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Early this summer I was on a thrifting trip and saw these boxes.  I thought they were kind of cute and considered buying them thinking they would be great to use for wrapping a gift.  Then I opened them up and read the tag.  It said, “$3 Box and Thread”.  Box and thread?  I opened it up and took a look.


I opened one and saw tags that said “Weeks Dye Works”.  WHAT????  It was packed full of thread.  I opened the other box and saw tags that said “Gentle Arts”.  Oh my oh my.  I grabbed up both boxes and put them in my cart.  These were coming home with me for sure!

For those of you who don’t cross stitch or do needle work, this was the find of the century for any stitcher.  Threads like these are about $2.40 per skein.  When I started cross stitching again I had wanted to start using Weeks Dye Works thread but it was so expensive.  I decided to go with DMC instead.  I’m a cheapo and I didn’t want to spend that much money.

Before I looked at the boxes to really see how full they were I rummaged and roamed through the craft section to see if there was anything else cross stitch related that I would like….nothing.  Hmmm.  That surprised me.  Typically when a person cleans out their goodies, there are lots of related items put out on the shelf.  This time, just the thread.  That’s okay.  This was still the find of the century.

The boxes were not my favorite way of organizing the threads.  The threads were suppose to be bagged and then a hanger attached to the bag.  Then the hangers were suppose to hang on hooks inside the box.  The problem, when I bumped the box the hangers came free.  UGH.

I ended up deciding to eliminate the hangers and clip them in a big binder clip like I have done with my DMC floss.  When I tried to remove the hangers, the bags ripped and didn’t work so I bought bags and reorganized the whole lot.  I love doing that putzy stuff.


This is what I ended up with…..thread-3

One set is the the Weeks Dye Works threads and the other is the Gentle Arts thread.  I spent $5 on the extra bag and rings so total I have $11 in my thread investment.  It’s making me smile…a really big smile.

I haven’t put all of these threads into my ap called Xstitch.  That’s the next thing I need to do.  One day over nap time or on a car trip, I’ll get it done.

I’m eagerly awaiting winter.  That’s about the only time I cross stitch.  The outside work sucks up all of my stitching time now.  That’s okay.  I like the variety and the seasons.  I know I say this all the time but I truly have the BEST thrift stores in my area….sadly we got news that the one in Calmar will be closing.  There was a problem with the lease on the building.  I definitely was sad when I heard that!!  Now that leaves one less place to find these great goodies!

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  1. What a deal….I wonder if you can buy those threads in my area for even that price you quoted—and I would only find them in a needlework shop in the big city….You have motivated me to stop today at a thrift shop ….you go with those threads…..not that I am not grateful to DMC for giving us a great product…

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