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Here’s a fun tidbit. I’ve told you that I watch Flosstube on YouTube. I was watching Brenda and the Serial Starter last week and Brenda showed this. Oh, my word. I recognized the cross-stitch piece.

I think you all know that I sometimes pick up cross stitch and linen items at the thrift store and sell them to Deborah Harry. She makes AMAZING project bags with the stitched pieces. Then she sells them on Etsy.

Here is Brenda showing off the stitched bag. I bought that cross-stitch piece with the geese at my thrift store!! I sent it to Deborah. She made the bag and listed it on her Etsy shop. Brenda bought it…and now I’m famous. HA!! Not really but it sure was fun to see the bag in someone else’s hands.

I just loved the stitched piece when I bought it…so cute!! I was curious about what Deborah would do with it. It was long and narrow and sometimes that makes it hard to figure out how to use it. Deborah picked the perfect lace and fabric to go with it. How fun!!

I was so excited I had to stop the video and snap a picture….then I send it to my daughter Kelli. HA!! She immediately knew what the whole story without me telling her. So fun!!

You can find Deborah Harry’s Facebook Page HERE. She makes bags and then announces via her Facebook page when she will list them on Etsy. They get snapped up right away. You have to have quick fingers to get one. Follow her page to learn when the sales are…so fun! You’ll never find a bag more perfectly made.

Just thought I would share my fun thrifting story with you…

I was at the thrift store early in the week and came across this…It was a new in-the-bag embroidery baby quilt kit. Hmm. It was only $5. I immediately thought of Jazz. Then I wasn’t sure if she likes doing this kind as they are already quilted. Hmm. Do I get it, do I not? I decided I would get it…then I got to looking there were several. Hmm. What do I do? Do I buy them all?? I just didn’t know.

Also I didn’t know how much they were regularly priced if I bought one off Amazon. I was sure they were cheaper but I had no idea.

I ended up buying this one. Then I sent a message to Jazz and asked if she liked working on this kind. She said yes but likes the color chart. I knew the thread was there but didn’t know about the color chart. I opened it and checked. Yes, all there. I text-messaged the thrift store and told them I would take any kits that were remaining. I’m off to pick them up on the evening they are open late…then I’ll package them and send them to Jazz. I have no idea how many were left. When I was there I think there were about six…but some might have sold. That should keep Jazz busy.

She had hip replacement surgery but she loves to be busy…these will be perfect for her. If you’re reading this and want to send her a get-well or happy message, just leave a comment. I know she reads the comment section. Let’s send her some happy thoughts.

That’s my thrifty update for today.

27 thoughts on “Thrifty Fun”

  1. How fun it is to see you good buys put into a beautiful and useful item! I think you showed that piece after you bought it and it is so cute. I am sure those baby quilts are a good buy too.
    Jazz, I hope you heal quickly and will be running races soon! Thank you for making beautiful items for the littles.

  2. Jo, that is funny that your thrifty made it to the flosstube. You are famous.

    Jazz, I hope you are resting and will be back on your hips in no time at all.

  3. That’s too funny Jo and yes you are famous in many ways
    On another note with the baby quilt embroidery what I did was I unpicked the commercial quilting and then put a backing on and requilted it and then rebound it. That way my embroidery back work is not seen at all.

  4. Jazz I hope you’re feeling better as each day passes! Keep up your lovely work with the quilts. I know they are appreciated.

  5. Jazz, hope your recovery goes great and you enjoy a lot of hand projects.

    Jo, great thrift store finds and cute story.

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    Jazz, wishing you a successful recovery from your hip surgery. It’s nice to have our sewing to work on as we recover. You do such beautiful hand work to wrap those babies in.

  7. Hi Jazz, hope you are doing well and wishing you a quick recovery! Jo, I was watching Brenda and Laura and when Brenda showed that bag I thought of you immediately and wondered if you had sent her the embroidery.

  8. When I was pregnant with my first child I did a prequilted stamped cross stitch baby blanket of Mickey and Minnie. After I finished the cross stitch my grandma backed it with flannel, she than did some hand quilting. She DID NOT pick out the factory quilting, just added enough additional quilting to keep the quilt together. My daughter is 43 and I still have that quilt!
    Jazz hope you have a speedy recovery and enjoy all the projects Jo is sending your way.

  9. I love the story of the journey of your thrift store purchase, Jo.
    Jazz, hope you’re healing well and back to normal soon!

  10. Gloria from CC

    Jazz – I hope your hip replacement recovery is going as well as mine did. I had my right hip replaced the end of December. I only used a walker a couple of weeks and I never did use a cane. The secret is to keep walking.

  11. Martha W in WY

    Jazz, I hope you enjoy stitching your way to a successful recovery after the hip surgery. Jo, I liked reading the story of your thrifting find. I agree with you about Deborah’s project bags. She is so talented!

  12. Hello Jazz,

    I know surgery is no fun, but I hope and pray you are recovering well. It’s always fun to see what you do with the things Jo sends your way.

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