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I am Facebook personally and have an account for the blog.  You can follow the blog account here.  I don’t post a lot there but some.  New blog posts are always listed there.

For the most part, I’m okay with Facebook.  There are of course things I like about it…things I don’t like about it too.  I HATE political season when people are posting fake news crap about their candidate.  I HATE when people do the vague “having a rough day” post with no details.  I LOVE the for sale groups.  I LOVE seeing pictures of my relatives, first day of school pictures, comments from family members that live a distance away.  One of my favorite features is the Time Hop App that I have that goes with Facebook.  Anymore in my life I’ve found for me Facebook is a necessary evil.

I wasn’t always okay with Facebook.  When the kids were little I remember Kelli and Kayla coming home from college thinking it was the thing.  They were old enough at that point to make choices for themselves….My younger children at home weren’t.  I so vividly remember Kalissa begging and begging to get Facebook.  At the time we ourselves didn’t know much about Facebook.  I didn’t have an account then…there was so much out there about stranger danger, Hubby and I were unsure about how to handle it.

It all came to decision time when we got this note from our then 13 year old daughter Kalissa.

The note says:
“Dear Mother and Father:
I have taken a recent internet in a new website called  I have spoken with you before about this matter but you have declined my request.  I have found that others have an account on Facebook.  The following is a BRIEF (listing) of people that I might associate with online:
Kayla Kramer
Kelli Kramer
Kasjen “Buck” Kramer
Karl Kramer
Alex Glass
Spencer Pins

I might add that this may cut our phone bill down because I can just send them a message instead of calling them.  I understand that there must be rules that come along with the privileged and I am willing to accept them.  I will reject anyone who I don’t know and use the name Kalissa Georgia instead of Kalissa Kramer.  I am well informed by the internet safety rules also and I am fully aware of the rules HOMEWORK AND CHORES COME 1st!!!

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Please return this letter by 9-1-08 (or sooner)

Kalissa Georgia
Down the hall
to the Left Street
Kramer Household

Your Daughter,
Kalissa Kramer”

Bahahahahah!!!!  I remember that she came into our bedroom at bedtime and presented the note then walked down to her bedroom.  Hubby and read the note and then did our very-very best not to bust out laughing.

This all happened 10 years ago.  My times have changed.  She was 13 at the time.  Here we are 10 years later and she’s pregnant with baby number TWO.

So did we let her get Facebook after that….well yes.  How does a parent say no to that??  She obviously understood our terms…minding the rules AND homework and chores were the priority.  I love the Time Hop app.  I had posted this letter on Facebook 5 years ago when I found it.  Just the other day it came up in Facebook feed.  It made me laugh all over again.  I thought you all might get a giggle from it too.

6 thoughts on “Throwback from Facebook”

  1. It’s priceless!! Gotta frame it!! I am impressed by her presentation of her argument in favor of her getting the Facebook access! Just goes to show once more, Jo, what awesome parents y’all are.

  2. Love it, Jo! Again, you have done a great job teaching your kids responsibility and thinking for themselves and respect for you. They sound like have a great work ethic but know how to have fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Colleen Pflieger

    My grandson wrote a note to his Grandma stating that he would never speed. Grandma had to produce it at a family gathering after it was found out he got his first ticket. Well, that we know of !!

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