Throwback Thursday:

Each Thursday I do a throwback Thursday post highlighting a blog post from the past. Today is one of those posts.

This week I went why back in the archives back to 2009. I had made this quilt. At the time, this quilt was way out of the box for me. I made it for my newly born great niece.


This was a really fun quilt to make, in fact, I’d love to make one again. It’s one of those quilts that when I started out making it, I was really uncomfortable with the process but by the end of it, I was really comfortable and happy with now it came together.

It’s such a different sewing process when sewing something like this. There is no sitting at the machine for a long time. I was up finding a piece, sewing a couple on and then to the other blocks to see if my pieces was big enough to fit in.

I call these type of free form quilts bomb making quilts. I always end up with a sewing room that looks like a bomb went off in it! Lots of fun but VERY messy!!

I need another baby quilt – this time for a great nephew that was born just last week. I thought about making one of these so I went to the archives looking for the blog post so I could find the instructions on making the quilt. If you’re interested it’s a Victoria Findlay Wolfe design. You can find the free tutorial here if you’re interested.

Now that I see the quilt, I’m itching to make another but then again, I’m itching to make a quilt out of upcycled shirts too. Right now, I think the shirts are winning out. Either way, I need to get working on the baby quilt…that baby isn’t getting any smaller!!

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