Thrifty Surprises!

I had a doctor’s appointment this week…Yep, you guessed it right.  I’m still not better.  She ended up treating me for walking pneumonia.  UGH.  No fun.  With the meds I am feeling some better which is a huge relief.

I go to the doctor in Calmar.  It’s about 20 minutes from here.  It is a small clinic with no means for testing so if I need any testing, I have to to go 10 minutes further to the “bigger” town, Decorah.  Well my doctor saw me on the list of people to be seen and had her nurse call me and requested that I go get a chest xray in Decorah before my appointment.  That’s what I did.

The time between the x-ray and the actual appointment left me with time I had to kill so I stopped at the thrift store.  I ended up finding a few things that I rarely see….

Quilts that are done but not bound….

This is put together with a backing and quilted but not bound…..

Here’s the backing…a nice soft flannel.
It was $5.  I stood there and debated and then ended up getting them for the charity quilt project.  There are volunteer binders out there.  I’m sure someone would be willing to bind these.

There was another one too.  Check it out….These fun butterflies are appliqued to the front…and the backing is pieced. It has a nice soft chenille.  
The only “problem” with this is that someone started out tying the quilt and then changed their mind and machine quilted instead.  I’ll need to go in and take out the ties…no big deal and it’s only in one small section.
This one would benefit from a nice bright colored binding to liven it up…purple maybe.  Then the butterflies will pop.

This was $5 too.  I figure I couldn’t buy the backing for that much!!

While I was there I also picked up a scrap bag…this time minky.  I always tell you that there’s no way of knowing what is in the bag.  The bags are sealed shut so it’s a guessing game.

This is what came in this bag…..
I think I’ll seam the pieces together and add a minky back.  It will be a nice size for over a car seat.

I think that bag was worth $3.  This could be a quick fun baby quilt…

I never know what I’ll find when I go…I certainly never expected to find these goodies!

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