Throwback Thursday: Bottle Cap Trivet

Each Thursday I do a throwback Thursday post highlighting a blog post from the past.  Today is one of those posts.

I’ve been packing a little…not a lot but a little.  I’ve mostly started taking down decorations and packing away things that we don’t actually use.   The walls are looking a little bare.  Part of that makes me so excited and part a little sad.  I have been trying to do a box a day, hoping that I’ll actually have quite a few boxes already packed by the time we actually move.

As I was packing the other day I found my Bottle Cap Trivet went into the box.  This was such a fun project to do.

I was originally inspired to make it after I found this vintage trivet at the thrift store.

One of the reasons I loved making it was that it was a fun and easy travel project.

The one I made didn’t have a pattern to it like the original did….It might be fun to make another one that does.

I did a little tutorial on how to make it.  You can see that by following this link.  I even did a video that shows how to make them.

I’ll add this to my ever ending list of things I’d love to get time for…but until the house is done I might as well put it on the back burner.

If you even make one, send me a picture…I’d love to see it!

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