Ruby, Puppycat, and Betsy, keep ’em coming. (the quilts are nice too. ) ;)

  2. That is so sweet and animals make the world go round and no matter what they all ways love you when you feel no one else does. I love stories and pics of your Puppycat but Ruby, just look at those eyes, she is something else.

  3. Lovely post Kelli, so many of us have our lives immeasurably enriched by the presence of our wonderful animals but perhaps not enough is said about it.

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